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Amazon AU: 4% Cashback on Video Games @ Cashrewards/ShopBack


Link to ShopBack.

Cashback is back for video games this month. Useful when SB/CR do their bonus cashbacks.

FYI, The Last of Us part 2 is now $35 plus delivery ($0 Prime or $39 spend).

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Finally m. CR + video games.

    None I want to buy right now, but still great.

  • +19 votes

    I rather get 0% when games are on sale for $5-20 than 4% cashback at full price.

  • Too bad Amazon removed majority of their games on Amazon UK, Amazon AU stock is pretty rubbish

    • I dont think this deal works with Amazon UK only Amazon AU.

      Anyways the stuff I bought over the past month have almost doubled in price to give everyone this 4%…

  • Does this include preorders?

    • Nevermind, looks like it does so long as they are scheduled to ship within 60 days. Noice!

      • Some stuff worth cancelling and re ordering within this period.

        [Monster Hunter: Rise]
        [New Pokemon Snap]

        Edit: any reason the formatting isn't working like normal?

        • Unless you are alone without friend/family, I'd recommend getting the digital version instead for its sharing feature.

          I'm actually starting to get annoyed having to change cartridge constantly between Ring Fit Adventure and other games. Recently I've been getting digital versions when they are on sale instead.

          • @Moonlight Flower: You can‘t resell digital version after you are bored with it though.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: This. After last gen when I sold consoles and went to trade in games, I realised how worthless those digital games are which usually are more costly than physical (with sales). That being said, I still have a few classics on digital which weren't available on cart or I just want easy access to that I'm willing to forego the resell value.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: Digital also sounds like a pain if you have multiple Switches in the household. This is the main reason I've stuck with physical on Switch.

              Is it annoying to have to change games? A bit. But it ensures anyone can play a game on their own account any Switch.

              I wish Nintendo would adopt the same family sharing rules as Apple does on apps, so buy once and anyone in the family group can play the game, even simultaneously.

    • Just be careful, because on the Amazon app the pre order button doesn't add to cart first, it just goes straight to payment. So I'm not sure if this voids the cash back. So what I do just in case is add the game to my wishlist, then from the wish list when you click pre order it adds it to the cart. Then I just go to my cart and checkout.

  • "CR and Shopback have the same deal so here's a link to use Shopback for some reason"

    And gamble getting that (about) tree-fitty back? Madness.

  • Does anyone know when this expires?

  • Applies to preorders?

  • Pretty sure Mario 3D World was $64 yesterday, and is now $67…

  • Thanks! Time to cancel/re-preorder Pokemon Snap!

  • Is Quest 2 considered in the video games categories?

    • The Quest is listed under the Video Games category header on Amazon so it should be counted for the 4% cashback.

  • Can anyone log in to their account right now? I tried logging in and it doesn't work, even tried resetting my password and it says "An account with that email does not exist"

    Had quite a bit in the account too :/

    And if someone hacked into my account and changed the email, I should at least get a notification by email or something so it can be reversed in these situations.