Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia Keyboard, Black, 580-AHHG $11.01 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


this deal is back, great for kids like mine who destroy keyboards on a regular basis,

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  • who destroy keyboards on a regular basis

    Tell them to respect the things brought for them or they won't be allowed to use them again?

  • Wish we had deals for Mac (PS- I’ve recently switched from windows to Mac) 😝

    • Personally I don’t use the Apple keyboard on any of my MacBooks…
      Sure they look awesome, but the Microsoft sculpt keyboard is far more ergonomic

    • This keyboard should work on Mac. I have Macs and I generally don't find any issue using PC keyboards on a Mac. You cannot buy Apple wired keyboards anymore. I did buy a couple when they were on clearance from a retailer.

    • Can confirm I use this keyboard on a 2020 MacBook Pro through a USB-C hub and it works well. Even the volume / mute buttons work.

    • sounds like Apple has you right where they want you…. tonnes of hardware still works!

      (written from a Macbook laptop next to a Windows desktop)

    • Only issue with PC USB keyboards on mac is that the mappings of the command and option keys are reversed- you can address this, on a per-device basis via the System Preferences.

      Yes, the labels are also incorrect for the modifier keys but if this is important to you (vs ergonomics, key switch types etc) , then you will be stuck paying a premium for a Mac-specific keyboard (or get a mech keyboard and some custom keycaps).

  • Good price, thanks for posting. I say this despite the fact that I would be happy if all chicklet keyboard died in fire at the design phase before they could infect the Earth. Bad enough they are the norm on laptops now.

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    Grab an IBM Model M as they destroy kids on a regular basis

  • My 3 year old got the RGB Kmart mechanical keyboard for his birthday . Don't buy membrane, it's a form of abuse

  • never any cheapo decent WL mouse deals these day, suggestions guys? i like small ones, not the full size mouse, too uncomfortable.. and not gaming ones….

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    Yass great deal for my inner 10 year old just to make up for all the times I angry keyboard slam at work and people hear it over our zoom calls lmao

  • great for kids like mine who destroy keyboards on a regular basis

    The sound Rod M makes when it happens yet again:


  • Excellent find OP, even cheaper than Dell's current discounted price of $14.88 if you have Prime (thus free delivery).

    Saw it on JB for $22. Its very light, easily put away when not in use. Some comments/user reviews say it only has 2-KRO but I haven't checked that - seems fine for office use.

  • Is this ok for gaming?

    • I got one of these for free whenever I buy a new Dell computer. The quality is okay-ish compare to Microsoft/Logitech keyboard at the same price range.

      If I have to make a statement regarding how it feels to play game with this keyboard…. It's kinda okay-ish for most games unless you play MMORPG with 20+ keys to press because this keyboard is so flat and smooth it's quite easy to press the wrong buttons because every button feels more or less the same so I often press wrong buttons and mess up skill rotation.

      The key press feels a bit heavy despite it's not mechanical keyboard. It makes some clicking sound but only slightly audible unless you are smashing buttons really hard with your fingers

      Imagine a mac keyboard, now rise the button height a but higher and make the key feel a bit heavier to push. That's what this keyboard feels like.

      • ok sounds like just what i want, thanks many

      • Perfect description. Couldn’t have said it any better. I’d recommend this for any windows laptop user who want a proper keyboard. Slim profile and feels good to type.. coming from a Mac user

    • Believe this is the most entry-level keyboard from Dell for its computer kits.
      It's just ok, not a comfortable keyboard.

  • The KB216 contains Chiclets keys. The Chiclets style keyboard might not be to everyone taste (I'm someone who likes a bit of travel on my keyboard). However, chicklets keyboard is a godsend when you're dealing with an RSI type of injury. I've recently been diagnosed with De Quervain's Tenosynovitis on my right thumb and using, a mechanical keyboard or any keyboard with a bit of travel on the keys was painful for me. Switching over to an Apple keyboard (had one lying around from a Mac Mini) for a couple of week at work was such a relief for my thumbs. Without the apple keyboard, I would have found it almost impossible to perform my regular duties. At home, it wasn't such a big deal since my laptop contains chicklet keys. I did all of my necessary typing tasks on my laptop or iPad.

    Good buy for the price, specially for people who might be going through an RSI injury. Or for someone who want a low travel quiet keyboard.