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[VIC] 6.6kW Tier 1 Solar System (Longi 370W, Goodwe 5kW Battery Ready Inverter) Installed from $1897 Upfront + $1850 Loan @ SPM


Get a 6.6kW True Battery Ready Solar PV System fully installed from $3747 ($1,897* upfront (incl. GST) + $1,850 Solar Victoria Interest-Free Loan). Quoted price is after Federal STC (approx $2,800) and Solar Victoria Rebate ($1,850).

Hey OZBargain hunters.

To get 2021 off to a tremendous start we have a great offer that we are bringing to you with the help of with OzBargins.

For those of us still spending a lot of time at home (thanks COVID), or for those who plan to invest in a battery in a few years, this is the perfect deal for you.


This is available for the first 20 eligible hunters OR until March 31st OR until stock runs out.

Solar Power Melbourne is a local Melbourne owned an operated Solar Retailer.
Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer
Clean Energy Council Approved Designers
Clean Energy Council Approved Aussie Installers

Get a 6.6kW True Battery Ready Solar PV System fully installed from $1,897* upfront (incl. GST) After Federal STC (approx $2,800), Solar Victoria Rebate ($1,850), and Solar Victoria Interest-Free Loan ($1,850)!

The easiest way to get a detailed proposal with a roof design and performance report is to email ([email protected]) with;

  • An electricity bill
  • Photo of your switchboard (with all the switches)
  • A few photos of your roof (just from out the front)
  • Your name, contact number and address

You can also call 0423 500 231 and ask to speak to Andrew and mention Oz Bargain. Or call our office on 9034 6243. Apologies in advance if we are to busy to answer, but we will ensure everyone gets contacted back.

System includes:

  • 18 x 370W Longi 120 Cell Hi-MO 4 Mono-PERC 35mm Black Frame Solar Panel (25-year Performance and 12-year Product Warranty) — Longi is now the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world.
  • 1 x Goodwee EH 5kW True Battery Ready Inverter (10 Year full warranty).
  • Full racking, railing and wiring.
  • Full CEC/Energy safe accredited installation labour (15 + 10 Years installation warranty)
  • 24/7 live system monitoring.
  • Lifetime after-sales support.

Why Solar Power Melbourne?

• CEC Accredited Solar Retailer Operating in Melbourne and surrounds only.
• All installations are completed by CEC Accredited Aussie Installers.
• Melbourne owned and operated business.
• Referral program (explained below).
• 4.9* Reviews on google


  1. Refer a friend, and if they install Solar with us they will receive a $100 discount on their system AND you will receive get a $200 e-gift card.
  2. If you and a friend install solar together, you will both receive $100 off the quoted price for each system.
  3. If you and your friend are neighbours (same street or reasonably within the same suburb) you will both receive an additional $100 off your quote (a total reduction of $200 Each).

For more information, please contact us on 0423 500 231, [email protected], or 9034 6243 (inside office hours).

Note: Deal is quoted for single-story, single-phase properties (Metro installs). Variations apply for arrays, splits, tilts, optimisers, double story, tile roof, and 3-phase properties (but not limited to).

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  • From $1897 UPFRONT, otherwise it's $1897 + $1850 with the loan.

  • What if I refer myself? Will I get $100 discount and $200 gift card on installation?

  • Hello, just wondering if you have a listing on solarquotes?


  • So from $8397 before incentives. Is that good for a 6.6kw system?

    • I paid around $3200 for my system (ended up being 13 370W panels) towards the end of last year. The mob I went through did the rebates on their end. This is in the Syd metro region.

  • For those who may not be aware - basically every solar inverter is battery ready.

    The most popular batteries (such as the Tesla Powerwall) are AC coupled and can be used with any inverter. DC coupled batteries do require a special inverter (like this one), but chances are you would be going with an AC coupled battery anyway.

    I've been out of the solar game since mid last year, but back than I paid $2350+$1850 loan in VIC for 6.6kw of Jinko panels and a Fronius inverter. To compare to this 'bargain', the panels are a wash, but the Fronius inverter is leaps and bounds better than a Goodwe. Goodwe are reputable enough, but for ~$400 more the Fronius is a way better deal.

    Caveat: all installs are different, so take price comparisons with a grain of salt. I'm not negging this deal, but I would recommend doing some research (solarquotes) before biting.

    Edit: This company seems to be trading under 5 different business names since 2019. With solar installs the most important thing is a reputable installer that has been in the game for some time and who will be around down the track if you need to make a warranty claim. Be careful as there are a LOT of cowboy solar companies out there (not saying this is one, but do your research!).

    • trading under 5 different business names

      reason enough to avoid

    • While this is true there is a quite the difference between a hybrid inverter (the inverter in this deal) and a standard inverter with an AC coupled battery (yours and my Fronius). They are both battery ready but the hybrid inverter is the more efficient system because the inverter doesn't have to convert the energy from the solar panels (DC) to AC to charge the battery, it will store it in DC. This results in increased battery efficiency (98% efficiency vs 90-94% AC coupled). The other bigger advantage is with a hybrid inverter you can fully utilize the over-sizing solar panels. So in your case you have a 5kw inverter with 6.6kw panels, if your system was generating 6kw then that 1kw is wasted before it gets to your battery or grid. However with this system you can charge the battery with that 1kw and still send that 5kw to the house/grid.

  • ALWAYS get min 3 quotes.

  • It's also not a good look when you click the link and below the heading

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  • I like the Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo myself.

  • Clean Energy Council Approved Aussie Installers

    So, not employees, just sub-contractors?

    Full racking, railing and wiring

    Gee, what a great idea, installing things correctly (maybe) and then actually wiring them up.

  • Is this really being offered "in partnership with OzBargins"? Do you have a statement from OzBargain staff indicating they endorse the deal or are partnering with you in some other way?

  • I have a new (1 year old) switch board but crappy old wiring throughout the house. Would I need to replace the wiring before thinking about solar?

    • Solar connects to your switchboard. Can't see why your house wiring to appliances would matter? If I were you I'd be trading up on solar first before deciding who to go with. Need to understand what you are buying.

  • Sorry for the total solar newbie questions, but does solar technology move quite fast? Is this equipment going to be relevant in 3-5 time ,or even longer, what would the brake even time frame be for average family of 4 say?



  • Is the activation code included?

  • If you want to have a play and see what you could do at your place, try the designer


  • If Longi and Goodwe are tier 1, what would be tier 2?

  • Enphase > SolarEdge > Fronius / SMA > Goodwee

    LG Neon > QCell > Longi

  • These parts are likely from TradeZone and are on special this month.

    $750ex for the Goodwe Inverter
    $0.345ex/W for the Longi Panels

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