$1 Delivery Nationwide with $10 Minimum Spend @ Deliveroo (App Required)


As the title states, $1 NATIONWIDE delivery on Deliveroo app until 31st of March 30th of April. This can be bundled with other offers on the app as well for example Guzman Y Gomez was doing 20% for orders over $20 + $1 delivery fee.

Available for all restaurants minus KFC, DOMINOS, CRUST, and BOTTLE SHOPS

Minimum $10 spend required.

First post, don’t kill me, I like to live.

Go ham.

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • works on the website too. great post!

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      Don't forget the $10 cashback off $30 orders using targeted offer from 28 degrees.

  • Go ham.

    Ham or HAAM?

  • This is so convenient, the day Menulog ended free delivery for Maccas, Subway and Guzman too!

  • Nice, hoping it stacks with the $10 off coupon.

  • Deliveroo probably wondering why nobody is making orders and decided to do this special. How about not making delivery fees for restaurants within a 5km $8.99?

    The delivery fees have been ridiculous for a while now which has deterred me from using them completely and I used to use them a lot when they had the free delivery monthly subscription, exclusive restaurants and great offers.

    • Personally I was fine with Deliveroo fees as they were $1 extra than UberEats where I am, but unlike UE they sent their drivers directly which meant faster delivery = hotter deliveries.

      They now no longer do that. I am not really sure what the reason for picking Deliveroo over UE would be other than restaurant selection…

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      How about not making delivery fees for restaurants within a 5km $8.99?

      Try 2km. This is basically the reason I have never ordered off Deliveroo without some form of deal.

    • People can't say they want the drivers to be paid properly and then complain about the delivery price. I work in a pizza shop and our drivers get paid around 26 an hour. That 5km delivery will take at least 15 minutes. So that's $6.50 just for the time it takes, plus they get 41c per km so that could be up to another $4.10 plus you have superannuation that needs to be paid on top as well.

      I know deliveroo and example don't actually pay their drivers properly but if they did, expect delivery prices to go up. You can't have one or the other.

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        Deliveroo and services like it take a fee from the cost of the food (a double digit percentage) too, not just the delivery fee, hence why prices are inflated on delivery apps. So it's more complicated.

    • Agreed, also noticed the trend for my last 3 orders always having a separate delivery to make along the way therefore waiting ages for food to arrive.

    • Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I remember them being the first company in Australia to offer delivery from places other than pizza shops back in like pre 2012, before eat now, menulog and ubereats I think?

      Long story short, I remember delivery being like $12.95 and I guess for being the only one of its kind, that was the cost of having a resturant meal delivered to your home.

      The problem is, they kept the price high, while eat now and ubereats came with thier $5 or less delivery in the years to come and they never relented, now they're suffering for it.

  • Does anyone know how strict Deliveroo are with making a new account when your address/payment are already attached to an existing account?

  • Stacks with 20% off Messina 😋

  • geez the markup for GYG on the app is so high -
    $18.80 for an Enchilada, but $15 in store. (still higher with 20% off)

  • Nationwide delivery

    Does this mean I can order from a restaurant in WA and get it delivered to Sydney for only 1 dollar!! Wow this is even cheaper than auspost!

  • this is great, I have a few vouchers to use.

  • I eat fast food all the time cause it’s cheap and nasty. Getting it via UBER, Deliveroo etc is just nasty and very un ozbargain like.

  • Probably in response to all the advertising and discounts that door dash is currently doing

  • Just tried to order a Chicken Pad Thai and it added a small order fee for $13. Total came to $33

    Ordered a Kebab from a good local spot and didn’t charge a small order fee. $14 delivered.

  • anyone getting failed order issues? Melbourne. Tried over 5 times and keep getting the same "failed to process order" error, even though i have account credit.

    • I had he same issues(?) last week, I gave up after several tries, tried the next day and it worked, my order was at Red Rooster.
      Was it just after make payment?

      • I get to the checkout screen with all my address details etc and when I click on submit order it comes up with that error. I'm trying to get their crappy support people to help fix it. Something to do with my account and suspicious activity.. wtf?

  • Did they extend this promo?, I thought it ended today.

  • Extended until the end of April.