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LG NeoChef 42L Black Microwave MS4296OBC $219.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


The powerful NeoChef 42L black microwave oven from LG is designed to make food preparation fast and easy. The NeoChef MS4296OBC is easy to use with simple touch controls, tempered glass door and a sleek minimalist design. It comes with an anti-bacterial coated interior surface that helps to eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria. And with 1200W of power, the NeoChef will help to significantly reduce your cooking and reheating time.

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  • The tune…. the tune… make it stop…
    Seriously though a really good microwave. Note: its HUGE

    Model explanations here, credits to blonky https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/171245


    MJ = Convection + Inverter
    MS = Inverter

    42 = 42L (1200W) with sensor cook
    25 = 25L (1000W) no sensor cook
    23 = 23L (1000W) no sensor cook

    66 = touch panel + knob front
    96 = touch panel only, slightly lower RRP (but same spec/features)
    36 = touch panel only, no sensor cook (42L model)

    OSS = silver frame (black door)
    OBS = black frame (black door)
    DW = white

    Features are identical between models unless stated. Ranked highest RRP to lowest for each category

    • I was going to post the same thing - that annoying tune when it finishes cooking!!!!!!!!!

      • +2 votes

        Thanks, now it will be stuck in my head all day "neneneneeneeneeeneeneeeneneeeeeee"

        • +2 votes

          oh and there is an even longer version that it plays mid defrosting something, I am yet to figure out if it means something or if it's just trying to keep you entertained

          • @erd: Depending what type of defrost, often microwaves give you a chance to reposition the item in the middle of the defrost to get more even heat distribution.

            I don't have this model but get beeps on our microwave during the defrost and a message that say to reposition. (I don't defrost very often, but if i ignore it then it just continues with the defrost)

          • @erd: I was curious about this as well. The manual says 'the microwave will beep once during the defrost cycle'. At that point we're supposed to flip whatever's in there and cut off any thawed portions. I figured this was the case, but I find it always plays that tune very early on, like a minute into a 10-minute defrost timer. Maybe it blasts it with more McWatts™ at the beginning and tapers off. I usually ignore it anyway haha.

        • I like mine and my LG washing machine does another tone when it finishes.

          I probably like it cos I always make fun of it when it sounds though

      • I had to google the tune -ooks like you can switch it off.

    • It's very easy to remove the beeper on microwaves.

      Might void your warranty. If you do it cleanly and desolder it, you could always just resolder it.

    • MJ vs MS? which one is better

    • +15 votes

      You can turn off the tune and all sounds from the microwave by pressing and keep holding "clear" button followed by "keep warm" till you see the text "off" on the display. You might need to try "reheat" depending on the model you have. As always.. google it!!

      • Thank you for that!

        • My pleasure :)

          If the power goes out or you turn off the microwave at the wall you will need to disable the sound again as the function is not store in the device.

      • Literally wrote up a review for this model earlier this morning.

        You can turn the tunes off on the microwave entirely by holding the "Keep Warm" and "Clear" buttons down for about 3 seconds. It will pop up displaying "Off" and you can do the same to turn it back on again. Super easy!

        No need to remove the speaker or anything like that.

    • I love the tunes it plays. Also love how they piss some people off so much. Perhaps their devs/product designers do also hence the inability to disable it?

      • +4 votes

        Haha, another person of discerning taste. I purposely let the jingle play, and then leave my food in there for the reminder beeps, just to see my highly annoyed wife go and take my food out.

        She always hangs around the microwave when she uses it, and stops it just before the end of the cook the jingle annoys her so much!

    • Not a flatbed :(

    • Seriously why does every appliance have to play shitty tune when it finishes now. My dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and now my microwave…

      • I know right!! I love my basic Dishlex dishwasher just turns itself off at the end of the cycle - power saving and peaceful!! No beeps!

    • i disagree - the tune is the best part about this microwave… and I don't like the tune.
      Seriously, maybe I got a dud, because I bought this because of the good reviews but we don't like it at all. Slow uneven cooking - have to put stuff one way longer than in our old 10 y/o+ microwave we thought we'd upgrade. have seriously thought about swapping it back for the one now stored. i don't like part refrigerated / part steaming meals… and getting slower as it ages.
      I also thought it looked cool in store, but once I got it home it didn't really 'go' with everything else (all others with stainless / black combo e.g. kettle, toaster, cooktop, or just stainless e.g. fridge, dishwasher etc)

  • Great price for this oven!

  • Be prepared for something stupid to break on it.

    They don't make microwaves like they used to.

    It does nuke well, though.

  • Oure died after 3 years!!

    Called up LG, took to service centre, LG agreed to replace it with a new one and warranty started all over again.

    HOWEVER.. the most interesting part in the story was talking to the service centre (3rd party authorised). In a net shell.. the guys had some 20+ years in the industry and says all microwaves are not made like they used to be. If you spend $100 or $400, the internals are pretty much the same, you're just paying for the brand and cosmetics. His advice, buy an ALDI microwave because the lifespan is pretty much the same.

    • Commodity item now :)

    • Lifespan maybe, otherwise….
      My old man is one of those pensioners that eagerly await the Aldi special buys catalogue, and goes and buys his stuff there, as you can always take it back, which, as an annoying old guy, he often does.

      Anyway, he is on his second Aldi microwave, this one a Stirling I believe. It is rubbish. Absolute, gutless, low powered rubbish that is slow, cooks unevenly, and is poorly built oversize by dodgy bros, or at least their Chinese relatives. And his previous one was just like it too.

      LG, Sony or Panasonic or don’t bother.

      • Can you point me to a sony microwave? Maybe you mean to say Sharp?

        Even the Panasonics, while good by today's standards, are nothing like the olds ones. The reason you hear a fan going for 30 seconds after your timer is finished is because they now underspec the unit and stick a fan on it do it doesn't blow. Guess what? The failure rate is now higher

      • I have a Stirling fan from Aldi sitting right next to my desk if that tells you the type of brand stretch theyre going for there. All the bells and whistles, but the quality is below average and it easily breaks

    • Mine too!

      Called up LG, took to service centre

      What was the process like?
      I contacted LG and they said take it to a 3rd party service centre in Lane Cove West in Sydney. The microwave doesn't heat up. Do they send LG a report or something? How long was it when you took it to a service centre and LG sent you the tracking for a new one?

      I already bought a second microwave because I always like to have a backup for important appliances.

      • My experience..

        Good stuff
        - 3rd party service centre pretty much sorted everything out
        - The gave me a loaner microwave to use in the mean time.. this was SUPER handy!
        - 1 week turn around inc weekend
        - warranty starts all over again for replacement unit

        Bad stuff
        - Had to drive all the way out to drop off unit… 50min one way.
        - Because it was via 3rd party, they had to send replacement out to 3rd party repair centre and couldn't ship it directly to me.
        - Another annoying drive to the other side of town to pick up the uni.. 50min-1hr one way.

        What I would do next time..
        - Use consumer law rights and get them to send out replacement as it's consumer choice how repair is done.

    • Did a Scot tell you that?

    • Got a Samsung microwave working flawlessly day-in-day-out for 20+ years. Even the white paint on the microwave hasn't chipped off, despite some abuse. Very impressed.

  • happy customer. never has issue with my wifi or bluetooth. but heard a lot of complaints abt this here.

    • Yes!! this was another thing for us too, if I'm within 2-3 metres of the unit and wearing headset it would cause it to cut in and out.

    • Have you ever used your Bluetooth headset next to the microwave while it's microwaving something?
      Please respond after you've tried that.

      I have that microwave and yes it affects Bluetooth signals 100%.

    • I have one, my Airpods and Nintendo Switch controllers go funny when it is in use.

  • This slows down the wifi in our house to an absolute crawl.
    It doesn't drop out though.

    • As in the wifi slows down only while using the microwave?

      My kitchen and lounge room are connected, so I wonder if this would happen to me.

      looking at the previous listing, it got a lot of love (votes) - the main positive being that it nukes well, but what’s odd is that reading the comments - it seems that it’s somewhat plagued with issues.

        • If you're on a 5GHz Wifi router it should be OK, but yes anything on 2.4GHz bands are horrific (including wifi, bluetooth, some cordless phones, etc).

          • @b2dz: I get the issue even on 5Ghz.

            • @theguyrules: Interesting, doesn't interfere for me as much

              • @b2dz: Yeah same, no difference in wifi when the microwave is running. Before I bought it I read other reviews that said it affects wifi, so I specifically tested that when I got it.

                Iphone, iPad, smart TV running Netflix/Live TV over internet, Eufy 2k wireless doorbell camera on 2.4ghz - all work fine with the microwave running.

                So individual experience may vary.

    • wonder if lining your microwave "cubby" with aluminium foil would help?

    • Must be only certain microwaves. I've had one Panasonic that did this in the past, but all other microwaves had no issue 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

  • Just my feedback, I’ve already had to replace the ‘megatron’ (forgot whatever it was they called it… megatron seems close enough) on mine after a few months of use, of course its free under warranty but yeh not holding my breath in terms of longevity… guess it’s hard to take the place of my Panasonic that lasted 15 years lol

  • Would echo the comments about this being massive - stupidity didn't check the dimensions when I purchased, and subsequently realised how disportionate it looked on my kitchen benchtop.

  • Is this the one that doubles as a radio-scrambler?

    • sorry, I tried to reply earlier but someone in my household was reheating some food for dinner and the wifi just…

  • Does anyone know if it's available in-store too? As online has delivery price extra usually

  • Most of the buttons are on the inside of the door, what a silly design. So you need to open the door to change the cooking settings if needed.

    • For most scenarios I just use default max heat level
      And the front door, I can do +10s and +30s, and slide the timer to add or reduce time

      For other advance functions, basically the only adjustment I need after initial selection is the time, so still able to control from the front door

  • Mine died after 3 years.

  • for those with no costco membership.. this might suit you:


  • Cool looking PC case!! would look great with rgb fans!

  • Is it true this does not have a timer function?

  • Had this microwave for 2 months now and love it!
    - haven’t noticed any wifi issue

    • I have this and my 2.4ghz gets a hit when the microwave is going. 5ghz works well enough though.
      I think that the interference issues only started more recently….I've had this microwave for about a year now

  • I have this, looks great and functions well. I mostly use 5GHz so havent had wifi issues. Slight annoyance is that the whole front face is also the door, and is huge, so you can't have anything sitting around the swing radius when opening or closing the door if you have this on the benchtop. Also the jingle is weird at first but everyone's used to it now

    • Agreed, though on 2.5g connection the google home close by will often drop for a few seconds every now and then while the microwave is on.
      Door needs a large opening radius, but a great microwave

  • bought the white version few weeks back from Billy guyatts. quite powerful. but takes finger marks very easily, so needs to be cleaned more often. been an LG microwave customer even the last one didnt beakdown, we just gave it away. hopefully this one also lives longer like that.

  • Was looking at the 56L model at $450 but at half price this is a no-brainer… where's my credit card…

  • Can I use this to do oven's job? Grill a fish/ roast a chicken?

  • anybody know any advantage over the version with dial knob or it is just hiding of touch panel behind door, aesthetics and simplicity?

    66 = touch panel + knob front
    96 = touch panel only

    • I have the one with the dial knob as we just preferred that method of input. However in practice, didn't really use it that much as it's just easier to hit the "start" button several times to get to the desired time, and can adjust up/down again with the knob as required after. My office also has this exact model where you adjust using the slider. Both are good.

      But this is a great microwave. Very powerful and I've noticed that it even defrosted meats more evenly than my last panasonic.

      • ok cool thanks as my current Panasonic has the knob so just curious as to any disadvantages…. only one being by the sound of it is you need to open the door to get to the full touch functions but as you say probably 99% of the time just hit start and tap +/- on the outer screen anyway!

        • It really depends how OCD you are. But for me it's a slight adjustment and no big deal really

  • It's back in stock. Go go go!

  • It is back in the stock, just bought one!!! Happy!!!

    Heads up, read the manual. LG doesn't recommend this product to go in the cavity or closed space.