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NutriBullet 600 Series $69 (Was $119) @ Coles


Saw this at Edgecliff Coles NSW. I’m unsure of how extensive this deal is. First time poster. Could be good opportunity for those who have been eying a NutriBullet.


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  • JB's normal price is $89 and Amazon are regularly under $70.

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    I'd be getting the more powerful ones if you want it to crush ice.

  • Amazon have Nutri ninja for $84 which I find does better job on heavier loads. Problem is the cutting blade piece rusts out the bearing if you put in dishwasher often. It then contaminates the contents and smell like burning. Original one lasted couple of years but cheap ebay replacements few months. Pulled trigger on genuine replacements for few more $. Still not bad price for bullet. I looked at a “proper” smoothie blender but they kick in around $400 which is a bit rich for me when these do pretty close job

    • I use the sunbeam two way blender its a great machine highly recommend. It might not have the power of a blendtec or vitamix but for around $130 I can live with that. The main reason I like it so much is the two litre jug because I only use it once it a week and freeze my smoothies. I actually have two lol. EDIT* my only peeve is the jug is made of plastic and shows wear after a year of use

  • saw this at Manly Vale last night, 4 in a stack by the toiletries aisle.

  • I thought this was normal price at Coles, I know it has a 'special' sticker but I've never seen it full price.

    600w might not be enough for certain blends.

  • i confirm 600w is not enough… take the 900w at least

  • I don't think this is particularly cheap, I picked up the 900W 5 piece set (NB9-0507) for $69 from Target in 2019 (included a Welcome10 code). Could be worth waiting to see if the price drops.