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Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 500GB SSD w/ 2-Month Xbox Game Pass $115.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


All time low for this according to Camelx3 if you're looking for an SSD for your Xbox One to improve game performance/loading speed.

FWIW you can get an unbranded one with more storage and better $/GB ratio e.g. but this one includes 2 months Game Pass whatever that's worth to you. And a printed logo on the casing, LOL.

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  • Note that this can't play Series S/X games. You can store them on here but they will need to be transferred to the internal SSD or proprietary Seagate external SSD first.

    I can see a lot of people getting confused with this due to it being a Seagate external SSD! This is effectively a USB drive.

    Good deal though!

    • You can play them via an external SSD, you just can't use the "Quick Resume" feature. I have an Xbox Series X and play games off an external HDD all the time.

      • quick resume works regardless where the game is stored. try it

      • Not true. You can only play Xbox One (and prior) games via a USB external drive (SSD or HDD).

      • have an Xbox Series X and play games off an external HDD all the time.

        Yeah, you're playing last-gen games.

        • Ah, ok. I guess you're right. I haven't tried to play an Xbox Series X/S game off the external. There are so few of them that it hasn't happened where I've installed one to the external HDD just yet. I thought this comment was saying you couldn't play games of the external SSD - missed the part about not being able to play a specific gen.

        • There are Series X|S optimized games that can run off of external storage. If the game needs to be moved it will have an icon with two arrows on it.

    • My bad. Removed mention of "Series" from description. I got confused with the general description of Game Drive on the Seagate product page: https://www.seagate.com/au/en/consumer/play/game-drive-xbox/ which does mention Series S/X compatibility but is obviously referring only to the non SSD versions of the drive

      • Here's the important part from that page:

        "Archive new Xbox Series X|S games, plus play your legacy titles straight from the external drive."

  • Can these be shucked?

  • Keep 12+ titles with up to 500 TB of extra capacity
    Wow, that's huge! lol

  • +2 votes

    Pay an extra $23 bucks….

    Samsung 1TB T5 Portable SSD $138.72 Delivered @ ShoppingSquare

    (promotion until Mar 2 23:59)

  • Samsung 860 Evo 1tb + enclosure = EZ Clap

  • Worthless!!!!

    With $30 more you can have 1TB NVMe + NVMe enclosure with way better performance.

    I currently have 1TB SP NVMe + Asus NVMe enclosure attached to my XSX, I can play games with new generation update such as COD, Ori, right from it without having to transfer internally.

    Even GTA which used to take ages to load on my One X, now takes 10-15s and you are playing.

    • With $30 more you can have 1TB NVMe + NVMe enclosure with way better performance.

      The capacity, sure (I did say as much in the description), but with Xbox One (S, X) you're limited by USB 3.0 so you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the faster speed anyway.

      Drive isn't supposed to be for Series S/X.

      • Future proof since SSDs have longer life span

        • You're not wrong, but it's more than likely by the time you're ready to upgrade storage prices will have dropped by so much you may as well get a new one that'll be both faster and cheaper.

      • Like OnlineShopper123 mentioned, I have it since One X even so limited to USB 3.0

        I got Series X, bought a decent ASUS ROG Strix Arion M.2 NVMe Enclosure USB3.2 supposed to have a speed of up to 10Gbps due to the USB limitation. Xbox is also USB 3.2
        I can load GTA 5 within 10-15 seconds tops and you are already playing it. All my games are kept there and damn, it loads fast asf.
        I can run games like COD, Ori with last-gen update without problems and support to Quick Resume.

        I am happy :)

        • Do you find your Arion drive is getting really warm when doing file transfers or normal use, like in the 50° range?
          Wondering if mine is faulty

          • @payton: I am afraid I cannot help :(

            I am very paranoic with devices running hot.
            With that being said, even so XSX has an amazing bad-ass cooling system, both console and Arion sits on top of a 5 fan cooling pad. Arion itself runs very cold literally and XSX barely warm.

            Are you using any silicone thermal pad to help??

            It could also be the NVMe quality. Any case will get hot to be sincere.
            I was using another enclosure before, damn, I could fry an egg on it hahaha

            The chipset does count, but I cannot tell because of the cooling pad.

            • @ratoloko:

              Are you using any silicone thermal pad to help?

              Just the one that came with the Arion case, have a 2TB 970 Plus as the drive within.

  • Now $114.75

  • Now $91.86. Didn't think it was worth a new post since Amazon has a nasty habit of not saying how much stock they have, selling a couple and then jacking up the price again, so get onto it guys.