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All Rounder Pack $145 (RRP $213) Delivered (Excludes WA, NT & TAS) @ Sutton Forest Meat and Wine


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Another cracking All Rounder pack goes up for sale this week. Everything is packed for easy meal options and storage in your fridge.

This week only All Rounder Pack $145 (Was $195) + Free Shipping to Sydney/Newcastle/Central Coast/Southern Highlands/ACT/VIC/QLD Only

What you get:

1 x butterfly free range chicken size 13
1 x 500g diced lamb
2 x 200g eye fillet steaks
2 x 250g free range moroccan lamb backstraps ( can be plain or herb & garlic )
2 x 250g sirloin steaks
6 x lemon pepper chicken skewers ( can be swapped for smokey bbq, plain or satay )
1 x 1kg approx butterfly lamb leg
1 x 500g premium lean beef mince
1 x 500g free range chicken thigh (can be swapped to thigh or tenderloin please notify me)
1 x 350g naturally smoked gluten free bacon
1 x 500g thin pork sausages ( can be swapped for beef )

Supplied fresh.

Ice packed and delivered in a polystyrene box to your doorstep.

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  • Not a deal. Very average prices if you do the math.

    Good for lazy people i suppose?

    However this company has been using OZB as a free advert platform without actually providing real deals.

    • You mean people who appreciate quality? Have you tried their meat before. It's not your average butcher in the arcade crap.

      • depends which arcade, Prahran Market, Sth Melbourne market, have some great butchers and you can just get the cut you want and the weight you want, I'm sure there are many butchers that sell quality, Cha Cha butchers in Parkdale, have brisket from 5 different farmers and you can choose the one you want.

        • Unfortunately us Sydneysiders don't get good stuff atleast not in my part of Sydney. I have to sell a kidney to eat cutlets. Cutlets in my area from a local butcher is $60/kg and lamb leg is $45/kg. I don't see sense in driving an hour out to the further suburbs to pickup quality meat at affordable prices. I have at times and what appears affordable isn't quality. I have had great experience with Sutton but I prefer flexibility in choosing my own meat rather than buying a pack.

    • I've ordered one of their packs and the quality of their steaks was great and much better than the supermarket crap in plastic trays. Their mince was also excellent and made really good burgers that had a good amount of fat in them and made them very juicy. Their packs are great value if you wanted to go and buy equivalent quality meat individually from a premium butcher like one at south melb or prahran market you would pay through the nose.

      • cheaper than this pack at prahran or sth melb market, there are only 3 expensive cuts in this pack the eye fillet (2x200g = 400g $56kg centre cut not tails or butt = $22.40) porterhouse / sirloin (2x250g = 500g at $36kg = $18), lamb backstraps (2x250g = 500g at $40kg =$20) = $60 for steaks that leaves $80 in this pack for chicken, dice meat , minced meat or sausages …..

    • I don't understand how this could be considered lazy. You have to wait considerable time to get the delivery and go through the online ordering process. It is a lot easier to just whip down to Coles/Woolies/butcher and just grab something over the counter.

      The people purchasing from this supplier are interested in quality meat that cannot be obtained locally. When you add delivery fees on top of their prices, it becomes even more expensive. As stated below, would much prefer a general site discount rather than discounts on the packs.

      • +4 votes

        quality meat that cannot be obtained locally

        pretty sure there are lots of quality butchers around….

    • +1 vote

      Disagree with zeomega

      I’ve purchased from Suttons (via OzB deals) a few times and the quality is up there. This isn’t what you get from some german owned discount supermarket chain.

      Saying that, yes you can probably get similar from a quality market butcher - - but they’re not always convenient to get to and this deal is for delivered to your door, pre-packed and in bulk.

  • +2 votes

    Can you do those percentage discount as before 25% etc. Gives better flexibility to choose own meat.

    • I agree. I want to purchase more from your store but all your deals seem to centre around the packs which I am not interested in. If you can provide more of a general discount that will help offset the delivery fee which hurts the affordability imo.

    • I’m not sure how often but check their site on weeks when they haven’t posted. Im pretty sure I have seen percentage discounts in those off weeks, but it was prob a year ago.

  • Picture showing the total pack composition (or maybe price break up of the cuts) rather than the 2 porterhouse steaks (2x250g) would be good, the bulk of the pack isn't porterhouse steaks like on the picture.

    • And the porterhouses will look nothing like that picture.

      • You say that as if most advertised food isn't dressed up to look better than it actually is.

        • No, I say that as someone who has purchased porterhouse steak from Sutton and was massively disappointed with what I received.
          Using "we are busy" is not really a valid excuse for sending out a second rate product.

  • I don't eat lamb - is there something I can swap and change with?

  • I'm also one who only look to buy quality meat but quite frankly, this doesn't make the cut. It's really quite inferior when compared to other stock such as those from Mayura station - http://www.mayurastation.com/

    This really isn't quality meat in my eyes nor those who enjoy proper marbling.

    • Yeah diff target markets mate. They're not selling A5 wagyu or Kobe in this bundle. It's a easy weekly pack that's a better alternative to coles/woollies meats.

      • problem i find with coles or woolies is the thickness of the cut …..they cut a bit thin so that people get 2 steaks without getting shocked by the price to feed per person, i prefer mine thicker cut, woolies at south melbourne has in house butcher who cuts thicker , even has wagu rump now and has it in display cabinet instead of prepacked, so does coles brighton and southland which also has dry aged steak….think it’s based on people spend pattern in suburbs and if they can justify in house butcher at the coles or woolies or it’s just the bulk prepacked for people wanting a quick shop.