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Dell KB522 Wired Business Multimedia Keyboard $25.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a nice wired keyboard and came across the Dell Business Multimedia Keyboard - KB522 . Currently on special @ Amazon for $25.50 . Also available on dells website for $49.00 . Just got them to price match Amazon with no questions asked . This keyboard may not be everyone cup of tea but it s as quite a nice keyboard from my personal experiences as I use at work everyday . Also free shipping with Amazon prime or orders overs $39 . With dell I was able to get free shipping no minimum spend was required .Enjoy happy ozbargening

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  • Grabbed one of these for my old man. It also comes with a plastic attachable palm rest too according to Dell's website, and some of those pictures show it. That, as well as separate multimedia/shortcut keys, and two USB 2.0 ports also in the keyboard (according to specs), all for $25, seems like a decent buy.

    • It does come with plastic attachable palm rest and two USB 2.0 ports, I ordered one back in October, ended up $31 shipped.

      • Do the USB ports actually work? We seemed to have problems with a similar keyboard instead with a card reader that kept going to sleep no matter if the low USB power policy was turned off eg especially after PC sleep wouldn't recover without unplugging everything.

        Otherwise the Dell keyboards are definitely built to last, currently at the 6-8 year mark in the business I work at and only getting taken out by sticky or tip the coffee on the keyboard itis and worn letters (which I believe the IT department are substituting keys where possible till we refresh).

        • Do the USB ports actually work?

          Yes, I plug my MS3220 mouse into it.

          I have an old Dell keyboard, the one with a volume control knob, and it is still working after 10 years.

        • I've never tried until now but didn't work when plugging in a USB stick, might be because in running Linux OS.

  • Shortcut keys as well as volume roller are handy, but I’ve never managed to get the USB ports to work on mine.

  • Its gone up 20c! amazon algorithms at work

  • Yep, fully endorse this keyboard. Bought 2 new from ebay for $15 each pickup. I attached a BT USB dongle for my headphone and a wireless USB dongle for my mouse to the keyboard. Flawless.