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Reolink RLK8-800B4 4K Outdoor Security Camera System w/ Pre-installed 2TB HDD $595.49 Delivered @ Reolink via Amazon AU


RLK8-800B4 (Coupon+Code: A Total 25% OFF - $595.49 Delivered, Originally $794.99)

The system is equipped with:

  • Unrivalled 4K Ultra HD providing vivid and sharp display, even when digitally zoom in.
  • Easy and simple installation. Cameras stretch to 270ft via CAT5 and 330ft via CAT6.
  • Instant e-mail and push notifications. Get you known anytime anywhere when danger occurs.
  • Reliable and security certified HDD. It's 2TB pre-installed and expandable up to 8TB, allowing you to store recordings for a month even.
  • A two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Easily reach out to the Reolink Support Team.

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x 8CH 8MP NVR RLN8-410
  • 4 x 8MP PoE Cameras B800
  • 1 x 48V NVR adaptor
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • 1 x 1M Cat5 Cable
  • 4 x 18M Cat5 Cables
  • 1 x 1M HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide Brochure

You are free to DIY your own system with other Reolink cameras in your preference, both PoE ones and WiFi ones, such as RLC-511 Zoom Camera, RLC-423 PTZ Camera, RLC-410W WiFi Camera, E1 Zoom Camera, etc.
Here Creates Your Own System!

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  • +2 votes

    Do you have links to actual footage from these cameras, both day & night?

  • shame that the 4K models don't support RTSP or ONVIF


    • So what are practical limitations because of this?

      • You need to use their hardware. No 3rd party support. Unless you Neolink them

      • Huge, if the cameras supported ONVIF or RTSP this would be an excellent price just for the 4 cams and H-Disk and bin the NVR and use BlueIris.
        Cams that don't support BlueIris are a deal-breaker for many.

        Note: I have used ispy connect as a middle man between SWANN cams and BlueIris before, but not with this model.


        Honestly though, if you have a small amount of light, or willing to use the in-built camera LED then the Annke's absolutely crap all over these, will full colour at night.
        Note: No IR so you need some light (not much, eg: streetlight, LED light) or turn on the cameras in-built light.
        Yes not as good as Hikvision ColorVu, but these can often be found for $100 delivered and also poop over anything Dahua currently offers.

        • Thanks, so which ones would you recommend for best quality PTZ (preferably POE) with good night vision, but not total darkness as there is a street light about 10m away if price wasn't too much of a factor…

          • @jv: The cams in this deal are not PTZ, are you sure you need PTZ? I wouldn't recommend any PTZ, even varifocal you loose so much light compared to fixed.

            Check out the specs on this bad boy;

            1/1.2″ Progressive Scan CMOS
            0.0005 Lux @ (F1.0)!!
            This is about as good as you get right now, availability is a bit limited though.

            They say official F\W is coming that will turn on the light with motion (third party F\W is available now though)

            Check reviews though, as light is still important to consider light source. eg: a streetlight won't illuminate someones face walking towards the camera, a cheap motion activated solar light can make all the difference in the world.

            You also need to consider fov or focal length, most newbies go for wide FOV or 2.8mm but even with 4k it's just not enough detail to identity a person. 4mm or 6mm provides much better quality for identification purposes.

    • +1 vote

      This system supports ONVIF, and you're supposed to add the system to some third-party software such as BlueIris, iSpy, Synology, etc. But it's just not very recommended to connect third-party cameras to the NVR, since different suppliers use different protocols and there may be some compatibility issues. Some functions might not work well. To have the optimal experience, it's suggested to use the system with Reolink cameras.

  • Really good price. I paid more for just 2 of these cameras with the NVR.

    Also footage quality is really really good. 4K goodness. Check youtube for reviews.

  • Is this NVR compatible with vehicle detection cameras?

  • good price, paid 675 last year,

  • -1 vote

    What's the advantage of this than Ring cameras?

    Ring would provide and update their app to the highest standards
    Ring is wireless so no mesh around the house
    Directly connect to cloud storage - $120 per year

    • Since when is being stuck with a online cloud subscription model with security holes meant to be an advantage?

      Highest standards, really? Are you a ring salesman?

    • +1 vote

      update their app to the highest standards

      Do you have a link to these standards??

    • Ring is wireless so no mesh around the house

      Further more Ring sucks and just gets worse not better

  • i have the same unti for last 1 year and really happy with the quality.
    App is great and very reliable.
    PM me if you need some help- note these are POE but you can run multiple off one network with a POE switch.

    For the price and quality i recommend the product.

    • can you view multiple cameras simultaneously, or only one at a time?

      • I have got the different model of POE reolink cameras and can view multiple cameras (in my case 4x cameras simultaneously) from reolink app.

      • yes i gather you can see 8 at the same time- however if u want to use more than 4 then you should upgrade the HDD to 4 TB - just my recommendations.

    • Hay, can you cast the camera feed to google chromecast?

  • Can u bundle the PTZ camera together with this?
    Need a 5 camera setup with a PTZ camera..

  • Is this brand better than Swan?

    Swan is an Australian and now US own company but Reolink is a Chinese own.


      We're a brand vendor selling branded products on Amazon, and there is a two-year warranty for each product. Please feel free to shop at Reolink and we always stand behind our products :)

    • Swan has always been poop. Reolink is way better but the best of the best is Bosch then Hik and Dahua then comes Reolink and Eufy

      • Poop is going too far, sure they cripple the firmware and most of their gear is rebadged from various vendors including Reolink, but swann stuff does what it claims out of the box and support is pretty good.
        I have tried a lot of the Hik and Duaha but never Bosch. Bosch isn't even discussed on any of the forums or groups I am in, so you have me really curious and will have to investigate.

  • Optical zoom on these cameras?

  • Is it legal to install these POE cameras by yourself or do you need a sparky?

    • +3 votes

      Is it legal to attach an ethernet cable to your PC by yourself or do you need a sparky?

      Same thing…

      • It's actually not the same thing. Technically you need a registered cabler or a sparky with the endorsement. Any cable that goes through the structure including walls, crawl space, roof/ceiling. Only way to make it legal is if you left all the cable on he outside visible

        • i already have ethernet throughout the house.

          • @jv: That's a different story then. Commenter wasn't clear but doubt he has connections already

            • +2 votes

              @Dezeption: Why can you run antenna cable through your roof and not ethernet?

              Why is it ok to run ethernet under the floor, but not through the roof?

              • @jv: I know that's stupid rule, but a rule is a rule, you will have trouble to fight back insurance if something'd happen

                • @ntt: Thanks guys, I'm asking because I don't have any cables through the house yet and would like to run them through the roof. I think someone mentioned in a previous post you need a cabler or sparky because it was illegal to diy.

              • @jv: Because a antenna doesn't connect to the telecoms network were a fault can cause something upstream and you can't run it under the floor same as roof unless you mean under the carpet

                • @Dezeption:

                  Because a antenna doesn't connect to the telecoms network

                  My foxtel coax does… Same cable delivers internet and goes through a splitter.

                  • @jv: Just because it's the same type of cable doesn't mean they are connected to the same thing. Your antenna literally should only connect to the antenna on network on the pole. Foxtel old coax needed to be installed by foxtel or someone they sub to

                    • @Dezeption:

                      Your antenna literally should only connect to the antenna on network on the pole. Foxtel old coax needed to be installed by foxtel or someone they sub to

                      Same cable, rg6… I can plug and unlug the ends to whatever device i want, tv, aerial, foxtel, cable… it's the same cable…


      It's very easy to set up the system. It's a plug-and-play one, and you can actually install it by yourself. If you need any instructions, you're always welcomed to contact Reolink support team.

      • From a legal perspective I would avoid telling people you can install this yourself.

        There are questionable laws for data cabling in Australia.


          The main thing highlighted is an easy—set-up system, but thank you so much for the knowledge!

      • As a company endorsing self install is illegal. Even tho it's so easy my 12yo nephew did it with me and made new cat terminations

    • I do not think you need a sparky to plug in a Ethernet cable.

  • +2 votes

    Bought this kit a few months ago - works great, top quality video

  • Does it take microsd card ?


      No, the cameras in the kit don't have SD card slots. It records continuously to the HDD, and the whole system can be equipped with 8TB in total.

  • I keep getting too many false alerts with rain, wind and insects even with sensitivity all the way down. Otherwise cannot fault the product or service, dont even need a PVR if you have an FTP server. Just wish the movement detection could be more accurate..Most night recordings are just insects or if it is windy then leaves.

  • any deals on the Argus Eco with solar panel?

  • Is there any sale on the RLK8-800D4?