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Basketball EuroLeague
Milan v Fenerbache Thu, 04 Mar, 6:30 am
Bayern Munich v Panathinaikos Fri, 05 Mar, 6:15 am
Cricket WNCL
VIC v QLD Fri, 05 Mar, 9:55 am
TAS v QLD Sun, 07 Mar, 9:55 am
Cricket WNCL
VIC v QLD Fri, 05 Mar, 9:55 am
TAS v QLD Sun, 07 Mar, 9:55 am
Cricket WNCL
VIC v QLD Fri, 05 Mar, 9:55 am
TAS v QLD Sun, 07 Mar, 9:55 am
Football Time
Perth Glory v Central Coast Mariners Tue, 02 Mar, 9:15 pm
Leverkusen v Freiburg Mon, 01 Mar, 3:55 am
Chelsea v Man Utd Mon, 01 Mar, 7:30 pm
Uni Catolica v Liverpool FC Wed, 03 Mar, 11:00 am
Caracas v Cesar Vallejo Thu, 04 Mar, 9:10 am
Guarani v Pari Thu, 04 Mar, 11:10 am
Watford v Nottm Forest Sat, 06 Mar, 11:25 pm
Real Madrid v Sociedad Tue, 02 Mar, 6:55 am
Osasuna v Barcelona Sun, 07 Mar, 6:30 am
Marseille v Lyon Mon, 01 Mar, 6:55 am
Sheff Utd v Liverpool Mon, 01 Mar, 6:30 pm
Roma v Genoa Sun, 07 Mar, 10:20 pm
Adelaide United v Sydney FC Sat, 06 Mar, 7:00 pm
Surfing Date / Time
Vissla Central Coast Pro Day 1 Thu, 04 Mar, 7:00 am
Vissla Central Coast Pro Day 2 Fri, 05 Mar, 7:00 am
Vissla Central Coast Pro Day 3 Sat, 06 Mar, 8:00 am
Tennis WTA
Doha Final Sun, 07 Mar, 2:00 am

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  • -2 votes

    How do you register for Freebies?

  • If they didn't outbid channel 9 for the cricket and simultaneously ruin viewership i'd be all over this. But in reality we're just paying for something that should be free. Cricket Australia got greedy and now Channel 7/Foxtel/Kayo have overpaid for sports that they're struggling to profit off.

    • I blame poor scheduling of free to air. $15 (Telstra) a month for all the sport I want with no ads. Cheap at double the price.

      As a sport enthusiast I am more then happy to pay for Kayo. The best thing to happen to sport in Australia. Think of all the people that watch now that you dont need foxtel and sports packs to watch.

      Free to air had sport, sucked, lost it. To bad so sad.

      Viva kayo!!!!!

      • I'd say Channel nine did a far better job than the dogs breakfast that Foxtel/Channel 7 churned out, between not televising games on free to air at all and the shambolic big bash coverage it's little wonder crowd viewership numbers have dropped off. I'd say channel 9 was responsible for a very large proportion of cricket Australia's success.

        They haven't ballsed up the AFL yet thank god.

      • Kayo is terrible for Moto GP, ads galore. No thanks

    • FWIW all of the cricket in this post is free anyway via cricket.com.au. You just need a free account. I think Kayo are just streaming the same thing.

  • Foxtel owns kayo 🤷‍♂️

    • And that should be enough. I mean it's nice the dinosaur behemoth is STARTING to join the year 2021, but $25 p/m for something that doesn't even stream to my TV without buying yet another device and they've missed the boat again IMO. AND I'm only really interested in motorsports so it still seems like a LOT.

      Not to mention I believe no 4K content?

      I really wish they would simply disappear so the exclusive licensing disappears and others can have a crack at doing this affordably.

  • Football?

    But round 1 isn't until the 18th.