Just Left Aussie Broadband Opticomm - Not Competitive

So I'm in an Opticomm estate and was paying ABB $129 a month (month to month) for 250/25…had a look around, found Leaptel who was running a promo for $109 (month to month) for the exact same thing, activated within an hour and just left ABB this morning. Thanks ABB for not being price competitive!

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Aussie Broadband
Aussie Broadband


  • Cool story Bro

  • I believe most providers should be able to offer $20 off their higher plans for six months - NBNco is paying for them rebates.

  • Did you even ask ABB to price match?

  • clap clap clap - Well done

  • ABB don't pretend to be price competitive and don't price match.

    However they have some of the best consistent speeds as they don't oversubscribe their connections, their call centre is Australian, and they go out their way to help when contacted with issues.

    It's worth a few extra dollars a month to me.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607641

    $89 for 6 months. Time to switch again OP.

  • They (Aussie) have six month promo on the 1000 HFC plan so I upgraded as it is cheaper than my 250 plan. Pretty happy with that.

    • exactly what i did. would be a fool to not to.

      WAS: $129 for 250/25 ABB which was great.

      NOW: $119 for 1000/50 ABB which is cheaper and faster.

      Winners all around.

      Lets see how i like this speed in 6 months time…. im still capping out at about 600mbps, currently have a ticked logged, should be lot closer to 900-1000 according to the techo.

  • slow clap

  • You get what you pay for. My connection on Aussie BB has been rock solid. As long as it stays that way then it is not worth the saving to switch when my households income depends on that connection.

    • A yes the old…

      You get what you pay for

      If that is "true" then why come to Ozbargain.

      Logic says, getting a 10% discount must mean you are getting 10% less value compared to the person who paid full price, since you get what you pay for and you paid less. No such thing as a bargain. 🤦🏻

      • Nope, I said the incomes of several people depend on a rock solid connection. Aussie BB is currently delivering that so I do not consider the potential disruption worth the saving.

        Even more, access to a Australian based call centre if something goes wrong is worth paying for.

      • No two services are the same.

        Ozbargain is good for finding lower prices for the same product.

        Nowadays is to find out when product is no longer OOS, or home loans with the same bank but just different broker

    • Was on ABB when I first get connected to FTTN. Was all good until last Dec when either my uploads or downloads (never both) will go to hell.

      What's frustrating is when I contacted ABB support (emails and calls), I had to recount my problems every time (I have this feeling they do not have a support history on my account). And it's the same old story - ABB pushed to NBN, and then NBN pushed back to ABB.

      The whole NBN model is screwed up. If it's a physical fault, it will take around 48 hours to even get NBN to schedule a tech, and then potentially up to a week for a tech to turn up. To have the line fixed and then break down again after 3 weeks is the last straw.

      In my case I did not get what I paid for. With home internet being critical for work now the downtime simply cannot be tolerated. If you have a quick problem, ABB support is one of the best. But if you have a recurring issue, dealing with ABB can be very frustrating. Especially when I had to do the stability profile, wait 24 hours, get NBN tech to turn up, get it fixed, and then break down again weeks later. I quit ABB on the third iteration.

      In the end I gave up on NBN and went with fixed wireless. Booked on monday, connected by Thurs. Hopefully less grief now I only have to deal with a single party.

  • Leaptel are great - I am with them too. But.. What is the regular price?