nbn FTTP & HFC Unlimited 250/25 $89/Month for 6 Months (Save $20/Month) @ Mate


No contract and Aussie support.

The offer includes: A broadband data service over the nbn™ for residential use. $89 per month for the first 6 months, then $109 per month.

Typical busy period download speed 208Mbps

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  • damn where was this deal just 2 weeks ago? Signed a 12m contract w/ Harbour

    • +68 votes

      Why? There's so many no contract offers out there.

    • Bad! We don’t sign contracts anymore.

    • Contract? for NBN? Didn't know they existed outside of TPG…

    • -3 votes

      Pretty sure for hfc customers, both existing and new, you can’t move to another provider until the hfc chip shortage is resolved.
      They can take your order but it will be on hold.

      • +8 votes

        If you have everything set up and it's just a matter of a transferring provider it's not issue. Only a problem if it's a new set-up or you move in somewhere and the previous owner/tenant nicked off with the NBN box.

        • -1 vote

          That’s what I thought too. I’ve been on hfc for over 2 years. In my case Telstra has to put the order on hold until the hfc chip issue is sorted out, regardless of existing and working hfc infrastructure.
          The reason they give is churning to a new provider is a disconnection and a reconnection. Nbn won’t allow that without stock of hfc chips.

          All rsp’s should really state that in their promotions.

          • @s-h: sounds strange. Thought the chip issue only caused a shortage of NTDs at home. If you already have an HFC 'modem', why would they stop you? Then again NBN…. although I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Telstra stuff up

            • @gimme: For sure a Telstra stuff up. You're allowed to change ISPs with the NTD shortage in place.

              • @Twix: Twix, does Mate allow existing hfc customers move to this promo with the hfc chip shortage in place?

                • @s-h: Any ISP should. You need to already have the NTD connected to the NBN.

                  • @Twix: Completely agree, they should. Probably need a rep of Mate to confirm but I don’t think they can process these hfc orders until chip issue is resolved.
                    It’s nbnco that’s restricting them.

                    • @s-h: The Aussie BB deal comments has HFC users changing ISP after Feb 2nd.

                      • +2 votes

                        @Twix: Nbn co did agree in their statement to honour existing orders in the system (in early Feb) and also orders that meet certain criteria - medical, copper disconnection, no service, etc.
                        Dunno, just seems weird why they would stop isp churn if you have a working ntd box.

                        • @s-h: I got a comms internally that said they were no longer honouring in-flight orders (work at Telco), which is a massive pain. Had a bunch of orders be cancelled out from under me by NBN :(

              • @Twix: It would be NBN Co rejecting the order if anything, you could probably log a complaint directly with NBN Co about it and have a discussion with the case manager, show them the NTD ID etc, it's always messy though

      • NBN will resume HFC orders in May or June.

      • For existing HFC customers you can swap providers, I would know since I literally swapped from Tangerine to Superloop 2 weeks ago.

      • I'm on HFC, signed up to this deal last night. I brought my own modem and the service was activated at 10 am this morning. Getting a solid 225 down and 23 up. I was very pleasantly surprised

    • Who signs up for a contract on NBN? So many choices wothout a contract.

  • +2 votes

    Wow amazing deal, I’m with Telstra on NBN100 for $90/mth and I’d love to take this deal up but I’d have to pay the Telstra modem out :(

    • In the same boat but still within the 30 days satisfaction guarantee period. Do you reckon I can cancel and then sign this promo?

      • +3 votes

        Yeah you can cancel with no fees as long as you’re within 30 days if your service being connected. Just beware you have to make sure that Telstra fully cancel your service before you sign up to another NBN provider as if you sign up to another NBN provider without having your Telstra service fully disconnected then you breach the T&C’s of the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Also I’d recommend going in to a Telstra store to action the satisfaction guarantee as they’re online customer service is garbage.

    • I got the same plan but not in contact however this is only 6 months. Until 250/25 cost the same I won't change

    • Telstra on NBN, probably the worst value on both performance and value now.

      • Agree and don't know why they have the cheek to charge more and force their "smart" modem down people throats

        • +3 votes

          Telstra smart modems are used for support reasons, guaranteed TC-1 VoIP and 4G fail over.

      • Disagree if you negotiate while you are still on cable before moving you can get smart modem Gen 2 for free, month to month contract $90 including local calls unlimited plus Sim backup in case your nbn fails comes with modem

        ACCC recent figures peak hour speed increased by 24% beating even ABB

        I hardly use their customer service because most of the time the connection is fine

        Was on 93/32 top tier plan auto increased back to 100/38 not bad

      • I disagree
        I'm with Telstra on $90 PM
        got free Modem 2.0 - 4g if there is any downtime was a big seller for me
        Free platinum speed boost (usually $30 pm)
        free phone
        Telstra rewards

        had 0 issues since I had it
        wouldn't swap for few dollar saving over 6 months

  • Any current user seeing this - are they worth the switch? Any bad experiences?

    • I only have FTTN so can’t get those speeds, but I have their 100 mpbs plan and they are great, also super easy to switch. I obtain 77mpbs which is great for where I live as I only saw 45mbps with Telstra evening plus plan. Also Telstra have limited FTTN plans to 50mpbs. So yeah I recommend them! A genuinely good company with great customer service and a good price. Have had zero dropouts.

    • I am with them for mobile and FTTP (Saves 10 bucks a month).

      Absolutely no issues when I switched and it's been great so far. I get close to the 50mbps throughout the day on 50meg plan.

      • How's the mobile coverage? I understand they are with Telstra (not full network) and I am currently with boost but thinking of switching to mate because I already have NBN with them.

    • I second Edamamme comment, Mate a great company to deal with it. Never had any issues

    • Ever since they moved from Vocus to Wireline, the internet connection has been extremely unreliable. We had almost a full day outage shortly after they migrated.

      I'm considering switching away…

    • +1 vote

      I'm with mate as well. Even though i'm on FTTN, they also updated their plans to 100/40 as well and after that switch I had 93/35 speeds https://www.speedtest.net/result/11002568090 . I'm about 330 metres line distance from my node/pillar and have got spot on 100 mbps downloads the past.

    • I’ve used mate as well for fttp and hfc, had no issues with them. Only moved across to superloop to take advantage of their 6 month discount.

    • I had hfc and was fine for the first few months but then would throttle from 9pm… The customer service was really nice but ultimately there was nothing they could do and suggest I switch to another provider… Did so, and haven't had an issue since.

      • Mate that's no good

      • Same issues we had, and yeah great customer service but not much they can do (HFC is pretty crap anyways). Had to change to Vodafone due to financial reasons, and haven't had any issues so far.

        Would've liked to stick it out with Mate but they don't have that much control when it comes to HFC, so can't blame them.

    • used to get peak hour congestion when I was with them (HFC). quality of streams quite bad around 8pm.was much smoother after I switched to Aussie Broadband. I'm with Superloop now and it's great as well.

      • Sounded like a good deal until I heard about the HFC issues. I've moved between Aussie & Superloop and never had any seed issues over HFC with either. I'll stick with these providers!

    • I am with mate on the 100/20 plan and get 105mbps during peak on FTTB. Very happy with the service so far, it's been a couple of months since I joined.

    • I'm a full cream, real Gillard-era FttP nbn, so every provider is awesome.

      That said, mate have been wonderful to deal with.

    • Connected via FTTC. I dont use telephone. So im simply paying $79 for 100/20 NBN with no landline. Getting above 90 Mbps in peak. No complaints so far. Im even thinking of getting Mate mobile at this point as a combo.

    • I am getting 92.7/18.8 at 8.15pm. They’ve been pretty good for me so far.

      I did have a major issue a few weeks ago (an issue at their end) and was frustrated by no support on a Sunday. Once Monday hit, I was able to speak to someone locally and they resolved the issue within a few hours.

    • Just as an update - signed up a few minutes ago. They seem a little amateurish and have already bungled my address (I already have FTTP in my building AND they have customers in my building but couldn't find my unit…). I had to manually type in my address AND somehow they then put my address several suburbs away!

  • Nice. Wish I could get that. Not crummy 40/7 FTTN for that I have to pay.

    • Yeah me too, if that. One of my main gripes is we have to put up with inferior F…n FTTN connections to save govt money… but the plans cost us nearly as much without being able to achieve the speed.

  • Wow, after moving to 250/25 on ABB last month, hard to go backwards….. Can't believe someone did it cheaper than $99 p/m

  • Wish they'd offer it with 40 upload instead… currently on 100/40 and seemingly every other HFC offering with faster download has slower upload. Oh well.

    • +24 votes

      Should be 250/50.

      This upload speeds by NBN is a shame.

      • +3 votes

        government back then should have planned for the possibility of prolong periods where people are confined to their homes. FTTP to at least the capital cities.

      • Its to force people that want high uploads onto more expensive business plans

    • yea, i'm sticking with 100/40 too. (profanity) australian internet man. Just give us decent internet damnit.

      • I feel so sorry for you. Try 25/5.

        • been there man, pre-NBN was stuck on 1500 or whatever it was on ADSL2. I know it was rated to go up as high as 8000 but i don't think it ever went above half that. It''s a shitty deal we've got, but it's our fault for not electing Kim back in the day.

          • @magnitude: Yeah I shouldn't even look at these threads lol. Problem is I already have nbn, and best speed I can get is around 20mbps. Have been with Internode, Abb, and Belong and all the same.