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nbn FTTP & HFC Unlimited 250/25 $89/Month for 6 Months (Save $20/Month) @ Mate


No contract and Aussie support.

The offer includes: A broadband data service over the nbn™ for residential use. $89 per month for the first 6 months, then $109 per month.

Typical busy period download speed 208Mbps

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    I churned yesterday morning and i'm underwhelmed. Can't say if it's local segment congestion, or CVC congestion but (on HFC) I am barely getting faster than ABB 100/20 plan i just left. In the past 24hrs i topped out at 170mbps down VERY briefly. Also had some very weird super slowdowns in times where we were definitely not streaming or downloading. Happy to stay with them for 6 months and save $10/mnth compared to ABB, but will leave straight after if the speeds don't improve.

    Hourly speed test from BNE to SYD for the past year (4 different NBN plans):

    • Ditto. I have the exact same experience as you are. I don't reach the advertised speed but happy to stay because of the discount.

    • Getting really bad congestion on mate now as well - I'm in VIC.
      Been with them for 4+ years now but they recently changed from Vocus to Wireline as their wholesale provider and its been terrible.

      Considering changing to Superloop…

    • Was getting 233mbps down yesterday afternoon (Brisbane based). I wouldnt say my speeds are super fast but my concurrent downloads without slowdown are nearly endless (left 40 ps3 games downloading all concurrently this morning with an ETA time of 4-5 hrs)

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    Churned from SL to MATE. I am on FTTP. 230 - 260mbps dl , a d 20-23mbp ul.

    I can live with that for the price I pay. =)

  • Tony Abbott said No!

    "“We are absolutely confident that 25 megs is going to be enough, more than enough, for the average household.”

    fricken FTTN crap!

  • I just got this from Superloop:

    Hey Superlooper,

    Thanks for being such an awesome customer, we really appreciate having you with us. So, to pay that love forward, we're offering you a FREE 6 month speed upgrade.

    That's right. Free. Upgrade.

    Like all good adventures, you have a few different options to make this upgrade happen.

    As a current Superloop nbn™ 100/40 Unlimited customer, if your connection type is eligible, you may choose to:

    Upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast 250/25 speed, unlimited data
    This option offers much better download speeds and no data cap, but has slower upload speeds compared to your existing plan.

    With your existing 100Mbps download speeds, you could download, say, a new release video game in around an hour and a quarter at peak speed. With this new upgrade, you could download that same game in about the time it takes to get pizza delivered.

    However, taking this option could mean you'd see reduced upload speeds which may impact things like uploading files, video streaming, and video calls.

    Upgrade to nbn™ Home Ultrafast 1000/50, 3TB data

    This is Australia's fastest NBN speed currently available. It offers much better upload and download speeds compared to your existing plan, but it also applies a 3Tb data cap, after which, your speed returns to 100Mbps.

    In this instance, you could download that new release video game in less time than it takes to rock out to the Guns N' Roses classic, “November Rain”.

    Stay where you're at. Which is ok too.

    Love it! How do I upgrade?

    First, decide which upgrade you'd like to pick.

    Then, click on the link below and select the speed upgrade you would like to take up. If only one option appears, this means your connection type is unable to support a higher speed tier.

    Choose wisely, as once you've clicked the ‘Upgrade' button, you won't be able to swap to the other option available in this promotion later.

    Upgrade Me

    What's next?

    Of course, as with all good things in life, these things don't last forever. We hope you'll love the upgraded speeds for the next SIX months, after which time, you'll go back to your original plan.

    Check your Members Area for more about your free speed upgrades.

    Stay cool, Superlooper!

    Superloop Home Broadband Team

    Does that mean I can get to try the 1000/50 3 TB for six months at the same rate, even though I am on HFC?

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      You pay the same price as 100/40. Open the email link and check what speed options appear.

  • Edit: - Problem solved-

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    I signed up with this deal while still in my Superloop billing cycle. Experienced terrible congestion (2.8Mbps download, hard wired test) at around 10pm. Switched back to the Superloop connection (100 plan) and was immediately getting 105Mbps download speeds. So cancelled Mate under their satisfaction guarantee and switched back to Superloop (who are now running a similar promo anyway).

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      I’ll do this also mate is absolute rubbish.

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    $89 for 250/25 is a pretty good deal for 6 months

    should see plenty of more deals later this year no doubt from other isps

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    I get 230mbps down and about 20-23 up. However, I get serious twitch buffering on 1080p after 7pm on most days. Even youtube buffers on 4k quality at this time.

    Not impressed, I think I'll be going back to superloop.

    Not worth the $10-20 per month saving.

  • My speed is terrible, worse than Superloop. I am getting 55Mbps where as with Superloop it was over 85Mbps. I will be switching back.

  • I was with Aussie Broadband up until one month ago when I switched to Mate.I have had nothing but issues since the day of the switch. I have 3 Samsung smart TVs with ethernet connections. Youtube on all Tvs fails to show thumbnails most of the time for at least 1 minute. Searches are delayed, youtube buffers extensively and connection drop outs occur. I reset all the TVs and it has nothing to do with the TVs. On Aussie I never had this issue. I switched to Wifi on the Tvs and issue is the same. I will move back to Aussie

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      If you have pihole or adblockers on your router, you have to tone down your filters.

    • Try using Google or Quad9 DNS ( ,, respectively)

  • I subscribed to elite plan (250/25) for $89 in the morning and got connected in the evening, very quick and smooth process. the download speed did not match with their support and customer service, unexpected download rate of max 65mbps (at 10pm) that is one third typical speed, upload is OK around 23mbps. Anyone else facing similar issues?

    • It was my modem config causing it. Pretty good speed now, upto 300mbps

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    I've been on this plan for 3 weeks and not happy! Occasional dropouts, bad evening speed and lots of buffering on YouTube. Didn't have any of these problems on ABB 50/20 so deciding to switch back…