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JESLED LED Smart Strip Lights 5m, Bluetooth & Control IR Remote Control $15.99 Delivered @ JESLED via Amazon AU


60% off JESLED Smart LED Strip Lights 5m for Bedroom

Ship from AU warehouse,free fast delivey time 2-4 days

Code: 6ZX76HUQ

Original Price : $39.99
After Discount : $15.99

The Shining Points :

💡Easy to connect the Bluetooth-(Happy Lighting App):When you make sure your phone is Bluetooth enabled,the strip lights automatically connect successfully.
💡IR Remote Control:44 keys RF remote Controller with 16 million colors, 20 preset functions and 28 Dynamic Modes.
💡Timing Mode and Memory Function & Adjust Colors & Brightness Freely
💡Easy to Install and Accessories Included for DIY Decoration

Package include:

16.4FT Light Strip
44-Keys RF Controller
Power Adapterx1 (Australia Standard)
“L” Circuit Board x1
Solderless Connector x2
Clip x6
Alcohol cottonx2
Installation Manual

GST included, If you want ,pls let us know!

E-mail: [email protected] (pls attach your order number)

JESLED offers 24/7 after-sale support, 60 days full refund policy

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  • WiFi version please Jackey!

  • Ordered few now good $ value

  • Thanks for your supoort and attention.Pls attach your Amazon order number and email address!

  • Thanks OP ordered 2

    • Wow, thanks for your support!!!! By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

    • Can the two be joined together, and controlled by one powersource/controller?

      • This is 1 pack type strip lights. But you could diy the strip lights to connect.
        The link have the information how to diy the strip lights. Also the diy accessories in the package for free.
        if you have anything don't understand, pls let us know! We will try our best to help every client!
        Hope you have a good day!

        • Thanks Jackey, but not what I meant.

          forevertech said they bought 2. I wondered whether 2 (complete sets) could be joined together and powered/controlled as one?

          • +1 vote

            @MattyD: Oh, i get it~ so sorry….the 1 pack don't have the accesstories you want.
            But just the 2 pack have the special accessories to connect.
            The only way to connect more than 1 strip lights is DIY menthods to connect~
            That is very easy~

          • @MattyD: You will need something like this to attached two lengths together


            You may not get even lighting by joining two together. The following is a reply from another led strip seller in response to a question about joining the strips (not me):
            Please do not connect the LED strip with LED's end to end, it will cause uneven brightness of the two LED strips. The correct connection method is to connect the two light strips to the controller, and the controller is in the middle of the two light strips.

  • Pls reach us refer to the email we post! attach your order number! Thanks!

  • Can't get the discount price ?

  • Love your movies, man! Had no idea you were selling lights now!

  • What does FBA free mean? "Ship from AU warehouse, FBA free fast delivey time 2-4 days"

    • Fulfilment by Amazon

    • ordered, emailed for invoice with gst

    • +3 votes

      First, amazon has the warehouse in the Australia
      Actually, we sent the goods to the Amazon warehouse in advanced.
      It is easy to shipped the goods to the customers in a short time.
      That is the whole process, if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

    • FBA is the best for customers, I think. Benefits of Amazon's great dispatch services.

      • Thanks all. I thought it was a chemical like when it says BPA free on drink bottles :)

      • yeah, Amazon is not only sell the goods but also has the great dispatch services in whole world. In recent years Amazon will be committed to the dispatch services development of Australia.According to statistics, Amazon will increase its investment in warehouse construction in Australia.If you register the prime in Amazon, you will get better service!!

  • Ordered cheers

    • Hey, bro~ thanks for your support! In the future we will have the wifi strip lights , Tv strip lights and so on!

  • Bought 2. Thanks. If not working please refund =)

    • Just believe! Jesled lighting will fulfill the warrant for every customer!
      By the way if you have get the not working strip lights, pls let us know!
      Thanks for your support!

  • whats difference between this and wifi version? u mean this cant connect to alexa ?

    • Correct, you can only control it with the app/remote.

    • This is the bluetooth smart LED strip lights, you could use the happly lighting app to control the strip lights.
      Not Alexa, Alexa and wifi use together.That is another type of strip lights.
      By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • 16 million colors

    Is white one of those colours?

    • +1 vote

      How to say~ actually the most strip light in the market is the RGB strip lights which is based on the red, green and blue!
      The RGB color could made up any color, but if just want the white color strip lights, we suggest that you don't purchase.
      Because our strip lights mainly are colorful, this is type may be not suitable for you!
      Thanks for your attention. if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • At least this one doesn't have the box/images implying that it has individually addressible LEDs. So points for that.

    • what is the mean of box/images implying? Would you make it clear?
      Thanks a lot!

      • Here's one of your own (although many others do it): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603071
        If you're looking for an addressable led strip it is annoying to have to dig through each individual ad to check whether they really DO have that feature. And I can't help wondering how many people have bought based on pictures like this, thinking they'll get a multicoloured strip, as opposed to one that displays a single colour at a time.

        This is one of my bugbears like "4K HDMI" cables.

        • Oh~I get it …. that is old first pictures, sorry! But now the picture is change~
          How to say, the strip lights you mentioned is more expensive than normally.
          Due to various factors, our company has not made the type of strip lights you want at present.
          Thanks for your patient reply!!

  • Looking forward to you posting the wifi ones when they are in stock!

    • Hey, thanks for your attention and support. We promise to post the wifi strip lights when the wifi version are in stock!!!