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Pokemon - Vivid Voltage Booster Box - $5.99 + Shipping @ Hobbyco via Catch


Long time lurker
Not sure if they will honour it, but worth a shot.
Ordered 2 and got email confirmation and warranty information

EDIT: they cancelled the order and gave me a full refund

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  • They're going to mail you a single booster and it's going to be a pain to sort out me thinks.

  • Just ordered, and have my complaint email ready to go when they don't send the product as advertised

  • It’s going to be a booster pack, but ordered one anyway.
    They’ll get me because I cbf following up if it’s under $20.

  • Was tempted myself. Looking at the other listings for Booster Boxes, it is consistent with this one. IE you should expect to get a whole BOX of these instead of just one.

    The $9.95 delivery was a drag though. :-)

  • buying this and then complaining about it when it inevitably gets cancelled makes you sound like a giant pos imo. shit like this can cause small businesses to go under if they're ever honored accidentally.

    • additionally, this business is notorious for making booster boxes the same price as booster for other TCG products lol

      • damn was unaware of the notoriety, i saw the last post which was a yu-gi-oh one but i didn't see any updates to the post so thought i might give this one a shot

    • Buying enough of them you do get wins :)
      I don't think a business will honour it if they are going to go bankrupt lol . Maybe some more deeper thinking required .

    • Yep. But most people here wouldn't give a rats ass, so long as they grab a bargain.

  • Hobbyco isn’t a small business

  • Refunded.

  • I got refunded but they sent me 5 packs anyway? Anyone else or just me?