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Motorola Razr (Noir Black) $799 (RRP $1799) + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Motorola Razr (Noir Black) $799 ($1000 off) RRP $1799 JBHIFI

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    Seem like nobody buy.

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      if it drops to like 300 within the end of year id take it as a backup phone for nostalgic purposes

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    Snapdragon 710. Big nope.

  • When did Razor phones come back lol

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    $300 maybe

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      I'll pay more, $301, maybe

      • Count me in.

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          Count me out

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            @DesiBoy: then you shake it all about…

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              @mwalks: You do the okey nopey and you turn around…

              • @howieyo: …and that's what it's all ABOUT!

                • @mwalks: I thought it was all about that bass, that bass…

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    Gen 1?

    No deal.

  • My friend's second screen stopped working after a month

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      Have you tried turning your friend off and on again?

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    Will wait till it drops before 500.

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      I'm waiting for a $400 price considering the hardware.

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    Almost all the demo handsets I’ve seen have lines and defects in the screen

  • It reminds me of my first ever Motorola mobile phone. Would pay $100 for keeping the memory.

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      • Motorola v525?

        • had the startac, then the v3688, then the v60, then the v3 razr… good times

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    I really appreciate what these phone companies are doing with the folding screens but there is no way I would buy one until the technology is basically bullet proof. When the original Razr came out, it was to me the coolest phone I'd ever seen. It was so thin and sleek.

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      I really appreciate

      I don't. They're throwing crap at a wall.

  • It was always $1000 overpriced. Even at $800, it's not value for money with those specs.

  • My first Moto was a XT910, loved it. Would definitely buy this again for memories but the inflated RRP and discounted Inflated RRP has to come down fair bit to make it appealing.
    For the specs $ 350-450 will be great in next 6 months time.

  • Still too much

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    Call at $799? Nah, I'll fold.

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    Call at $799? Nah, I'll fold.

    EDIT: goddamn site can't handle timeouts yet? It should have some smarts to detect an IDENTICAL attempt to post on a retry.

    MOD please delete.

    • Usually it prevents those duplicates

  • $299 it's a deal.

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    Well, it says it also has MP3… don't judge my age but there were times I were looking for phones with mp3

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      I remember getting a Nokia 5510 for this. What a rocking phone.

  • I imagine the novelty of it would wear off pretty quickly and it would just become annoying when you are used to not having to unfold a phone before using it.

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    RRP $1799 lmao

  • It does have the e-sim option and no physical nano SIM card slot 😆
    Learnt the hard way after buying it, but took it back to JB and the manager didn’t even know that.

    Thankfully the refunded it full even after opening it.

  • wouldve been nice if it had better specs

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      Would've been nice if they'd left it in 2003

  • My wife was going to buy one but when we found out it has esim only (she's with Boost) we kept on looking,.

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      yes, thats the only reason to keep looking elsewhere….

  • I remember there were a few scalpers when it was heavily discounted to 999, lol

  • $200 could be a fair price. My razr v3 is way better than this crap. Still works perfectly despite not receiving 2G signals anymore. Don’t know which group of people this new Razr is targeting. With RRP $1799 it should be the flagship configuration, but it uses sd710…………. v3 is the thinnest folding phone at that time, and yes this new razr is still the thinnest folding phone today because no competitors at all. If they want to commemorate razr they better show some sincerity. People are not fools.

    • the device's battery is too small for flagship chips and theres simply not enough space for a better camera system.

  • 300$ and ill buy it