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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X 1TB $749 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


It’s RRP but posting for those who want it, stock expected from 15/03/2021.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Going to try something a little different here:

    Thanks for letting us know OP, whilst there's ongoing debate about what constitutes a deal, I'm certainly not going to get into that debate here. Good on you for keeping the community informed.

    • OzBargain & Pre-Order Notification service.

      Honestly it doesn't really matter. These are sought after products, and there's really no alternative.

    • OzCommunityInformed

    • I come to OzBargain, not just for bargains, but for hard to get products, like this, so thank you OP.

      Happy to see more posts on when the next lot are available!

    • I use this site to keep tabs on things I want to buy. That's its primary utility to me. The fact it also has a neat community that posts deals and occasionally ridiculous and hilarious forum posts is a bonus.

      So to the end that OzB is enabling me to spend money I would otherwise not, it's perfect.

  • What's the consensus on Xbox X vs Ps5 so far?

    • If your a PS fan boy then you will talk about games. If your an Xbox fanboy you will say the series X is the winner.
      Facts don’t lie, Xbox is hands down the more powerful machine, all the specs show it to be way superior.

      • The SSD is faster on the PS5. But that aside, the Xbox is a little faster on paper. In reality, that doesn’t matter. In fact, many games run better on the PS5. Could be the better developer experience or whatnot. Goes to show that software eats hardware for breakfast.

        In all seriousness, PS5 and XSX do not actually compete on specs. The real divide is in the business model. Subscription (game pass) vs exclusives. Since subscription businesses is all about customer “stickiness”, you’ll also find more “serviceable” games on game pass. So mostly shooters and multiplayer games. Conversely, PlayStation’s exclusives are mostly narrative-heavy single-player games.

        • you forgot to add a real winner for x box - quick resume
          once you try that , its hard to go back to one game at a time thing

          the reason behind ps5 better performance is that x box hasn't supplied developers with its code till it was too late to implement it in games, expect new games that come out this year to run better on xbox

          • +7 votes

            @botchie: I love how everyone's comparing these silly little gimmick features that barely matter when xbox has one thing that absolutely murders playstation 5 imo. Extremely robust backwards compatibility that's now also going to increase framerates on approved titles too. Updating your one machine with technical upgrades on the old games, vs: keeping multiple machines lying around, various versions of the classic games with version-specific quirks and flaws, or having to emulate. There is no comparison. It's a slaughter.

            I have a ps2 (for which I needed a cable from effing KICKSTARTER to get passable image quality with), ps3 and a ps4 in my TV unit wasting space because no proper BC. I have one xbox. When I get the new xbox, I'll still have only one xbox. Same can't be said about ps5.

            • @jawa: not to mention you need new controller for ps5 :) - cant even use ps4 one
              but fan boys will be fan boys - always telling you of the "exclusives"

          • @botchie: I can't get quick resume to work consistently.

            Sometime it does, sometime when I start a game after a little hiatus, it goes to the main menu etc.

        • Subscription (game pass) vs exclusives.

          What does this even mean, there's exclusive on the subscription service..

          Since subscription businesses is all about customer “stickiness”, you’ll also find more “serviceable” games on game pass. So mostly shooters and multiplayer games. Conversely, PlayStation’s exclusives are mostly narrative-heavy single-player games.

          This is just false, they just bloody bought Bethesda you know the company behind DOOM, Fallout AND Elderscrolls which are some of the biggest single player games out there, your narrative that Game Pass will be "mostly shooters and MP games" is flat out wrong.

          • @Mooncakes: Let’s wait and see. Thus far, Bethesda hasn’t released any new games under MSFT ownership. I happily buy an Xbox once they start copying Sony and create strong single-player experiences.

    • Don't have both so can't say, but I'm happy with the Series X so far. Still waiting for "real" next gen games sure, but overall it's just a hugely better/more refine experience (coming from the OG Xbox One / Switch)

      • I'm finding that I am gaming way more on my Series X compared to the OG Xbox One, reasoning mainly being the loading times. I don't even get that frustrated when the game crashes because I'm back in less than a minute. Also Game Pass is a huge bonus.

      • I’m still sceptical about next-gen Xbox exclusives. They sure did announce a whole lot of them and acquired Bethesda for $$$. But I fear that it’ll mostly be more shooters and multiplayer games, which aren’t appealing to me. So I’ll hold out with buying an XSX.

        • They only acquired Zenimax recently and I believe Microsoft does not believe in exclusive. Phil mentioned that he's not going to push for any future Bethesda to be exclusive to Xbox only.

          That might change, it might not but I think this isn't the first time Microsoft has bought out a studio and not pushed for exclusivity.

          Fallout, Skyrim.. two of the biggest franchise aren't multiplayer or shooter.

    • It's too early to tell.
      Check out Xbox Game Pass, if you like what you see then get an Xbox. Otherwise PlayStation.

    • I’ve got both. Currently with very few next gen games out, I’m preferring the Xbox. Originals dropping over the next 12-24 months may very well change how I feel, however so far Gamepass is such a good deal, and winning it for me currently. The quick resume feature is pretty great too. Plus, the PS5 is an eyesore compared to the Xbox too.

      For reference, my history of console ownership is- PS4, 360, GameCube(bought a PS2 slim very late gen), PS1, Snes.

      • This. Essentially the same console history too.

        Also, the PS5 can get very loud (again!) with the disc drive. I've yet to hear the Xbox make any significant noise.

        • Also the XBSX has better thermal solution/implementation and the fan isn't loud too!

        • The only time I've heard the series X fan is when going into photo mode in control ultimate edition in raytracing mode.

        • I haven't used a disk in my PS5 yet, that concerns me a bit, especially as my first PS5 came faulty and sounding like a whipper snipper from boot up.

          • @ONEMariachi: There are times playing Borderlands 3 where it almost sounds as loud as the PS4. It doesn't last for anywhere near as long, but it's definitely noticeable.

            Another reason for me to go digital!

      • Might look like a fridge, but I like the XSX. Better cooling and noise too I bet. I prefer minimalist home electronics.

        • All next-gen consoles are whisper-quiet. The Xbox does have the better design though. PS5 is an eye-catcher, but not a good one.

      • no N64 means you missed the glory age…

    • Either… both have their merits … Xbox for back catalogue but PS has and possibly will have better exclusive which how the last gen played out as well… i have the XSX via game pass ultimate and it is fantastic…

      • Zenimax acquisition might change the exclusive story when both companies start releasing titles.

        • Yeh I think it will… but it's more of a wait and see… Just basing things on the exclusives PS has had and still owns, which were definitely superior to Ms offerings… In a few years things may look very different

        • I don't think so. Microsoft doesn't believe in exclusivity. Except for Halo that is.

          This is off a Verge article.

          "Every major publishing decision Microsoft has taken in the last three years, since the launch of its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, indicates it no longer sees much value in exclusivity."

    • The Xbox Series X is the more powerful machine, but there aren't a whole lot of exclusives, yet (if you care about that).
      The Series X also has a more refined software experience and Xbox Game Pass, which is "The Netflix of Games" is a great deal and certainly a selling point.
      Oh and things like Quick Resume (Being able to switch between games quickly is actually fantastic)

      The PS5 feels more like a "next gen' console. the Dual Sense is actually incredible and certainly adds a layer of immersion and the OS has been overhauled which makes if feel 'newer' but the OS is a bit of a mess and lacks a bunch of features - Oh and PS5 games start at $125AUD for new release exclusives.

      PS5 = More 'Next Gen' feeling with new experiences that you cant get anywhere else and the Dual Sense
      Xbox Series X = Best value for money, GamePass will never leave you without something to play, neat Microsoft software tricks

      Source: I have a Series X and PS5

    • Hardware wise, they're more similar than any previous generation. Early release third party games have seen some slightly favouring PS5, and some slightly favouring XSX. It's expected that over time this will mostly be favouring XSX since there were some early teething issues with XSX development kits that are being ironed out, but even then the on paper performance difference only sees the Xbox be ~15% stronger than PS5. Last generation, the PS4 was 40% stronger than Xbox One, so it'll be a proportionally smaller gap, and in many games this will be more or less indistinguishable.

      The PS5 controller is reported to be fairly nice with it's variable triggers and advanced rumble stuff. There are early reports of stick drifting too, but it's hard to tell how widespread that might be.

      The current slate of games on Xbox is a little weak for exclusives, but it has unmatched backwards compatibility improvements on older games. The main draw right now is that Gamepass is really good for what you get (all Microsoft games day one, many third party games, includes EA access if you buy the higher tier of Gamepass).

      In terms of exclusives for the rest of the year, over the next few months the PS5 slate is reasonably strong, and Microsoft is a little dry until the back half of the year when Halo is going to hit (along with maybe some currently unannounced games). We simply know more about the upcoming PS lineup because they announced a bunch of games for 2021, although several either have already or are very soon going to be officially delayed (Gran Tourismo is officially delayed; all journalists are saying "lol God of War is definitely not coming this year").

      Long term, Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Softworks will be finalized by Saturday this week (they announced it last year but were working through the legalities). This does put them in a very strong position for exclusive content for the rest of the generation. We just don't know for sure when the first batch of their unannounced titles will come online. But they definitely will come, and as a result Microsoft's long term output is expected to be notably higher than Sony in terms of First Party (they simply have far more development studios and far more games in development).

      I don't think you'll go wrong with either purchase. The Playstation feels like more of a known quantity, since we know what most of their studios are working on, and we know that you'll be able to expect good quality on average. Microsoft has a lot of potential, but it's not fully realized just yet.

    • If you have a high end PC already, I'd recommend going with the PS5 for exclusives (and the dualsense controller), given most Xbox exclusives are also available on PC.

      • I have a high end pc and bought x box which i don't play- since gaming experience is 100 times better on 240 fps 32 inch curved monitor then anything x box or ps5 can throw at me

        • Agreed for cross platform games. Although sometimes its nice to play on the big screen in 4k also. The dualsense immersion cannot be undersold either, it makes a big difference for me personally.

          • @bowlcutsrbad101: yeah Im only JK - I got xbox for kids too but they play bloody Roblox which is free….I mainly play competitive games and dont have enough time for them - let alone a console :) - but If you have a PC , you def dont need console - you can stream from Steam which is great BTW and use the TV if you want

            • @botchie: Depends on what you plan to stream. Forza Horizon 4 with Steam and Nvidia streaming, lag is very noticeable, both PC and Shield TV pro are wired to a Unifi 1Gb switch. So I ended up building another PC for the media room.

    • Bought both, sold XBX because the games I want to play on XBX are also available on Windows.
      And PS5 is a better 4k bluray player at the moment.

      • Another big downside for me that seems like big selling point to others is the requirement of Xbox live gold/ Game pass ultimate for multiplayer. For the one month I owned the XBX, I downloaded 5 games from game pass library not including Forza that I bought outright before Xbox, played less than 1 hour in total(not including Forza) until I sold it. So I can't justify the cost of Xbox live gold/ Game pass ultimate while I already have PS plus and free online multiplayer on PC.

    • Too early to tell and realistically we probably won't know for another 2 years. Both have a lot of potential

    • Your question brought out the fanboys on both sides.

    • PS5 is over 2X more powerful than PS4, basically all PS4 games can run 4K 60fps without a sweat. PS5 features the more stable locked 60fps in current gen games vs Series X.

  • Before anyone asks I have both.

    Xbox is leagues ahead of ps5 at this point. And recent comparisons have shown it being more powerful as developers get used to Xbox tools.

    Bethesda exclusive games, retroarch, Forza, halo infinite, gears of war all great games. Never been a better time to own an Xbox

    Don't take my word for it



    • Does it still feel like an Xbox or a skinned less useful Windows with a controller?

      • It’s a console, and the Gamepass aspect has a considerable amount of games the ox version doesn’t. I have a pc too, and really enjoy using my Xbox.

    • I also have both and agree with the above. On the ps5 I've played spider-man and thats about it. The xbox I am using way more due to gamepass and the fact that I have 4 controllers due to my old xbox one controllers still working with every game on it.

    • Looks like a few Sony fanbois have voted your fair assessment down. I also have both consoles. Have barely touched the PS5 as next gen exclusives are simply uninteresting at this point.

      • Got both as well

        Started playing miles Morales and felt I played the game already… Some people are right saying it's a glorified DLC. Love it but felt abit slighted.

        Gamepass is just a beast and probably a lot of people here have the 2-3 year option as well. Just pound for pound Champ.

        Shame about the controllers though.

    • "Bethesda exclusive games, retroarch, Forza, halo infinite, gears of war all great games. "

      All can be played on PC from day 1 whereas Sony games can't be played on PC. For PC gamers buying PS 5 makes more sense due to Sony exclusive games coming out soon.

      • it's viable to have PS5+PC, but pointless to have XSX+PC because of overlap in library. If you're a PC gamer, I would get PS5+SW.

      • Not everyone owns a gaming PC. Also Sony is going to be releasing more games on PC, so that argument is going to diminish somewhat. You can already play Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. I believe Days Gone will be the next PC game release.

        • Yes, after being on PS for a while whereas Xbox games come out on PC on day 1. Also, I haven't seen any news about big console sellers like God of War, Spiderman and Last of Us coming out on PC whereas Halo Infinite is coming out on PC day 1.

          • @DeluxeBull: whats your point here? this pc gaming shit relies on very expensive overpriced cards, series x is currently 750 - over 3 years. thats it for outlay. build your gaming pc for 750 or its not a valid comparison.

    • I wouldn't say Xbox is miles ahead at all. It really is personal preference at the moment. I have played the PS5 much more than the Series X at the moment but to be honest both systems haven't really delivered any next gen must have moments. Miles Morales was good but to be honest it's been good playing some of the previous gen games with boosts such as Ghost of Tsushima etc.

      Game Pass is pretty good value especially with EA pass included but there definitely haven't been any must play next gen games in my opinion. It's really too early to say one is better then the other at the moment.

    • games have been running better on the PS5 than XSX.


    • How is it leagues ahead when there are no games on either console?

  • Purchased, still stock available as of 7.50am QLD time

  • this is a preorder…

  • Purchased for a friend, finally got in on one.

  • Buying both is still cheaper than a gaming pc

    • my GPU alone cost more than all 3 consoles combined.

    • Not entirely true. You can get a very competent pre-built for less.

      Eg: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607057

      • How is $1298 less than $749…

      • RTX 3060 is a joke though, retailers are selling it for more than the 3060ti, it is severely overpriced in Australia, even in that prebuilt looking at how subpar the rest of it is. A 250GB SSD is barely enough for the new Call of Duty. The Xbox also has a better CPU than that PC. Not what I'd call a "competent" PC.

        Once you factor in having to be a new SSD and good peripherals, it will end up being just as expensive, if not more expensive than both consoles for a mid tier PC.

        • Listen, I don't want to get into the console v pc debate. Just pointing out blanket statements like the one I replied to just isn't true. Consoles have large ongoing costs due to paying for online + accessories too. So let's just not even go down that road and call it even lol.

          • @bert-lifts: It soooo isn't even, that much money for a mid tier gaming PC in which most of the components are subpar is a joke.

            You simply can't build a gaming PC in the current GPU market and argue value.

            I primarily game on PC, but you are trying to suggest what love2buy is saying is false, by suggesting a $1300 PC which is objectively inferior to the Xbox Series X.

            Game Pass Ultimate and PS+ are more than just "paying for online" in any case.

            • @Vinodra: He said "gaming PC", nothing about matching the performance. That pre-built is in fact a great gaming pc that would be able to play most games on 1080p high settings well over 60 FPS. Those specs are above average compared to what most people game on lol.

              • @bert-lifts: They obviously meant buying both consoles is cheaper than buying a compareable PC, which it is. You could get one a few months back, but you can't anymore.

    • But you never need to pay for multiplayer, you got infinite backwards compatibility, ability to get around any censorship laws and you can use the PC for a million other things besides gaming.

      If you want a simple plug’n’play experience, I see the value in consoles, but I always want to be in complete control of the hardware that I paid for.

  • still available an hour later.

  • thanks OP, secured one for myself.

  • Very tempting but I play almost only Rocket League with the game pass on my Xbox one X (not series X) So a bit over kill : )

  • People still don’t realize that you can simply walk into most EBs and ask if they have stock and lots of stores do.