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Unlimited 125GB 6-Month Prepaid Mobile Plan $75 (Was $150) @ amaysim


Was looking for a prepaid sim without contract. Moving from Aldi(Telstra) to Amaysim(Optus). This plan looked really good. 6 months expiry, 125GB, unlimited local and international calls to 28 countries. I use Shopback for cashback and received $35 cashback tracked email half an hour later (available to withdraw by 19/05/21). Same offer available at Cashrewards as well. Effectively $40 for 6 months and you can cancel anytime. Sim must be activated by 31/03/2021. Cheers

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    • I had similar issue with CR for my YOUI insurance for $75 cashback still pending from Dec 2020 and they CR reps replying email whenever i ask they are working to reslove, they only pay if YOUI pay them and still pending. I never had issue with CR receiving cashback for few small $ amount but bigger cashback its not.

      • @tightarse: is there anything you can help with this?

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        I can understand your situation. I had the same experience of receiving smaller cash backs without any issues apart from the Amaysim one.

        • Did you follow up with CR? What was the outcome.

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        @tightarse: Thanks for resolving this issue in quick time mate, as usual your a rock-star!!

        I had this issue ongoing with CR for a while and TA managed to pull the strings and resolved in quick time. I appreciate is work again.

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    After reading all the comments above, I reached out to amaysim yesterday, and now have confirmation that this offer (and code) is commissionable at $35 cashback via Cashrewards (I can't comment on behalf of other publishers). Enjoy your day guys :)

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      That's great work for us TA 👍

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        Thanks TA and OP. Purchased via the app and tracked within minutes. Cheers

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      Big THANK YOU!

    • Your cash is on its way!
      AUD 35.00

      Received the email within the same minute that Amaysim emailed me.

      Perfect Seller A++++ About to buy again

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    Cashback offer with CR now confirmed @$35🎉
    $40 for 6 months, 125GB, with international calls is fantastic value!!

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      24hrs and still no email from CR

      And yes, I activated it before checkout.

      • Checked your CR account for click history & pending payout?

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        And yes, I activated it before checkout.

        You need to activate (click out of) Cashrewards prior, not when you're at checkout, and remain there (amaysim) until the transaction is complete.

        Tracking is close to instant. If there's nothing in your CR account, the following is also possible: (1) CR was not your last click, (2) you clicked away from amaysim prior to completing your purchase - including having other tabs open, or (3) you have some weird 3rd party plugin taking attribution away (AdBlock/Honey/uBlock etc). I'd suggest using the CR app on 4G to eliminate these issues and any potential firewall/vpn/router blockers.

        • No issues before but no cashrewards tracked this time and it is in the click history. Do I need to lodge claim once it appears?

          • @Ag88: I've also made a purchase and no tracking notification (been a day now).

            Any advice TA?

        • I did mine through the CR app and still no registered cashback. The click history is there though. I have had no problems in the past doing it this way so I don't know what has changed???

          • @champhunter: Have you previously purchased from amaysim via CR in the past month? Do you have a VPN active on your mobile or maybe used a wifi (work) that has strict firewall rules? You can cancel via chat and repurchase via 4G, or lodge a claim at 7 days.

            • @tightarse: Hi Ta, I purchased last month in Feb and i can see rewards has gone through but not this month. T&C said per month per account, don’t know what is going on?

            • @tightarse: I might have to lodge it in 7 days. Still no credit. (No to both scenarios)

            • @tightarse: Hi TA, if it's not showing up, when you say cancel via chat, do you mean Amaysim chat or CR chat?

              and when you say lodge a claim at 7 days, can I send through my transaction email to CR to manually claim?

              What would be the most recommended option?

        • Hi Tightarse,

          If I already purchased 1x $75 pack a week ago and received the email Cashrewards had tracked the $35 cashback, can I purchase another $75 pack (another number) and receive the same amount $35 cashback? I had raised a support form through CR but it says 3 business days to response that’s why I’m asking here too. Thanks.

          • @davehii: Hi, unfortunately not. General amaysim cashback terms below:

            Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM. Limited to one cashback per month per Cashrewards account.

    • That's very bold of you!

  • does anyone know if I can make 2 seperate transactions for 2 sims and still receive cashrewards ?

    • Only 1 Amaysim purchase per month on an account for cashback.
      Stated in cashback provider conditions:
      Limited to one cashback per month per Cashrewards account. etc

      • thanks mate, time to open another CR account I suppose.

  • awesome deal just bought mine :)

  • Does number transfer get active straight away after purchase or I have to wait untill i receive it and physically insert the sim card into phone? Im still with kogan untill end of march and dont want to activate amaysim yet

    • You can order sim now and activate it later but make sure you do it before 31/03

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      Also physically inserting your sim in your phone will not automatically activate it. You’ll have to go through whole ID verification stuff on your amaysim account and enter the sim number there as well

      • Thx, im a bit confused because when ordering the sim there are 2 options(transfer number and new number). If I choose bringing my own number then I have to enter my mobile and thats why im not sure if it will be activated straight away after checkout

        • Nah, your number will keep working with your current provider until you activate

  • Can I change from a post paid vodafone to this and keep my number?

    • Yes you can but vodafone might charge you any cancellation fees for remaining period if there is any

  • @TA; I got an email from Amaysim inviting me to switch back (after having a prepaid service lapse), with the offer of UNLIMITED 120GB/365 days for half price which makes it $100. There's what appears to be a generic code associated with this deal, which I'll PM to you.

    Any chance CashRewards can commission the $35 cashback with the use of this code, please? $65 for a year of service (albeit no international calls) would be a great deal.

    • Unfortunately not!

      Was reported that unique codes in targeted emails sent to past customers were single use.
      Code NZRBV3 - only could be used once
      That code is different to the $100 SIM offer code I was sent. So codes are unique.

      That means all the different codes can't be listed & used in cashback sites for $35.

  • Is anyone else getting the following error message? 'Our shopping cart isn't working right now… Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again.'

    • im getting it. ive tried it an hour ago, and just now as well and getting the same shopping error.

      im using my existing amaysim number, could that be why? my plan expires this month 23rd

    • Yep, got it as well ordering this morning. PayPal went through and I have an email invoice but when it returns to the Amaysim site where it goes through the motions of account setup (the screen with the spinning wheel) it eventually times-out with the shopping cart error. Using vanilla Chrome on Windows with nil plug-ins. The shopping cart is borked! Can't login to my account at Amaysim and CashRewards hasn't tracked either. @TA Help!!!

      • +1

        All good, spoke with Amaysim Live Chat and they cancelled and refunded my transaction so I could complete it again. Great effort by their support team!

        • Mine doesn't even go through. I've tried using an existing credit card as well as Paypal, but I still get broken cart lol

  • Does anyone know if I can buy the plan online and then use a $2 sim I get at the servo to get the $150 plan? My mobile plan expires in the next couple of days and won't have connection on my mobile if I have to wait a week for delivery. TIA!

    • Best to contact Amaysim.

      • trying their only chat just now and their offline :/

        • Try during support hours (Sydney time).

          Mon - Fri 8am - 6:45pm
          Sat - Sun 10am - 5:30pm

          • +3

            @the INFIDEL: Just an update for those who were also wondering … confirmed with online chat that you can buy plan online then buy a $2 sim from your local servo and the customer service team can help activate the new service on the $2 sim if you can't wait for delivery of the sim that comes with the plan

            • @anthoneeyz: Just wondering can you buy now and wait for delivery of the SIM and then activate it even after 31-Mar?

              Same boat as @anthoneeyz but happy to wait for the SIM to arrive as SIM is expiring mid-April

              • @zooter: Update - I spoke to customer service and they confirmed that as long as I purchase online by 31/3 the offer is valid. Then the SIM comes, then I can activate it. I think there will be some time limit from purchase to activation otherwise you can just buy the SIM and not activate it for a long time

    • SIMs are sent out preactivated.

      But if you buy a $2 SIM, you can replace that SIM number on your account. I did that a week ago. (Amaysim sent the wrong SIM)

      Open account, select "Replace SIM".

      But I think the account must be first Activated by Amaysim. That normally happens in a few business days, when the SIM is sent.

      So talk to support to get the process started.

      • makes sense .. will give them a call first thing tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Amaysim, my Boost runs out in a week, $40 for 6 months pretty good.

  • Signed up via Cashrewards and $35 credit received. Bringing my number from Vaya Mobile. Thanks OzB!

  • Is this only for NEW customers? Or can current amaysim customers get this as well?

  • +1

    I wonder how many thousands of people will be porting out of Boost about now. Me and the Mrs will, plus quite a few OzB'ers. It will be interesting to see how Boost respond.

  • Does any one know if you need to 'Verify your identity' on their platform before they send you the sim.

    I havent put my details in yet and I still havent received an email confirming my sim shipment.

    Looking to switch over at the end of the week when my Boost runs out but I dont want to trigger the port earlier than necessary

    • You don’t need to verify

  • Bought this yesterday via cashreward, have not received tracking email from cashreward yet?
    Any one else have the same problem?

    • Me same

    • Same. Bought this 2 days ago and still no email.

  • I just signed up to this. My Optus contract has expired. Do I need to end my contract , currently just rolling month to month, or will signing up to this with the same number automatically cancel the previous contract?

    • Will be cancelled automatically

  • I try to steer clear of Amaysim but it's a decent deal at $40 …………… better make that $75, once again Cashrewards failed.

  • I have this bad experience with this CashRewards offer. Entered all my details including payment but I keep getting rejected.

    The message I get is "Sorry, there was an error! Please save your details again, or try a different payment method.
    Your order total: $0.00"

    Did a live chat with Amaysim support and this is her comment.

    "I understand that you really wanted to get the plan for $35 but as per checking the plan is NOT affiliated with Cashrewards at the moment, they just probably included that plan.
    That's the reason why you're unable to proceed."

    Can anyone help please?

  • Can anyone confirm if shopback cashback has been tracked with them?

    • +1

      My purchase didn't track with Shopback. On the history it says I clicked through to Amaysim but didn't track anything. I raised a missing cashback investigation so have to wait and see now.

      • Did you get this sorted with Shopback? It's quite vague what's on their site with processing etc, not too much details. I'm still sitting on clicked for Amaysim but unsure how long it should take till it will show as tracked or pending….

  • +1

    Glad I took my time deciding.
    $60 cashback tracked

  • About to renew with Optus for $150 for 12 months, are there any cheaper 12 month deals?

    • That's only 100GB for the year and no international calls. Depends on what you're looking for.

  • +1

    Port Boost -> Amaysim took 15 min or so. After business hours too

  • So, I live in an area with pretty terrible mobile reception - Which is why I want to try Optus (Boost, on Telstra network, is real slow and barely works in my work building, and Kogan started off good, but turned to absolute trash a couple months in). Am I right in guessing that if the reception is borderline usable or worse I'm screwed? $75 down the drain?

    • In a word, yes.

  • I tried going via CashRewards but cannot get it to work. By the time I get to the Amaysim web page offer the referral info in the URL has disappeared. Here is what I did:

    • Went to cashrewards and searched for Amaysim

    • Clicked on the link for this offer which was: https://www.cashrewards.com.au/amaysim-mobile?coupon=60-cash...

    • Clicked on the Shop Now link which eventually took me to (specific URL data deleted)://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/?utm_source=partnerize&content=15-bonus-data&clickref=1100lfez..(etc)&utm_source=PH&utm_campaign=iProspect&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_term=shopgoau…(etc)&dclid=CLLn_o6iwO8..(etc)

    • But that page is not the page for the special offer. It is the standard Amaysim list of prepaid plans. You then have to click on Long Expiry Plans down the bottom to find the plan. That link is: https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/long-expiry-plans/

    • When you click on it you see the offer. Clicking Buy Now takes you to: https://www.amaysim.com.au/mobile/cart/long-expiry-125gb?pro...

    • But there is nothing in that url to tell Amaysim that the offer is coming from CashRewards. So how does Amaysim know that the offer was purchased via CashRewards so that I get the $35 credit?

  • Just got confirmation of my 35 cashback.
    I was having trouble checking out in Chrome, had to switch to Edge (desperate times).

  • I'm trying to do this, but when proceeding in the shopping cart to make the purchase, when it goes to the "your details" page, all the referral info in the URL disappears, so I'm nervous it won't track with CR. The referral info is in the URL up to that point. Is that a problem?

  • hi can someone please share how one can get this offer if you are an existing customer? I did try buying this using my existing number but the shopping car keeps failing with message'Our shopping cart isn't working right now…'

    • Just buy any non-optus network sim then port out and in. I bought $6 lyca sim(telstra network) for my wife and activated. Next day placed order for this offer. Sim has arrived but I’ll activate it just before 31/03. If you are planning to do this now I doubt your sim will be delivered before 31/03 because historically it always took one week for Amaysim. I live in Metro Melbourne.

      • Thanks, I was thinking the $2 telstra sim route which I think does not need any recharge.

        I thought you can activate this sim a month later. Why the rush to activate before 31/3? only the offer to buy at $100 ends before 31/3

        • Click the deal link here right under $75 it is saying “Activate by 31/03”

  • -3

    WAIT, hold on. So I purchased the sim card with a 'new number' option because I wanted to get a spare sim card but I really just want to churn over my existing number. But the freaking website made an account under the new number. What the hell? Is the $75 now activated to the new sim card number?

    • What do you think?

    • yea this is the reason why people port out and port back in.

  • My Cashrewards cashback has been approved, took 11 days. $35!

  • so this deal is still available to purchase at $75 now, but SIM card will take at least a week to arrive. So what can happen after the 31st? Since I would already have paid $75. Plan change and less data available?

    • You'll still get the plan mate, don't worry. 31st is the last date for you to place an order. So that's fine.

    • you activate the sim via your amaysim account online after puchase. no need to wait for sim. i'm not sure what happens if you don't and you've already paid. maybe it activates itself?

  • For anyone interested in still buying, I just messaged Amaysim.

    Amaysim: "Thanks for choosing amaysim. The promo is until 31-03-21. It will not require you to activate also on this date as the sim delivery is 2-10 business days."
    Me: "Ok, great, so I can buy before 31/3 and activate on arrival without missing the promotion. Thanks."
    Amaysim: "Yes, that is correct as long as you will purchase the plan before the promo period ends."

    I would assume you just have to activate within 28 days to ensure cash back is validated, as the SIM card could get 'lost in the post' for a few weeks, if you needed to hold off activation for your current plan to expire before porting.

    • wow thanks so much this is so helpful

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