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Philips 21.5" LED Monitor - $99 @ Centre Com


$99 This elegant 222EL2 Full HD LED display with stylish SmartTouch controls, SmartContrast and SmartImage lite is a great choice for all your needs. Brilliant flicker-free pictures with optimum brightness and superb colours. This vibrant and sharp LED LCD will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.


LCD panel type: TFT-LCD
Backlight type: W-LED system
Panel Size: 21.5 inch/54.6 cm
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Optimum resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
Response time (typical): 5 ms
Brightness: 250 cd/m²
SmartContrast: 20,000,000:1
Pixel pitch: 0.248 x 0.248 mm
Viewing angle: 176º (H)/170º (V), @ C/R > 5
Picture enhancement: SmartImage Lite
Display colours: 16.7 M
Connectivity: VGA, DVI


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    yeah its below $100 but shipping cost for me is $18 (Canberra). I was in Aldi today and they had a 23.6" for $129 and I know its easy to take back if I don't like it. So not a great deal IMO - unless you're picking up I guess.

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      You can't compare Philips to an Aldi brand. The specs of that 23.6" are laughable, no wonder why it's so cheap.


        Specs? What specs - its Aldi!
        By definition, rebadged items from unknown manufacturer with almost no specs.


        I agree some (much?) Aldi stuff is complete shit. However you can return in 60 days if it is awful, something that would be a pain to do mail order. Philips don't make their own panels as far as i'm aware so probably most of the philips is a rebadge too - just sayin.


          True, but I return too much to Aldi. Little is worth keeping.
          (Am writing this on a Medion (Aldi) 3G tablet, which is great. A rarity.)
          When you buy from noted manufacturers (even if rebadged) you can easily find the specs.
          If something goes wrong with a name brand, you deal with the company. Philips may not produce the panel, but probably do design the monitor. Aldi palm you off to the many manufacturer's agents via a 1300 number who rarely want to assist.

          A product may carry Aldi's trademark, but it may not come from the same manufacturer as the last model with the same product description. So quality varies (usually from average to terrible). I think that is why there are almost no specs on these generic products from Aldi.


          I've only ever returned stuff within 60 days. Interesting read: http://www.pcmediacenter.com.au/forum/topic/42440-avoid-aldi...


          I think Aldi returns have improved since that 2005 forum, which dealt with returns of faulty gear under manufacturer's warranty rather than refunds. I have read that before, while researching Aldi returns issues. Returned a faulty PVR in 2005/06 after 11 months use & got easy refund. Different Aldi stores handle returns a little differently - a staff & location issue. I never have had any issues, even returning unwanted products for refund well after 60 days.

          Am currenly negotiating with manufacturer's agent to return for refund recent 500GB PVR. I lodged a fault report 4 months ago, was partially fixed by Firmware Upgrade, but now has become unusable with so many faults. Can return for refund under consumer law (if I had known of the major flaws - I would not have bought it; & repairs have/will take far too long or can not be done to bring unit up to reasonably standard - to reliably record TV), but easier to get approval first from Support (under manufacturer's warranty).

          The design of that PVR was terrible - if you turn on a fluro light (many homes use energy efficient CFLs) - the PVR turns on, sometimes records if already on,… and it froze 10 times on Christmas day (needing to be unplugged from power each time, losing recordings), and once lost track of its HDD for many hours. But the model before was worse!


    Tempting me to buy a 2nd monitor for 'productivity' purposes. Yeah right, whatever.


    how much power it consume ?

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