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Sony KD75X9500H 75" X9500H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $3395.75 ($3315.85 eBay Plus) + $55 Delivery/C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


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I saw this deal in ebay and looks like this best price so far and also closest to current price of 9000H.

With choice(cashrewards) ebay 5% giftcard, price would come around 3200$.


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  • Anyone have this TV and can comment on it?


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      I have the KD75X9500G (last year's model, but exact same hardware) and think it's great! Handles motion and upscaling very well.

      Common argument against this TV is blooming with HDR content, where in order to make a certain part of the screen bright, you get light bleed into other parts of the screen that are supposed to be black. I can notice it, but it doesn't bother me. I read Sony and Samsung differ in their approach to HDR… Sony makes sure the whites/colours are correct while Samsung make sure the blacks are good. So you'll lose subtle detail with a Samsung and get blooming with a Sony - pick your poison!

      • Thanks. Not sure any better deal is around the corner this June on these Sony Models.

      • I've noticed this too but doesn't bother me. Samsung's approach goes for no customer complaints whereas Sony stays true to the original colour of what's in the foreground of the picture.

    • It's a very good and nice TV, it's beautiful. The Samsung Q80T is very close in quality if not better in some areas. I really like it, but I dislike the fact that they didn't include ALLM or HDMI 2.1. Even with HDMI 2.0 I would've been okay if they had ALLM for games. That way I can upscale a 1080 with 120 fps to 4k and not care.

    • I just found out that it can upscale with low latency, that might be another reason to buy it. So you can do 1440p upscaled to 4k for gaming at 120 Hz with 9ms input lag. Apparently this TV is an upscale king, so maybe HDMI 2.1 is not really required.


  • kinda new to ozbargain.. how does one gets 5% gift card

  • This or the 9000h for ps5/xsx?

    • The problem with the 900H is that if you compare that TV the Samsung Q80T and this X950H you'll find that the Q80T and the X950H are comparable, but the 900H is just garbage. It's rubbish off axis, it looks washed out and weak, it's not bright, and the best feature it has is HDM 2.1 but even with all the tweaking people are complaining with so many minor issues with this TV. LG Nano 91 is alright too for gaming. Honestly Samsung Q80T might be the best choice, but if you need a Sony then maybe wait, the X950H can do 120p at 4k upscaled from 1080p but it has no ALLM which isn't really good for fighting games or FPS shooters. I guess it depends on you, but if you need a responsive monitor just wait.

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        You talk like someone who only reads specs and stats.

        The 9000h is a great tv. It works so well with the ps5. I’m playing rainbow 6 and cod 120fps no issues. Colours are great. Very customisable. The ui works amazing, fast and smooth. Angle isn’t as bad as people make out. Only issue I have is it’s very reflective

        • No I saw them in person and actually played around with them, and the X900H isn't a great TV, it's trash when you compare it to the rest. Stop being such a fanboy like the rest of the people here, go and actually try it before you make these types of comments. You need a side by side comparison with high quality content. When I moved a few meters away and slightly off axis the TV colours turned from blue to cyan. It's not a bright TV also, nor is it as vibrant and lively. I put this side by side against the X950H and the Q80T, also the LG Nano 91. I don't own the X900H but many are complaining about the televisions freezing and interface issues. Not to mention blurriness and other problems with HDMI 2.1.

          Now if you have a 13 year old TV and you upgrade to this, sure it'll be nice, but compared to the rest of the competition at this price, you really get what you pay for.

          The X950H in comparison feels like a TV that's 4 times better, it's just missing the right features, and it's a massive shame. Some people even upscaled 1080p to 4k and ran it at 120 Hz. If it just had ALLM I'd buy the TV. I like a high quality picture and I do plenty of gaming too, so I'll wait for this years Sony X950J, it seems to have addressed all of the issues of the previous models. I recommend that new buyers consider their use case and buy accordingly. If you don't play fast paced games, where you need quick responses, then get the X950H, 4k 60p is enough. I even think the price will come down more as the new televisions roll out.

          • @Dynaverse: I am no techie, but visually I did see a lot of difference..Irrespective of the model number, I noticed a significant colour difference between Sony 900h and all lower models and Samsung. Very noticeable as you watch the Govt covid-19 adv. One was cyan, other was green.

          • @Dynaverse: You saw them in person? LOL
            Go to the rtings.com compare tool and get your information without subjectivity, and if you want an experienced opinion check out Stop the FOMO channel on YouTube. Funny that you talk about software issues yet don't even mention that Samsung now sticks ads everywhere, even the front of the home menu. Seen reviews complaining about that. The Android TV UI is simple and the ecosystem is one of the easiest to use as it's all interconnected with Chromecast, Google Home etc.

            If you saw them side-by-side in a shop, know that they're in retail mode with retail content being displayed, and look vastly different once set up. According to the rtings.com tests, out of the box the Sony is the most colour accurate and has the best viewing angles (they test colour accuracy, brightness and more). Read that again - COLOUR ACCURATE. That is one of Sony's biggest areas of focus, and if you don't like that, choose vivid mode and switch off Dolby Vision.

            Even my grandparents' X800H has an almost instantaneous response to remote inputs. And I think us caveman have been happily playing games on our Wii and PS4 at 60fps (75fps with Motionflow turned on) for years. Quit your bs.

            If you are really into gaming, the obvious decision is X900H which many have had good experiences with regarding HDMI 2.1 and [email protected] X950H is the one for TV and movies due to the brighter panel, less glare reflection and better viewing angles.

            • @Techie4066: Not obvious at all. For me it's either the Samsung Q95T or the Sony X950H at 75". At 65" I wouldn't buy either of them, especially if I wanted a smaller TV I'd go for OLED, the A8H or the CX. It's just the truth, I looked and played around with the TVs for ages. The X900H is a disaster. I feel sorry for people who are suckered into buying one. I wish they could test these things for themselves. People are comparing X900H to OLED, give me a break. The colours on the X900H are also washed out badly compared to the X950H, not even slightly close, not even if you calibrate them.

              Even for gaming I JUST found that the X950H has some cool features. It can upscale 1440p or 1080p 120 fps to 4k, and the input lag is around 9ms with HDMI 2.0. So that makes it a pretty nice choice for gaming too I'd say. The only thing the X900H has is value, it's cheap as dirt. You can get a "75 for $2000. But you'd be locked into a panel that's garbage, just save another $1000 and buy something else or wait for a 2021 model.

              Bottom line is people need to see these TVs side by side in a store and not look at reviews. I looked at an amazing review on a BenQ monitor ages ago, a TN panel, when I got it in person I hated it, it was ugly, washed out and trash. You can't just go to ratings.com or whatever and get a hard on, go look at the TVs in person.

              And I don't know about the Samsung firmware updates, it's true I heard they are bad and if they have adds on there, then that's a massive deal breaker also. I know LGs interface has these issues also. I prefer android or google TV, that's why I like the Sony X950H

              • @Dynaverse: 75” X9000h for $2k? Why don’t you post it as a deal?

                Lol, I can’t help but think you missed out on the recent Sony price error for the 75” TV and are feeling salty for it.

                • @Ron280: Did you honestly think so? Did you read anything I said? Either way, after I found out the Sony X950H could do 1440p upscale to 4k with 9 ms latency and 120 fps I ended up ordering the 75" from the link above. I also got the LG CX for my living room downstairs, but only the 65".

              • @Dynaverse:

                The X900H is a disaster. I feel sorry for people who are suckered into buying one. I wish they could test these things for themselves. People are comparing X900H to OLED, give me a break. The colours on the X900H are also washed out badly compared to the X950H, not even slightly close, not even if you calibrate them.

                Cool story, people will buy what they can afford, and rtings.com seems to say otherwise.

                • @Techie4066: Well here is a picture, factory settings both TVs (left X900H, right X950H)

                  Still can't tell the difference? Well then that's your problem



                  Oh and I'm sure Ratings.com would make this out to be a great TV and reviewers on YouTube too, enjoy listening to them as they gauge on commissions and you buy an inferior, buggy product.

                  • @Dynaverse: LOL! I asked you if it was in a retail setting before. Retail mode, retail content. Vastly different from what you get out of the box - every reviewer knows this and retail stores in Australia have been found to change settings to get specific brands out the door. Did you look at the picture settings at all? And I wonder how many hundreds of hours those have been switched on for.

                    If you saw them side-by-side in a shop, know that they're in retail mode with retail content being displayed, and look vastly different once set up. According to the rtings.com tests, out of the box the Sony is the most colour accurate and has the best viewing angles

                    Rtings NEVER receives commissions, your excuses are pathetic. Why would Sony pay for reviews anyway? They barely advertise and are one of the most conservative electronics companies, that's Japanese business culture for you.

                    you buy an inferior, buggy product.

                    I've had a $800 43" X800E for 4 years, which was updated from Android 7 through Android 9 (recently). Never had a single issue, whereas a 40" Samsung LED it replaced started having light bleed and horrible bars of colour over content, before failing.

                    • @Techie4066: They were stock TVs dude, this isn't the only place I've seen them side by side. And you're misinformed, so for the televisions they sell in the store, the once they want to get out the door quicker they put 4k content on them, the rest just regular television. My friend works at Bing Lee and that's their strategy. They don't actually tinker with the settings to make one better than the other, even if, look at that image, what do you think calibration will do to the Sony X900H?

                      Bottom line, it's my view only, maybe people have different ideas of what's good and what's not. To me personally, from the Sony line up, I found the AH8 to be really nice, it just lacks the gaming features I needed. I also find the X950H to be very nice, it's similar to the Q80T but I think inferior to the Q95T. For $2000 if the X900H is that price then it's a good price, but it's just like most of all the other TVs, like the Samsung Q70 or 60T, or even below. Only redeeming feature is HDMI 2.1 but last I read it wasn't working too great for them. Anyway, choose what you want, I ordered the TVs I liked, I'm just sharing what I saw and picked up. I don't think any calibration can redeem the X900H, even if you colour calibrated it, it wouldn't be that much better, especially off axis. Front on it's like most of everything else, there is no particular reason to buy this, maybe if you like Google Android. The blooming is heavily there (in a very brightly lit store), it's evident, especially black on white, the quality in colour out of the box is trash, the viewing angels are trash.

                      Oh and the reason I didn't get Samsung is because I heard that they have crippling updates and advertisements in the televisions now. Otherwise I would've got my buddy at Samsung to give me a discount for a Q95T, which looks really really nice.

                      X950H doesn't suffer from these issues, yes it seems to have blooming too, but so does the Samsung Q80T, and even the Q95T, I saw it in a very bright store, and no calibration can fix that. So blooming aside you have viewing angles, colour, picture quality and HDMI 2.1. I think with the upscale 1440p with 120 and 9ms that's totally fine with HDMI 2.0 at least for me. The viewing angles then are great, the colour is great, and the price now at $3200 is a win, at least for me.

                      • @Dynaverse:

                        My friend works at Bing Lee and that's their strategy.

                        I can assure you, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi have worse conduct. All three of these companies have stores at my local shopping centre and they all do TVs very differently. Retail TV displays are ridiculous and should be banned especially due to the energy consumption IMHO.

                        The blooming is heavily there, it's evident, especially black on white, the quality in colour out of the box is trash, the viewing angels are trash.

                        What you said is incorrect other than the blooming with Sony local dimming models (except OLED, which beat a Samsung any day, for example the A8H you referred to). I read that Sony's approach is to blow out surrounding areas but retain full brightness and detail of lit-up areas, causing blooming in dark areas. Samsung takes the opposite approach.

                        I get most of my info from this guy who takes things objectively. But yeah, you were wrong about rtings, they only publish their data on their website without the influence of companies (no commissions) and they make that very clear.

                        • @Techie4066: I give up dude. I mean what can I say to you, I saw it, it's in the picture and it's there, local dimming won't stop the blooming, it just won't. It's evident in a brightly lit store imagine at home in a dark room?!! Only TV that didn't have it was the OLED CX and the A8H, those Televisions are amazing! I'm just terrified of OLED burn in, so we will see how I go with the CX in a few years, whether it was a mistake or not… You can't beat or come close to that OLED quality and response time.

                          In my opinion if the OLED CX is a 10/10 and the A8H is a 9.5/10, the X950H is about a 7.5, the Samsung Q95T is about a 9, the Samsung Q80 is about an 8, and the Sony X900H is about a 5.5. The only TV that was worse would be the LG Nano series below 91. Those things are horrible, dark, trash. Nano 91 wasn't too good or bad, very midrange with better viewing angles than the X900H but somehow looked darker.

                          Anyway, that's fine, you have your views, I didn't really want to argue, I just didn't like the Sony X900H, I was hoping this TV would be everything and I was really sad and disappointed. I was hoping for a high end Sony TV from 2020, because prices have come down recently. If you think it's a great TV then get it. To me it's no different from any other $2000-ish TV from Samsung. I actually thought it's about on par with the UA75TU8000WXXY as far as quality was concerned, but I somehow even liked that TV more. The Q60 and Q70 have much better off axis viewing (and look good in a bright room), and the Q80T is really nice, easily a match with the X950H so there is no comparison. Front viewing helped the X900H but not by much. It wasn't like front viewing suddenly fixed every problem with the X900H. And when I moved far away the colours totally washed out, turned from blue to cyan, just bad. Apropos, the X950H from a FAR distance, I'm talking 20 feet retained its colours - so did the Q80T.

                          They all had blooming to me, none of them didn't have it. I saw it on the highest Samsung Q95T in the store, X950 had it, all of them did.

                          • @Dynaverse: You saw it in a store, which inherently changes the objectivity of what you saw, and the objectivity of your resulting judgements of the quality of the picture.

                            Helpful objective tool right here - no need to get deceived in a store, as you referred to earlier. Yes, Sony TVs have their downsides, just like any other brand. If you don't want to pay for an OLED, choose what suits your viewing preferences.

                            • @Techie4066: Thanks but. That won't change what I mentioned!

                              1. In a dark room no calibration will fix the blooming issue I described above. Only OLED has no blooming that I could see with my eye.
                              2. Blooming will be 5 times as bad if it's noticeable in a brightly lit store, imagine taking it home in a dark room…
                              3. No calibration or settings will fix the bad off axis viewing - EVER on the X900H.
                              4. No calibration will fix the washed out colours from a distance - EVER. Even if you calibrate it, you'll get better colours but if you walk away, they will wash out. And they don't compare to OLED or the X950H / Q80T.
                              5. No calibration will fix the mostly broken promises by Sony for HDMI 2.1 features.
                              6. Nor will calibration or tweaking fix the reported crash issues by users that have owned this television.
                              7. No tweaking or calibration will make any of the panels mentioned compare with OLED because of OLED's amazing self-lit pixels. No image quality will come close to it from the 2020 non OLED models.

                              You can look at ratings and numbers all day, then you are faced with an OLED and it's jaw dropping. And I'm not going to pretend that the X950H looks as good as the LG CX that I bought, it doesn't. There is a natural fluidity to OLED which I can't describe.

                              • @Dynaverse: 7 reasons why not to compare TVs in store, or fuss over small spec differences - vast majority of people aren't interested. This reminds me of the hundreds of thousands of Android enthusiasts out there putting way to much weight on specs. Thanks!

    • Both TVs (left X900H, right X950H)


  • Is there any limit on buying gift card, I can only add up to $500.

  • Fyi for anyone interested, the 65 X9000H can be had from the Bing Lee Ebay store for $1995 click and collect (with an ebay plus discount code).