Motorola Moto G 5G Plus 64GB $417.38 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Moto G 5G Plus 64GB was $415.12

Updated price now 09/03 : $417.38
Update 17/03 Price: $407.07

Motorola Moto g 5G Plus (5G, 6.7" FHD+, Qualcomm Snapdragon SD765, 48MP Quad Camera System, 5000 mAH Battery, Dual SIM, 4/64GB, Android 10), Surfing Blue

Ultra-fast speed. Ultra-wide view. Meet moto g 5G plus, bringing ultra-fast 5G speed, ultra-wide selfies, and an ultra- wide CinemaVision display to everyone.
Unbelievable 5G speed

Ultra-wide selfie camera system
48 MP quad camera system
2-day* battery
6.7″ CinemaVision display
Powerful performance
Beautifully comfortable design

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  • I feel like if I was going to get that, I'd go for the 128GB model for the extra memory. 64GB model has 4GB, 128GB has 6GB.
    ~$84 more but double storage and 2GB more memory and aussie warranty..dunno.

    • Or Officeworks. Cheaper by the whole $2.

      • Got one from with their 5% off coupon last week for $474.05, very happy with the purchase, and comes with a standard cover. tiny a bit heavier but seems to have a bigger battery and it lasts over a day for me with a little bit of internet browsing and few calls a day.

  • Silly question. I'm currently on a Telstra 4G post-paid plan, can I switch my current SIM to a 5G phone like this (obviously it will be 4G only) and worry about getting a 5G SIM later on? Very little 5G coverage in my area presently.

    • Telstra plans come with 5G by default I believe. At least that's what they told me when I jumped on the Telstra/JB Gift card deal a couple of months ago.

      Edit: I got the plan for my wife who had an iPhone Xs at the time. I bought her a 12 Pro Max later on and saw that she was getting 5G service.

    • To my knowledge, and I'm not means an expert at this, the sim card just tells the network operator how to connect you to the network that's been assigned to the sim card itself. If you're on a 4G plan with Telstra and put the sim card into a 5G phone, the phone will still run on 4G until you upgrade your plan with Telstra to 5G, when you've upgraded to 5G the results will almost be immediate but you might need to restart the phone for the 5G to take effect.

      Here's a knowledge base article I found on Telstra Crowd Support which verifies my knowledge.

  • Time to upgrade from my Nokia 8 yet? The broken camera is really starting to annoy me with all these QR code check-ins.

  • I bought the Aust version and 128gb/6gb a couple of weeks ago after my Samsung S8 died suddenly. I wanted a phone without the absolutely useless Edge feature. Samsungs are getting ridiculously expensive these days. Anyway, absolutely happy with this phone. Does everything I need, same size as the Samsung Note 8, and no Edge! The only cons, no wireless charging, not waterproof, only resistant and not much in the way of accessories for it yet. Some nifty features too, like the gestures. The other thing is, the two SIMs can only be used if you don't use an SD Card. The second sSIM uses the same spot as the SDCard. Can't comment on the 5G speed as my area doesn't have 5G yet.

  • These things are tanks. Not pocket friendly at all.

  • This or Oppo A52?

  • Ok, so 5G and camera? The Oppo A52 in Australia does have NFC. Thanks for clearing that up. For the extra $150 I can decide on whether I want the better camera or not.