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Brown Brothers Moscato Rose One 250mL 4 Pack $5 (Was $24) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Liquorland


• Price Per 4 x 250mL Cans

Enjoy a refreshing Moscato Rose moment with a delicious Italian wine style that is naturally only 5% alc.

The wine has a strawberry pink hue with rose petal and red berry aromas. These characters follow through to the palate along with a fruitiness that is balanced by acidity and spritz. A wine of universal appeal, that should be served well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.

Dans Murphy's is selling $19.99 per pack of 4

If there is no stock in your local store, still a pretty good deal buying multiple packs + paying for delivery.
Please choose delivery instead of C&C before you add them into your cart, otherwise it might say no longer in stock in your state.

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  • +1

    Out of stock in qld for click and collect

    • +1

      Seems to be stock in Toowoomba

  • +2


    • It is very sweet tasting

  • Out of stock in NSW for click and collect

    • +2

      Still have stock in:
      Westmead, 2145
      Lane Cove Park, 2066

      • sorry my bad… ordered 2 now using the information above : ))

      • +1

        Also available in

        Fairfield, 2165
        Casula 2170
        Edmondson Park 2174
        Hurstville 2220

        • Oh! I did forget to check other stores close by. Instead, I chose to have it delivered. But for $31.95 still a bargain. 5x 4 packs

  • -3

    no stock in WA for click and collect

    • just ordered 2 to pick up in Merriwa mate

    • I got some from Hamilton Hill :)

    • ordered 2 to pickup from Ellenbrook

    • Just ordered from Cloverdale

  • Out of stock in VIC for click and collect

    • FYI anyone near Dandenong it lets me add 4 packs click and collect so might be worth it if you are local.

  • +7

    If there is no stock on your local store

    Can't get onto the roof to check… 😢

    • +1

      Edited, thanks

  • +4

    Just ordered 4 packs and paid for delivery $26.95 still makes it a bargain. Thanks OP

    • And shopback 7%

    • Thanks for the reminder about delivery! Added a few things to bring it up to free delivery with 7% Cashback via Shopback

  • Fantastic deal. Ordered two. Thanks OP

  • Doesnt work anymore

    • +1

      still works for delivery

      • Thanks

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    doesnt seem to be sold out in nsw, got 10 packs + 7% CB, cheers

  • Ordered one for $5 with free C&C. Cheers!!

  • Great deal for the missus! 20 cans for 25$? Thank you

  • only delivery available in VIC, ordered 2, also they have promotion $50 on selected wine , total paid $59 !!
    nice deal

    • If you put 11 of this with your 6 bts wine, they change the price to $3.2 per pack somehow and free shipping

      • tried a new order, didn't work :(

        • did you definitely add 6 bottles from the selected range?

      • along with 6 bottles of wine offer even if you had 1 moscato rose price will be $3.2, max you can add 8 when i checked.

        • just played around with it you do get them for $3.20 but you dont get the full $50 off you wine …. be careful what you order

          • @deb3103: nah what they do is split the $50 discount across the whole order. so if you do the numbers separately, you pay for the wine - $50 + $5 for each of the 4 cans in ur order.

  • Cheers OP. Combine this with their $50 off 6 selected wines and one or two other bibs and bobs and voila $102 and so free delivery! :)

  • +1

    Did I miss the NSW C&C? Can't find stock anywhere

  • Any good for cooking?

    • +4

      I guess you could try putting it in oven for 20 minutes on 200 degrees

  • Still full price in the NT. Probably our minimum floor price coming into play.

  • Excellent deal, just got in Vic, 6 of these and then 2 each of 3 different squelling pig whites for $100 total so free delivery with the $50 off for getting 6 wines. Will keep my mum happy for a while.

    • Happy wife, happy life.

  • Perfect! Needed some goodies for hampers and these will be perfect!
    WA located - order 6 bottles of selected wine an option here as well :)

  • +3

    Good deal, but if you end up combining it with other stuff don't be shocked when they just send you the other stuff and you don't get the moscato… LL / coles have done this to me before so I'm not going to hit 'submit'

    • This is true, but if they substituted with a similar product, at this price it would probably still be a good deal.

      • they just remove it from the order and refund that part of the order.
        I've done it too many times buying a good deal, adding other stuff to get to free postage and then just recieved the other stuff

        • Ahhh… my local store calls me and negotiates a similar product.

  • Just ordered 2 from Lane Cove

    • You are 2 min earlier than me. Now no stock at Lane Cove :(

      • C&C - waiting for them to tell me it is ready! I don't have high hopes.

  • No more click and collect available for me in QLD. Will look in store.

  • +3

    Thanks, ordered.
    Stacked with Liquorland Buy 6 get $50 off,
    free shipping over $100,
    Shopback 7%,
    Amex $10 off $100 spend.

    • +1

      thats Gold

    • I wouldnt hold my breath on Shopback though :), they are hit and miss especially when the cashback has been increased.

  • Thanks op, just ordered 12 packs. Their sparkling moscato rose is the love of my life (I know the bar is low), hope this little can babe is not disappointing.

    • +1

      that's gila.

  • Thanks OP picked up some

  • "Removed product Brown Brothers Moscato Rose One 250mL in ACT as it is no longer in stock."


    • Got the same message after it almost worked the first time

      • I made sure to change to delivery in my store option, added two to cart, that worked, so added another two, checked out. Thanks OP!

        • +1

          Yeah their system sucks.. lol

  • Thanks OP, ordered 12 + Some spirit to qualify $100 free delivery. That'll last me for a while. :)

  • No Stock in New Woodlea Coles Liquorland too

  • Thanks op. Got a couple and that’ll do me.

  • Waterloo in SA has stock.

  • Dang it! No longer in stock for NSW

    • +2

      Choose delivery, it's in stock

      • Cool! Thanks

  • Just managed to order 6 packs online for delivery in NSW :) I love everything Brown Brothers have done so this will be great to have in the cupboard.

  • 30mins c&c apparently, been over 3 hours and still no text on my end, hopes fading

    • I agree. Coming up to 3 hours for me as well. Normally I get a text in around 30 mins.

  • Thanks Op snapped a set at Logan Central 👍

  • Thanks OP. 2 Packs delivered in Melbourne 👍

  • Thanks OP. Ended up buying a LOT to get free delivery + $10 amex off + cashback. Given this deal has been up for a while, wonder if they even have any stock for delivery this stage tho.

    • +1

      Thanks for leaving some for me

  • "554 people have purchased this today. Don't miss out"

    lol Surprised it's still going, I wonder how many actual 4 packs that is if there's that many transactions

  • So did anyone get their sms telling them their order is ready for collection?

  • Nice first post OP, congrats :)

  • Ordered a few, no idea if I’ll like it but the maths look good per can

  • Thanks OP !

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a few and paid for delivery. Looking forward to drinking this.

  • Price match @ Dan Murphy's anyone?

    • +1

      Yes, they did. Bought 2x 4 packs

  • I'm not a Massive Wine Drinker but I was looking to get the $50 off Promotion with 6 bottles of wine. I'm not experienced in this area, I know I LOVE moscato. Can anyone Recommend any other Good Wines, I guess like a Sweet wine?? And maybe specifically a Good Wine within the allowed Promotion. I'll remember any ideas for next time on any suggestions but also would be good those that have purchased with the promotion?

    • +1

      Sticks of the Yarra Valley have nice dessert wines

    • +1

      After mascsto try a pinot grigo, I would suggest trying the $7.99 villa elsa from aldi

    • +1

      years ago Australia was considered to have the best muscat wine in the world - I guess that's like moscato …

  • +2

    Removed product Brown Brothers Moscato Rose One 250mL in VIC as it is no longer in stock.

    • +1

      Still able to add to cart if you choose delivery

  • just tried - and got 'No longer ranged in NSW'

  • Good flavour? If too sweet will skip

  • -2

    Pricing error, expect refunds

  • Thanks OP very happy wife with 48 cans. To be fair we like the aldi moscato at 4 bucks a bottle but these are a great travel or one-glass size.

  • -1

    nil stock NSW

  • +2

    Called store about my order as no sms received they said no stock so hq will back order or I can get a refund i said I'm happy to wait.

  • did anyone get this? told its a price error at store after got the order ready text…

    • Yeah same here.

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