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Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI ITX Motherboard $288 Delivered @ OnLine Centre via Amazon AU


Seems to be the lowest price I've ever seen. Even cheaper than a bunch of B550 ITX motherboards, and interestingly cheaper than the price tag on Online Centre's own website. Get your rig full PCIe 4.0 bus and more bandwidth to peripherals for a even lower price from a big brand, why not?

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    Nice, and that RGB would push out a further 3%.

  • Noob question. Isn’t it cheaper because b550 is compatible with latest gen ryzen?

    • X570 is also compatible

    • X570 is as well.

    • X570 is compatible with the latest Ryzens. Might needs a firmware update but they are compatible.

    • This model also has the 'Q-Flash Plus' Button, which allows you into flash the latest BIOS (via USB) to support latest Ryzen.

      • I bought this motherboard because I could flash the bios to support a 5000 series CPU without having a CPU in the socket. It works great.

    • You can sit back and stay assured. X570 is top of the line and has full support to 5000 series Ryzen.

      Actually when X570 chipset was released, its form factors are completely overkill at that time. It was designed with "keeping in mind the need of the unreleased 5000 series CPU", which means X570 is the real compatible chipset for 5000 series in AMD's roadmap. And that's also why there's no "X670" release after 5000 series and "X570 - 5000 series" is not a coincidence. It's by design.

  • Gigabyte BIOS's are a goddamned pain to overclock with though, compared to Asus and similar, so if you plan to do that, just be aware

    • PBO is good enough for most people.

    • Bios is fine for me. I've got PBO curve optimiser set at negative 20 for most cores on my 5950x, and the precision boost goes over 5fhz on 3 cores, over 4.9ghz for 12 cores, and hits 4.85ghz for the last core. Running f33c bios.

  • Thanks, gonna build itsybitsy teensy weenie PC

  • PS: this motherboard doesn't have the Front USB-C Header for people building in cases with Front USB-C Port.

  • Good Deal, can recommend. Almost back down to 2019 Ebay Plus BlackFriday prices. I paid $271 then.

  • Just ordered thanks OP!

    • Amazon parcel just came in 9:30am today. That's the fastest shipping time I've seen based on Friday late arvo ordering.

  • Just be aware 500 series motherboards can have USB issues. My Gigabyte B550i Auros Pro AX ITX board has problems with both USB and Bluetooth. More info below https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/lnmet0/an_update_on_us...

    Edit: Also Gigabyte are quite slow to update their BIOS versions compared to other brands. For instance, AGESA is still in beta, and no signs of version yet.

  • Amazon reviews look troubling. Buyer beware.

  • Hey OP,

    How's it compare to this one? https://www.amazon.com.au/X570-Phantom-Gaming-ITX-TB3-Thunde...

    Also a very low price. I have use for a TB3 port so it'd be a handy Mobo for me.

    • That board only has a single X 16 slot, and a single x4 m.2 slot. There's no point buying that you might as well buy a cheaper B550 itx board. A ceap one will have the same configuration of lanws, the premium ones will have a PCIE4x4 M.2 slot and a PCIE3x4 M.2 slot - so more lanes. Seems like a waste of X570

      Unless you really need the TB port. Idk which itx boards have TB ports and which don't, you might want to look that up.

    • Honestly that asrock x570 itx board is janky af.

      1st, patchy ram compatibility you will have to dial in your speeds manually

      2nd, CPU cooler support is only for a particular Intel cooler. So you better make sure you have the right mounting gear.

      3rd, Next up clearances are an absolute pita because of the positions of the heatsinks

      4th SB fan on the chipset wowsers there are quieter freight trains.

      5th well this for me is minor the sata ports are mounted on the board at a 90 Degree angle.

      6th only one m.2 drive

      In the end I just settled for something else.

  • Nice, I paid nearly full price for this last year.

  • I have this MB, fantastic, no complaints, can confirm there is no front usb c

  • Really good deal, paid more for B550i AORUS last year
    But this has a chipset fan, bit annoying

  • I had this board and returned it as it lists compatible with the Aorus pcie 4.0 SSD but the drive heatsink does not fit due to the VRM fan mount bracket. Switched to the B550I which fits it fine as no fan needed on that VRM. Warning in case you're shopping for the copper coloured Aorus SSD.

    Both the X570I and B550I have been unstable for bluetooth so I have to disconnect power and drain the capacitors (power button while unplugged a few times) every couple of weeks. PITA. Strangely online forums say it was stable in past BIOS so may be fixed in future.

    USB instability can be fixed by turning off Global C State in BIOS with no other impact apparently

    Only other comment is that X570 only has one internal fan header, as the VRM fan uses the other on board one. Means using an addressable fan hub to get manual control of airflow if that's a thing you need.

    Otherwise a decent board and good price OP.

    • That Bluetooth issue was a problem for me with the ATX Asus B550 Gaming Wifi. Absolutely stupid. Along with the Ethernet going slower

      • Think it affects all B550 gigabyte at least, didn't know it was also other brands.
        They told me to return mine as they had no fix

        • I tried finding a fix with Intel support for ages, but gave up. I suspect all AX200 chipped AMD boards may have issues. Disconnecting MS Your Phone from Bluetooth made mine more stable, and now only the "Bluetooth turned off" error with power drain workaround issue remains. I'll live with it but it is frustrating.

          • @TheLurker: I almost wiped my NAS trying to diagnose the slow network transfers with the 2.5gb, should have looked on Google better to see the widespread problems.

            Was a bit annoyed as I had downgraded switching to a Ryzen system and I didn't stop having issues, would have thought the B550 being the last AM4 chipset would be rock solid.

    • Seeing the sheer number of "me toos" on that Bluetooth issue has thrown a spanner in my upgrade plans, along with the apparently quite similar Ethernet dropout problem. The USB issues recently in the news worry me as well (insidiously intermittent in nature with potential to cause corruption). Since it's apparently the same old, potentially affected B550/X570 boards that'll be on offer for the forseeable future for anyone wanting to go with Ryzen, makes it hard to know if/when these quite longstanding kinks have been ironed out.

    • I think they meant compatible with the M2 port on the back of the motherboard. I found Bluetooth worked better with the wifi antenna plugged in, had dropouts when the antenna wasn't plugged in. Others have reported the same, not sure if the antenna is connected to the Bluetooth (my old ASRock motherboard used the same antenna for Bluetooth and wifi) as well or if it just helps reduce interference. I'm running f33c bios if it helps.

      The one internal fan header and one CPU fan header were annoying though. Ended up getting a splitter cable.

    • I think they meant it's compatible with the rear M2 slot.

      I found Bluetooth was much more stable with the wifi antenna plugged in. Others have reported the same on other forums, unsure if there is also a Bluetooth antenna in the shark fin or if it just reduces interference between 2.4ghz wifi and Bluetooth.

      USB instability seems to be hit or miss. I've heard others have issues, mine seems fine and I'm using every port.

      Yeah, the one spare fan header sucks. I've got AIO fans and pump running from a splitter on the CPU fan header and two fans running off a splitter on the other header.

      If it's any consolation, f33c bios seems to have improved precision boost and curve optimiser stability.

      • I tried to update to F13c last night and hit issues. Rolled back to F10 and will give it another go on the weekend. This was the first 'server' source update I've attempted, and first time I had issues with an update. I would recommend updating from file only, or usb with Q-Flash Plus.

        • just realised the message i posted glitched and double posted.

          i've been updating with @bios in windows. usually i boot up in the bios first and return the voltage settings back to factory settings just in case, i'd rather not have any risk of instability screwing up the update. i've kept multiple different beta bios versions for the x570i as gigabyte seem to play with the precision boost in each version. had one version where 5 cores went over 5ghz in precision boost, and one version where no cores went over 5ghz.

  • Sucks quote a few people have had issues with this board. I have one and I has been flawless, honestly couldn't recommend it enough from my personal experience.

    • Wish I had your board, but apart from a few issues, it is excellent in all other areas. I researched all other current chipset ITX boards and this was the best for the money. Amazon AU is pretty good on returns so hopefully people are aware and not too put off.

  • Before you get excited about the price, do know it's an ITX board.

  • Seems price back to $348 from this store

  • Only if atx went on sale

  • I have this motherboarrd. Personally I would give it a pass, no USB C for front panel. atrocious USB connectivity problems (even with latest firmware). definitely better ways to spend your money, the only component in my mini ITX build that I wish I had looked at more closely before purchase.

    • Sadly same issues, but I could not find a better ITX MB anywhere after over researching for ages. Many downsides on all current SFF boards it seems. The VRM is excellent for the money if overclocking is your thing. I am using NR200P so front USB C wasn't a requirement. Maybe luck of the draw as others have no issues at all

      • had to resort to an external powered USB hub to get around the issues. I wish I was one of the others that are not affected (or aren't using USB devices that require power so they dont notice it)

        • That's a strange fix. Power supply has been proven more than spec requires on my board yet I had the issues. Could indicate another issue with yours? How good is your PSU?

          Instability on USB causes drop outs, flickering, freezing, but doesn't seem power related in all my research. USB keyboards and mice draw very little power, but are the most commonly cited devices impacted. AMD is working on a fix according to this page.


          • @TheLurker: its a common fix, many people are finding powered USB hubs get around the issue of no connectivity or connectivity drop outs. found the fix on a forum myself and was skeptical till I tried.

            • @gromit: Very interesting. My remaining issue is bluetooth failure which won't be fixed by that, but your solution wasn't what I expected after a load of research. Glad you have a workaround, albeit that you shouldn't need one

  • This is a great price for a great ITX motherboard, there are some drawbacks with this particular model including the lack of fan headers and strange selection of rear I/O (heaps of display output instead of more USB).