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Dell S2721QS 27" 4K Monitor (UHD 3840x 2160, IPS, 60 Hz, HDR, FreeSync) $357.40 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Back in stock - credit to original posting https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/588980

Height, tilt, pivot Adjustable ; p, Built in Speaker :|

Average refresh rate and PPI/res is overkill for the size

8ms average response time/4ms g2g

99% sRGB colour average

1 x DP / 2 x HDMI 2.0

1300:1 contrast is good for IPS

Around 9kg

Coupon Code: LOVEKEANU

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  • Pretty sick monitor. Got it for $~325 in one of the other deals

  • PPI/Res is fine, DPI scaling @125%-150% and you got a nice, sharp display for basic computing.

    real happy with mine

    • +1 vote

      Yes, PPI is perfect for this size, any less and the pixels will be visible, in fact if I move just 10cm closer than my normal viewing distance they are.

    • Pixel/Dot per centimetre (archaic per inch) measurement is meaningful when printing or for Apple marketing (with lower res & screen size).
      1/2 distance → you get 4x DPC & no need to scale.

  • I was surprised with how quickly this was delivered. I ordered end of January and wasn’t expecting it until beginning of March at the earliest. Ended up being delivered mid-February!

  • It's a good price but not the best price; it was <$300 roughly a week ago, but that deal is not available anymore.
    I'm happy with my S2721D, and this one should be better.
    Delivery for me was quick.

  • Mine just arrived few days ago from last deal. Very happy with it.

  • Great monitor, ordered in last deal and had it delivered in less than 10 days!

  • Using this monitor right now. Really really nice for me. Here's my use cases.

    1. M1 MacBook Pro - This is my personal machine. Gotta use a USB-C to HDMI cable to get [email protected] Do not try a USB-C to DP as the M1 chip has issues. Overall, the MacBook is totally fine with this monitor, loving it. I use it on the "scaled to look like 2560x1440" UI mode, which renders at 5K and downscales to 4K. Incredibly sharp. One little annoyance is that on Macs, you cannot control the volume of a speaker connected to the monitor via its audio jack. Stupid MacOS limitation.

    2. Xbox Series X - Working fine at [email protected], feels great to me. Not for hardcore/purist gamers who require >120Hz though, but luckily that's not me. Also you can use HDR but because it's a monitor, HDR just isn't going to be that amazing, so I just play at full brightness but HDR off. Response time is great.

    3. HP EliteBook G5 - My work laptop. I'm also using that USB-C to HDMI cable to get [email protected] It always takes a few turns of plugging and unplugging for this to work which is super annoying. This is because I think in the BIOS, you can disable USB 3.0 via USB-C to get better display via USB-C, but since my machine is managed by my company's IT, I haven't asked them to fix this yet because I've just been too busy. But it works after a few attempts. Windows 10 is alright at scaling, but I think Mac is better.

    Overall - very happy with this monitor at the $350 mark. The borders on top and sides are very thin and close to the edge, but the bottom edge has the extra thickness - overall it looks pretty good. It gets bright enough for me, and I use it in a very sunny room. You can't get a better 4K display for cheaper. Everything else is at least ~$410 and above, and those are brands like AOC, Acer and possibly LG. Not to hate on the other brands, but I'd trust a Dell and an LG more than the AOC or Acer.

    • ok, you've sold me. Just impulse bought one cos of you haha :D

    • Hey mate. Just wondering if it’s easy to use excel on the monitor (scaling, reading numbers/text). Thanks

      • You can change the high DPI scaling however you want within your operating system — if you want more screen real estate, scale things down so that the user interface and text is smaller, then you can fit more of your spreadsheet on the screen at once. It's totally flexible.

      • It’s great for this. IPS displays are good at it. Compared to gaming monitors that are VA. You can change the scaling how you like. I use it at ~125%.

    • How do you manage 3 hdmi connections on a Monitor with 2 hdmi inputs? Why don't you connect the HP via DP?

      • I tried the HP via USB-C to DP and it didn’t work well, kept blinking and blacking out. The USB-C to HDMI does this too but eventually it worked. So my setup is:

        HDMI 1 = Series X using its default cable
        HDMI 2 = HDMI-USB-C switching between MacBook and HP.
        DP 1 = empty lol

    • One little annoyance is that on Macs, you cannot control the volume of a speaker connected to the monitor via its audio jack. Stupid MacOS limitation.

      I had the exact same issue. One workaround is to install eqMac:

      It's free and basically creates a virtual audio interface for your outputs, so you can adjust the volume even if you're connected to a TV/monitor.

      It's still in beta, so it's a little buggy, but it does the job.

    • unsure what ur getting 120hz on with ur xbox series x at 4k.

    • Have a hp x360 spectre - wonder if it's a HP thing? Would want something that plugs and play…

      has usb c thunderbolt - can you run two dell monitors off one usb c via say a third part usb c hub? How does laptop to two monitors work with your USB-C dell? As I saw the dell ultra sharps are $700'ish but you can connect usb c direct to one monitor, which then connects via DP from one monitor to another - so daisy chains. Is it as easy with other dell monitors that are much cheaper i.e. these around the $300 range? Can you daisy chain? or you need to connect the laptop via 2 input cables to get 2 output monitors?

  • The upgraded stand is definitely worth the bit extra. It has full tilt, swivel and pivot. This monitor is great for vertical orientation too, and the PPI is so high text looks extremely sharp even without scaling. The response time on the monitor is excellent for 60Hz (check the Rtings review) which makes it great for gaming too. It's IPS but has a fairly decent contrast ratio and doesn't have any of the issues VA panels have which makes is great for coding. My only complaint is that the FreeSync is pretty bad. For some reason, I get screen tearing and judder at anything above 56-58fps even though it should be within the monitor's FreeSync range. If you cap your games to 55fps then it provides a consistent experience but that's a very small FreeSync range. It's better to just enable vsync.

    • I haven't been able to get FreeSync working properly either at 60fps, I just constantly get screen tearing — I will try 55fps, thank you.

  • just got S2721DGF from the other dell deal.

    would this pair well as a second dual monitor for misc activities while I use the DGF for gaming?

    • Definitely, I use both. They have a similar build design too (but different stands) and thin bezels.

      • I've been wondering about getting this as my second screen for portrait mode to code on and have the 27dgf for gaming. Are the screen frames the same? (I'll be using an aftermarket monitor mount)

        • They aren't identical but have the same bezel width. They both should go well with a mount. It's really just the rear and stand that's different between the two.

  • Go big, 32” is better.

  • Looking for usbc uhd monitor to charge macbook with for my little brother.

    • P2721Q, U2721DE, U2720Q

      Look for used too…

      • How does this S2721QS compare to the P2721Q? Will be using it just for work, typically with 2 apps open side-by-side eg two browser windows or word+browser. Is USB-C the only real diff?

        • I would say the USB-C capability is the only difference. It has a USB hub which is pretty useful IMO. The contrast ratio on the S2721Q/S (1300:1) is better than the P2721Q (1000:1) if that matters to you… if you use it in a bright-ish room.

          Really depends what you're after. If budget was high, I'd go the USB-C monitor just for the convenience. Unless you have another good hub already for your laptop.

  • 32 inch 4k monitors are perfect in terms of DPI at 139ppi. Compare that to a 27 inch 1440p monitors which are pretty sharp at 108ppi. 27 inch 4k is 157ppi, very high dpi, everything is tiny on the screen. On my 32 4k monitor I dont need to use any DPI scaling.

    • very high dpi, everything is tiny on the screen

      That's why you use UI scaling in your operating system, that's the whole point. It works perfectly, everything is super sharp and clear.

    • Is this based on first-hand experience? But yea pretty sure my next monitor will be a 32" 4K (in addition to a 2560 x 1440 27", but which is annoying as will be way off to the side).

      Was thinking I wouldn't get anything but ultra- (or super-ultra) wide next but I want the 2160 vertical res for more real estate, but even that's a worry with gaming as I have a 2070-super which might struggle. Currently using 2x 2560 x 1440 (I hate the terms 2k, 4k, etc. they are pretty meaningless) 27" monitors.

  • great monitor on my mac mini m1, when compared to a S2721D(S) it is sharper.

  • Hi all,
    Does it charge the power to my Mac M1 if I used the USB-C to HDMI adapter???

  • Got one the week before, works perfectly with my macbookpro13 & NUC8

  • I’m looking for a new monitor to do double duty on the following:
    1. Pair with my M1 MacBook Air for my work, which is predominantly word processing, and;
    2. Pair with my PS5 at the end of the day when I just want to relax and ‘play my stories’.

    Would I be better off going with this ([email protected]), or the AOC 27G2 FHD IPS ([email protected])?

    My thinking is that the higher res on this would be better for word processing, right?

  • Does anyone have a calibrated ICC profile they'd like to share? I got this monitor, but best I can do is tweak the colours with Nvidia Control Panel and play with the RGB settings in the OSD. It's still a bit off but manageable for doing artwork. Tried the RTings one but it doesn't work, and a few people reported problems as well.

    That said the display is very nice and sharp, almost phone-like in density which is great for art. Only minor issues I have is there's a bit of a warm/pink-ish hue on the top corners that moves along with my head position, this is practically invisible when playing games or watching video but shows up when web browsing or sketching on a white canvas.

    • I don't think you can tune that out, I think it is the angle you look at the edge.
      If you look perpendicular on the edge it almost disappears.

      If you look closely, the left and right edges looks curved, a bit like a samsung edge phone.

      Just don't think too much about it, it's only really noticeable on pure white and black backgrounds.
      It bothered me when I first got it but I don't care so much any more. If you watch videos and have a wallpaper, its not apparent.

      Hey it's 4K, 1080p looks crap now.

      • Yeah I guess it's something to do with the backlight too and the larger screen size being harder to illuminate. I think it's only really bad if it changes other colours like skintones, which isn't the case here because it goes away looking straight on.

        • I think don't think too much about it, even if you paid double that price there is no guarantee of the perfect screen.

          Yeah, skintones look good in 4K. you mentioned it first.
          Keep the "warm/pink-ish hue" at the centre of the screen.

  • This or P2721Q?

    • This has higher contrast ratio than P2721Q (1300:1 vs 1000:1). If you must have the USB-C connection, the 4 x USB ports and the 65W USB-C power delivery, then get the P2721Q. Also the S2721QS has internal speakers whereas the P2721Q does not.

  • Let's be honest here. These Dell deals might be the best thing Keanu Reeves has ever done.

  • I thought the lowest of these was less than $300, just wait a bit more, guys.

  • I got lucky with this screen. I ordered the S2721D from the last sale

    Order went through but Dell emailed me saying they ran out of stock and as a good will they will give me this model instead
    Dell S2721QS 27" 4K Monitor (UHD 3840x 2160, IPS, 60 Hz, HDR, FreeSync)

    $233 well spent =D

  • Damn! 4K, 27" this cheap? I bought the Dell U2715h, which is only a 2K LCD, for $512 back in January 2018. I've just checked its price to see if it'll be a lot cheaper than this, and it's actually more expensive. Why is a 2K LCD more expensive than a 4K one of the same size and make? Is it about the "UltraSharp" part that makes it so? 🤔

  • Does anyone know if the previous eBay deal had a lot of stock of this monitor? If not perhaps I pay a bit overs to get a couple of these. I assume the eBay 20% off ones sellout pretty quickly if there are limited numbers.

  • Anyone know how these other dell monitors compare to the ultrasharp range which are like double price but have usb c connection - so claim you can connect your laptop straight to one monitor, and just DP from 1st to 2nd monitor (daisy chaining) for an easy 2 external monitor setup.

    Or is it simple to just connect a laptop via usb c to a hub and split that to hdmi to one monitor and presumably a second input for second monitor?

    Have a hp spectre x360 - just wondering how easy/compatible they are with dells.

  • If anyone has any codes to spare. Please send one my way, I would really appreciate it.

  • Ordered one of these yesterday, confirmation email gave an Estimated to Arrive By date of Apr 26 2021.

    Anyone ordered these recently (or in the past) and know if its quicker than that?

    • I ordered mine on 6th and should have arrived today but dodgy StarTrack delivery person didn’t ring my doorbell even though we’re at home all day and left a slip, so should come tomorrow startrack rant over.

      • Thanks Humble, that's helpful. My order has been sitting on "In Production" for a few days, did yours do that before it shipped? I'm hoping they didn't become out of stock due to the deal…

    • Ordered mine on 8 March and notified yesterday that delivery is delayed to 26 April as well.

    • My one same as you, but today I got the invoice, and they said already shipped.

  • Delayed delivery

  • Hey guys, got the S2721Q (non - adjustable stand version) as this wasn't on sale at the time, but now would really like the stand. If anyone who bought this monitor isn't using the included monitor stand and are located in Melbourne, would love to buy it off you.