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Dell S2721QS 27" 4K Monitor (UHD 3840 x 2160 IPS 60 Hz HDR 400 FreeSync) $357.40 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Height, tilt, pivot Adjustable ; p, Built in Speaker :|

Average refresh rate and PPI/res is overkill for the size

8ms average response time/4ms g2g

99% sRGB colour average

1 x DP / 2 x HDMI 2.0

1300:1 contrast is good for IPS

Around 9kg

EXPIRED: back to $408 shipped with LOVEKEANU

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    Will feedback how this goes in a couple of days, cannot wait!

    • +8

      You might want to check your order estimate if you picked up the $300 deal from 10 or so days ago: they just revised a bunch of orders from being shipped this week to be shipped in January.

      • I ordered from their last deal and its coming tomorrow.

      • Startrack says arrival Tuesday, not sure what else I need to check.

      • +1

        well i bought 2: 2k and 4k 27" from last eBay deals. both of them says early Jan but the 2k came after 3 days of being posted. Tracking still not updated though so fringers crossed the second would come sometime next week

      • +2

        I'll be updating accurate shipping ETA later today on the 300 deal. It's likely just a generic irrelevant notice. I think we should be all good for deal eta but we'll wait and see.

        • +1

          I have ordered one Dell 24 Monitor - S2421HS on Dec 3 and it shows est arrival date as 8th March 2021.

        • Hey LiMaaa, I got a notification for the S2721DGF tonight that is was shipped on eBay, does this mean on its way to my house or something else?

          • @Fooah: Yes that means it's on its way.

        • +1

          Is my ETA inaccurate too? My friend ordered on the 27th and hes receiving it this week. I ordered on the 28th and yet my ship date has been revised to Jan 19 2021…

          • @khantic: It's inaccurate, I'll post an update on respective deal posts.

    • +2

      Yeah typical Dell. My screen took 6 weeks to be delivered.

      • its not an ultrasharp.

  • +19

    I ordered mine a few weeks ago during the Limaaa sale. Just got an email from Dell over the weekend that my monitors won't arrive until late Jan 2021. I thought ETA was meant to be late Dec 2020. Quite pissed off.

    • is cancelling an option

      • You can cancel but you won't be able to buy at a cheaper price

    • +2

      Mine say in production, dunno when it will be shipped

      • quite surprised they sent out mine at Sydney transit to Perth.
        It seems more accurate with startrack

    • +5

      According to @LiMaa, that email, as per last deal, is an automated email from Dell. If the ETA was late Dec, it will still be then.

    • Mine arrived yesterday. Sydney.

      • +1

        Mine is s2721Q, I think QS is quicker…

        • +3

          hmm, that might be why actually (I got the S2721Q (not QS) on the previous deal. Dell order tracking says "Estimated to Arrive By: Jan 5, 2021")

          Here was the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582646 . For those wondering, the difference between the two models is the stand - the "Q" is only tilt, while the "QS" has height, pivot, swivel, and tilt (at least according to the ozbargain description).

      • Happy with it?

        • Hey I bought the Q one and using it now. Really happy with how crisp and clean the screen is. A real delight to use. Mainly office work, youTube (not gaming), 4K video looks great. Plus it has a good enough speaker for general stuff. I wouldn't have it as a music speaker. Comparing to 'normal' monitors that I have used forever, I am kicking myself I have not had a decent monitor until now.

          Although this one does seem a lot of $ over the $219 Q just for height adjuster?

          • @debo: Great news, mine is due this afternoon or tomorrow via courier.

            The Q was $219??? I thought the all time low was $20 cheaper on BF

        • sorry yep must be the D - anyway still happy! sorry to confuse.

    • I also ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and when I wrote back to them they said "The ETA of the order is 22nd Dec 2020 which is tentative", though the order details page says its delayed till January.

    • What's your order status? I've ordered from the same deal and mine says shipped on 4th December.

    • +2

      I ordered mine on 5 October and was told it would be delivered late December. :(

    • +1

      Responded here

  • +9

    Engaging audio: Feel pulsating beats with built-in dual 3W speakers.

    Get your own speakers. It sounds like a puddle of piss mixed with acetone.

    The panel is decent otherwise.

    • +5

      Well they are not home theatre speakers, but adequate if your using zoom or watching news etc

      • +3

        This, I'd rather have speakers then not.

        • +3

          Well, they shouldn't dribble bullshit about "pulsating beats" at least.

          • @smartazz104: Tbh I would dribble any kind of bullshit to sell my product. The fact is this screen has speakers and many don't. +1 to me…

    • Same thing on my aoc monitor, but I'm not even mad. They're pretty shit, but serviceable.

      I would rather they include shit speakers for $10 extra or whatever than the monitor costing an additional $50+.

      The amount of times I use them over my headset wouldn't justify having them be decent.

  • +4

    Order delayed. We are working on your order as fast as we can, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Revised Ship Date: Jan 18, 2021

  • +1

    Good price for a 4kHDR display. Only $60 more than the previous deal.

  • +1

    Anyone else having issue seeing orders in their account. My last order (27 Nov) never showed up and dell rep said it wasnt in system and wont be fulfilled, and now this monitor isnt showing…

    • +1

      Enter your order number here I had to search up mine this wait as it didn't show up in my orders. I got the delivery estimate this Friday will see.

      • Thanks, i found the order i just put in (and want to keep) for this monitor (est ship 22 jan 2021). Previous monitor order not found, assume the hold for money on my credit card will just release over time per chat with dell rep.

      • Thanks for the info, I also try to search my order and it seems like ETA is tomorrow, let's see if my monitor will arrive it tomorrow.

        • Update: Monitor arrived yesterday even though the estimate date is end of December. (typing using new monitor now)

  • would it look weird to have this next to a 27" 1440p monitor? should the resolutions be the same for two monitors side by side?

    • +1

      Best to have the same res side by side for dual screen. You cannot have windows spanned across two screen with different res properly.

      While technically, this monitor could run in 1440p mode, that's done via interpolation and won't be as sharp as 1440p native.

    • +1

      Some people get particular about matching panel sizes for uniformity, and matching resolutions for resizing issues, but these are such minor gripes. Windows will generally adjust a maximised window that you've dragged across, and each monitor will have its own scaling factor set for Windows.

      If your scaling is roughly matched, you shouldn't run into many issues.

      There are exceptions, like as Scrimshaw has pointed out above, but if you're not trying to run the same application instance across multiple monitors (games, videos, etc), which is not how most people operate such things, you'll run into zero issues.

    • +3

      Assuming you're using windows, if you have the scaling for the 1440p monitor set to 1x and the 4k monitor set to 1.5x then everything should appear to be the same size on both monitors. Don't really know how MacOS handles it, and Linux doesn't really support non-integer scaling in a usable way.

      • +1

        On macOS you can select "looks like 2560x1440" and it'll do an effective 150% sizing by rendering at 5K and downscaling to 4K.

      • MacOS handled display scaling better than Windows 10 in general. It's not really an OS fault, it's more Windows have a lot more apps (and a lot of them are still not revised to support display scaling properly). It also depends whether you run the latest version of apps on Windows.

    • +1

      It's fine, you can just scale windows on the 4k and it works really well. I use both resolutions, 1440 for gaming and 4k for web browsing or media. I don't run both screens side by side like a glued together ultrawide, but having two different resolutions is the way to go.

    • +1

      I've been running this setup for over a year, at their respective native resolutions. Works fine for me - when you drag apps from one screen to the other the window appears as a different size as it crosses over.

      The occasional 'small-dev' app will not work nicely with the scaling and have UI elements that are too small (while on the 4K screen), but I can only think of a couple that I've had that problem with.

      That said, I have one of these on the way to run 2x 4K.

  • Ozbargain probably generated a lot of volumes. I think the shipping cut off for Christmas coming up soon with the holidays coming up.

  • No such thing as overkill ;)

  • very tempted, have a Dell IPS currently but just the QHD and been looking at a 4k, but was thinking if should wait for a faster one vs the 60hz one….


    • +1

      Do you need it?
      I have a QHD 25-inch Ultrasharp.
      Just don't see the need to upgrade to 4K next year or two.
      Cant afford the 4K graphic card.

      • +1

        Only need a 4k graphics card if you ay games on it. I plan on having a 1440p monitor for gaming and 4k for work purposes.

        • Good point on more desktop real estate for work.
          Each to their own, 4k is a nice addition for me, however not essential for browsing.
          Will keep smoking my pipe dream of the 34 Xiaomi to be this price.

  • Would this work with a Mac Pro late 2013 model (the old cylinder Mac) ?

    • +1

      Not for the hdmi port which is only 1.4. Should fine for the miniDP

    • +1

      Its official name is Trash Can

  • Is there a 32" version?

  • +9

    "PPI/res is overkill for the size"

    Disagree. I've got the 'Q' version of this monitor and run it off my MacBook Pro. Using MacOS scaling to make it look like a 1440p screen, it is ultra sharp and pretty much indistinguishable from the internal Retina display. No way would a regular 1440p monitor compare.

    FWIW this monitor is excellent. I also use it with my Xbox Series X and games look spectacular.

    • I have the QS model. Let's not sugar-coat this too much. It's very good value for money, but it is not ideal for 4K. Sure, we can use "retina" like to trick our brains, but there is no doubt it is not suitable in 1:1 mode (for 27 inch 4K).

      The HDR is very ordinary (fake HDR to be honest). VRR doesn't work on Series X (even if it lets you select it, as the VRR only operates on DisplayPort on this). Due to HDMI 2.0 having limited bandwidth, we are looking at 4K/60fps HDR 4:2:2 (you can get 4:4:4 with DisplayPort). HDMI 2.1 is wishful thinking at this price point. If you use display scaling, obviously, it will be a lot harder to spot 4:2:2 issue on small texts (so that's good in a way).

      Sure, it lets you tick 4K HDR, but honestly, you cannot really see 4K that well at this size and the HDR is emulated and on the weak side. The price is very tempting.

      • +3

        It is ideal for 4k.

        At 2x scaling.

        • -6

          It's not, if it is ideal at 4K, then 1:1 should be very pleasant. No matter how you want to spin it, a 4K monitor not suitable for 4K video editing cannot really be ideal.

          Display scaling means the resolution is higher than what's really suitable for that size at 1:1. You don't look at the monitor as close to it as you look at a phone or a tablet.

          Low to mid $300 and you expect to get an ideal 4K monitor is really wishful thinking. I already mentioned the 4K/60 HDMI 2.0 issue. That won't change - no monitor maker will do HDMI 2.1 just for 4K/60. HDMI 2.1 is something you have to implement for 4K/120 or 8K. How many of you care about 4K/60 HDR 4:4:4? Heck, XBox One X and PS4 Pro only support 4K/60 HDR 4:2:2, did anyone complain?

          All these 4K display scaling being so cool fundamentally hides the 4:2:2 issue (and HDR on desktop (work usage, not media consumption) is still wonky at the moment - and this fake HDR isn't helping the matter). If you care about the absolute best quality possible, you would use DisplayPort on this monitor (though with so few people care about 1:1 mode on this monitor, I doubt most people actually would bother).

          • +1

            @netsurfer: Lol… how is it that some people can under stand high PPI with scaling on phones and tablets - and DEMAND it, no less - but just cannot comprehend high PPI and scaling on a monitor and insist on 1:1?

            Mac users understand because their monitors have done this ever since the first retina screen came out. I guess it proves you don't know what you're missing.

            • -4

              @lunchbox99: 99% mac users bought a logo

              • +1

                @abuch47: What has that got to do with the fact that dense people can't seem to understand you don't have to run monitors at 1:1. They experience it literally every day with their phone, but on a PC? No way Jose!

              • +1

                @abuch47: Don't be stupid.

      • +2

        Caveat with my reply - I might be wrong, but this is to the best of my knowledge, so please don't take it as being argumentative. Hopefully you can shed some light on what I'm saying:

        You might be referring to how Windows scales, but with MacOS it actually outputs 4k, just scales the UI appropriately. Video and image is rendered pixel-perfect where possible (using your example - you could use this monitor for 4k video editing even when using scaled mode). I'm not sure what you mean by tricking our brains - as above it is a legit 4k signal from MacOS. Text is rendered perfectly.

        With the Series X, mine seems to work with VRR (the Series X reports it being supported) and no issues leaving 4:2:2 off. Initially both of these things didn't work (the screen flicked off and on) until I changed the 'Smart HDR' mode to 'Game HDR'. I agree that HDR is useless here, but the other options appear to work okay? I thought 4k/60 with HDR and 4:4:4 would all work on HDMI 2.0?

        • You might be referring to how Windows scales, but with MacOS it actually outputs 4k, just scales the UI appropriately.

          This is exactly what Windows does, it's just that legacy applications don't really support this. For most people, this will be with certain maintenance utilities, and the Task Manager. Everything else in their workflow should be modernised.

        • +2

          4k/60 hdr (10bit) 4:4:4 only works with displayport 1.2. It will work with hdmi 2.0 if it is 8bit https://community.cedia.net/blogs/david-meyer/2017/06/22/4k-... You need hdmi 2.1 for that which thus monitor doesn't come with. Also I believe this is not a true 10bit but 8bit with frc

          • @quill: If it is 8-bit, then it is not HDR. Also, there is no easy way to test 4:4:4 in Series X, it is hard to tell in games and it is less of an issue for games.

            To verify 4:2:2 vs 4:4:4, I used 1:1 mode. I understand people don't care about that mode, but it's still good to know what the monitor is capable of. So if you do use 1:1 mode for 4K work, use DisplayPort.

            I don't want to get into too much details as the next gen HDMI 2.1 implementation isn't perfect on either camp. Also, this monitor (actually most monitors or TVs don't really tell you which mode it actually operates on). When I use Series X with this monitor, I set it to operate in effectively 4K/60 HDR 4:4:4 VRR. However, it doesn't operate in that mode (it cannot, the HDMI 2.0 bandwidth does not allow it).

            Yes, the HDR is not proper anyway and is 8-bit + RFC to do 10-bit really what we want ultimately? It's great value for money BUT there is room for improvement for future monitors.

            • @netsurfer: Hey I get that there is is a lot of misinformation and do appreciate you trying to clear things up, but are you going a little too hard? I don' t believe I've said anything incorrect?

              • +1

                @quill: In what way was I hard on you? I thought most of my replied continued your trend.

                It's not the monitor's fault as such, but this HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 in its current state is kind of a mess. As I mentioned earlier, we had PS4 Pro and XBox One X era where people don't really care about these anyway (4:4:4 and 4:2:2).

                • @netsurfer: Ok my mistake. Btw since you say you have one did you calibrate it? Got any recommended settings? Not a lot of detailed reviews except for rtings.

                  • @quill: You could use the rtings settings and profile. I don't have the right equipment to calibrate mine.

        • Windows and Mac both scale the same way. The issue is some apps don't scale properly. Windows does try to address the issue somewhat.

          I thought 4k/60 with HDR and 4:4:4 would all work on HDMI 2.0?

          No, it doesn't. It doesn't have enough bandwidth. That's why I mentioned use DisplayPort.

          With Series X, there are multiple issues and these are not well known because most of us are happy when we see the ticks. The UI is 1080p by default and what's shown in the settings does not reflect the actual mode it operates. The apps / games CAN and DO overwrite it. Basically, HDMI VRR was tested and doesn't work on this monitor. Furthermore, even though I picked 4:4:4 equivalent mode in Series X, I know deep down it can only do 4:2:2. PS5 shows this operates only in 4:2:2 in 4K/60/HDR.

          Guys, I own this monitor. It's good value for money, but do know its limitations. I am obviously putting a next gen lens / perspective on it and that's obviously going to be harsh (considered only less than a handful of TVs support next gen consoles in full). Know the limitations so you know what to look for in the future. That's my main point.

          • @netsurfer: Where can I see the testing on VRR? How can it be allowed to advertise Freesync if it doesn’t work?

            I get the tick on my Series X for VRR and haven’t noticed any screen tearing on any games.

      • 'Retina' has to do with angular resolution, not pixel resolution. Scaling the Windows UI isn't resolution scaling.

        As we go up in resolution for a given panel, size, you're going to be increasing the UI scaling to match, that's just a given. Text becomes better rendered as a result, and more legible.

        • Retina is honestly an excuse we use (I use that too) to get this monitor. I use scaling as well (I do occasionally use 1:1). One reason to go up in resolution is to get more desktop space. When display scaling is used, that advantage is gone.

          This is a cost effective option for now. However, when a bigger 4K monitor becomes affordable, then that will make things more interesting. Since HDMI 2.1 currently is a big mess, hopefully by the time it is all sorted out, we will have more options.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: You can't exactly bump panel size a great deal before it consumes your field of view.

            Samsung are working on modular tech, that I think will start as 25-32" 4K panels, then move onto various 8K configurations, but that's coming with either QNED or microLED, so probably 5 years away, minimum.

      • It just sounds like you want a bigger monitor. Some people want 4K screens for the increased pixel density. In that case, the desktop scaling doesn't matter. I've read some programmers say they like 4K monitors because it makes text look nicer than a 2560x1440 monitor a due to the higher PPI. If you want to run 4K without scaling for desktop usage then obviously you'll need a larger monitor with larger pixels and a lower PPI.

        HDR in general is in a pretty weird place right now. I will agree for monitors it's particularly bad, though.

      • Agreed. These S series Dell's are complete trash if you've used one of their professional lines before.

    • https://tonsky.me/blog/monitors/ is worth a read… it convinced me to get a 2160p monitor just for reading.

      Will have to fiddle but I'm intending to run it at equivalent of 1080p, maybe 1440p depending on how well scaling works. My S2721QS is due to arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed!

    • +8

      Some info you might want to know on this monitor:

      • By default, it has HDR disabled to save power. To turn it on, adjust the Smart HDR setting.
      • On desktop, laptop (inc. Mac), if possible, use DisplayPort (you need a DisplayPort 1.4 cable).
      • For a MacBook Pro with USB-C ports only, make sure you get the right dongle if you want 4K + 60Hz + HDR. Choices are limited now and you might end up with HDMI 2.0 based dongle. If you don't care about HDR, I still suggest you get at least a 4K 60Hz dongle.
      • The settings you see and set in XBox Series X does not 100% reflect the mode it operates on.
      • You do need to tune the settings in XBox Series X because by default, it does a conservative setting with HDR.
      • You might need to set the Response Time to at least Fast for Series X to allow VRR (doesn't work properly on this monitor through HDMI anyway). Forget HDMI-CEC with this monitor with Series X.
      • PS5 doesn't give you that many options to customise. However, by default, it seems to default to 4K, 60Hz, HDR, 4:2:2 (assuming you turned HDR on).

      Yes, the HDR isn't good on this monitor and most people won't be using this monitor that really needs 4K HDR 4:4:4. However, if for some reason you do colour critical work on this, do yourself a favour and use DisplayPort connection.

      When you have the monitor running 4K/60 HDR 4:2:2 mode, it can be used to determine whether an HDMI cable is proper 2.0 or not, but you cannot use it to test 2.1 cables properly.

      • Can you just use a displayport to usb-c cable to get HDR on a Mac?

        • Make sure you get the right cable (USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4). It needs to be Thunderbolt 3 based as USB-C 3.2 gen 2 alt mode doesn't have necessary bandwidth to reach DisplayPort 1.4.

          Some cables are dodgy. For example 4K/60/8 bit 4:4:4 USB-C to DisplayPort cable, that actually means no HDR.

          • @netsurfer: How to I spot if it support HDR, should it be something like this? "4K/60/8 bit 4:4:4 USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4"

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