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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - $686 + $17.45 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU via Amazon UK


I believe this is one of the cheapest prices I've seen for this CPU. Cheapest ever ~$620.

Still a brilliant option for those that need the core count.

Description is in the Amazon link, no need for me to copy/paste here.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • rip intel

  • keep waiting, will be cheaper when 5000 series in stock.

  • It was ~676 yesterday

  • You also need to put some money down for a proper cooler.

    In summer, stock cooler idles around 55-60º and sometimes peaks at 70-80º. (during CSGO hovers around 70º )
    A Kraken x63 brings those down by 5-10º average ish

    And the when you try to replace the stock cooler after say 1-2 months, high chance that CPU comes outta the socket with the stock cooler.

    • Try it without the superglue ;-)

      • 😂. Well it was pretty scary to pry off the CPU with a screw driver though. Luckily nothing broke.

        • That is character building. Almost as character building as when you drop the CLC pump head on the cpu socket and bend half a dozen pins (I was in a hurry trying to juggle things in a tight case … never again).

        • I found that this more of a problem when the CPU is cold. And seems to be a big issue with the drier(pastier?), higher quality paste

          To anyone that has issues with this - run it for a while to heat it up and then try. If its still stuck slowly twist the cooler clockwise and then anti-clockwise and repeat till it gives.

          Try not to pull it too hard - if the CPU comes out with the cooler, its always way harder to pry it out. Would suggest using a credit card rather than a screwdriver - don't want to spoil the surface of your cooler.

  • Cheapest ever was $598.59 on 15 January 2020.

  • Looking to upgrade my R5 3600; This, or the 5800X in the Titan tech deal (multi monitor multitask between gaming and misc tasks.)

    • 5800X

    • Looking at benchmarks, the 5800X beats or equals the 3900X for most things. There are still some benchmarks that the 3900X beats the 5800X so if those resemble your workload and the extra performance on those loads will make a significant difference to you then you might want to drill down and do some more research.

      If you don't know for sure go for the 5800X - its newer tech, 15% to 20% faster clock-for-clock than the previous gen.