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Logitech K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard $183.20 (Was $229) + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


This keyboard is finally available in Australia, and JB is (somewhat surprisingly) selling it at 20% off. Previously you had to buy it from Newegg and other international sellers, and the price with delivery and taxes was always at least $200 and usually a lot more.

From the reviews it seems to be a very capable and well-built ergonomic keyboard.
* https://www.rtings.com/keyboard/reviews/logitech/ergo-k860-w...
* https://www.tomsguide.com/reviews/logitech-ergo-k860-keyboar...
* https://au.pcmag.com/keyboards/65338/logitech-ergo-k860

I had one delivered for an extra $4.99 in Perth metro.

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  • Isn’t the way the wrist rest places your hands against ergonomics?

  • I've had Microsoft ergonomic keyboards for 25 years, but bought one of these last year - it was a little bit of a transition but I highly recommend it.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Is it a significant improvement over MS? I have used 400 for years and upgraded to Sculpt Ergo (which I love) last year. Always has a soft spot for Logitech but not sure about paying double for this keyboard…

      • Not a significant improvement - perhaps slightly better than the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard I was using until I bought the Logitech.
        I used the sculpt ergo before I moved to the Surface Ergonomic and would say the keyfeel of the Logitech is much improved over the sculpt. But I guess that's fairly subjective.

  • I've got one of these keyboards. Overall it is really nice. I was a long term Logitech Wave users before switching. This is a lot nicer than the Wave.

    I had one of the feet break after a few months. Logitech don't provide replacement feet. After a lot of back and forth newegg refunded me. I tracked down a set of 3D printed feet on ebay for ~$25. The 3D printed ones feel stronger than the originals.

  • Anyone know of a Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard that has a separate row of media buttons?
    I.e not shared with Function keys?
    At the moment I have the Microsoft ergonomic that has dedicated Media Keys, but is wired.
    The wireless version of this keyboard also has shared media/function keys. :(

    Fussy, I know, but it's a pet peeve.

    • following as I'm looking for the same. I have the same MS ergo and have been tossing up whether to switch to a wireless - the logitec in the post (~$180 is a lot though), the MS sculpt (not the same key travel or feel as the MS ergo though and I think I prefer that of the MS ergo), or a cheap kensington wireless (which looks almost like a clone of the MS ergo). Officeworks sell the kensingtons, but unfortunately they don't have any on display to test how they feel to type on.

      • I see the Kensington is almost a complete copy of the M$ ergo, like you say; it also has shared media buttons. Why is that so hard?

  • I'm still waiting for a wireless ergo TKL that's not over $300.. :(

  • Great find and thanks heaps for the post. This model was not available in Australia so far. Been through a zillion searches on the internet for the past week, but found them avaiable only in the US and Europe with long wait times and was also expensive with additional import duty and shipping. Even checked with friends and family overseas in their local stores. And there it is in my local jbhifi store 1km from me.

  • Thanks op perfect timing, been looking at these over the last week

  • Thanks Op. Going to give this a go to see if it's better than Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic in terms of comfort.
    I still prefer to have num pad separated though, the ability to have the mouse closer.

  • havent got a chance to swing by a jb hifi and test that out.
    Would the short travel of the keyboard affects the typing? Was previously with Keychron red switch and has been looking for an ergo keyboard. Thanks!

  • The sale is over, but I called the JB sales centre and they still honoured the price 14-March