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[eBay Plus] Logitech MX Keys $168, ASUS TUF A17 Gaming Laptop $1580.15, VivoBook Flip 14 Touch $828.75 @ Titan Gear eBay

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  • Somebody on another page said don't buy TUF asus laptops cause of trackpad. Is this the same case apply?

  • Vivo Book 14 listing says 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD…but when u go into the description (the advertising material), it’s for 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD…

    I wish it was for the latter. I need a work laptop to take on the road for my mortgage broking work.

  • Using this keyboard right now - highly recommended.

    Note: If on Windows, Logitech Options has a bug whereby the volume can get stuck in down/up if you mash it too often.

    Not using Logitech options supposedly solves this. Otherwise, still a great keyboard.

    • What's good about the keyboard?

      • Can attached 3x devices via BT.

        Keystrokes are beautiful, purchased it when we went WFH, absolutely no regrets.

      • Its an ok kb but you're used to mechanical ones, might not satisfy. Mushy keys and low travel.

        • +5 votes

          I really don't understand why everyone loves mechanicals. For gaming I think the tactile feedback etc makes a lot of sense, but if you take gaming out of the equation I don't see the appeal.

          I work in IT (WFH, own business pretty much full time) + I'm studying (health science area). I spend a lot of time doing remote admin work, alot of terminal / script work etc. On the uni side just the usual essays / study sort of workload. I prefer chiclet style keyboards, less key travel / weight so less effort to press a key and certainly more than enough tactile feedback to be confident you've made a keystroke.

          I currently use a logitech K780 that's about 2 years old and don't really have any complaints. I'd like something a little more premium feeling, but even in that case I'd go with a higher end chiclet keyboard.

          I've had / used mechanicals (blue keys in the one I had) and I much prefer this. When on the road I use a surface and don't mind the chiclet keyboard on that either (although the touchpad is absolute rubbish).

          What's the appeal on your end?

          • @knk:

            What's the appeal on your end?

            I game lol

            This is a great keyboard no doubt but those used to mechanical keyboards will likely find it a little shallow. This is just because of the muscle memory and adjustment thing - just like MX Master users might find true mechanical keyboards somewhat weird.

            I use brown switches which are somewhere in between the blue (clicky) and red (linear).

        • Logitech options gives you good customisability - e.g. remapping functions.
        • Can pair 3 devices as stated, easily switch between them.
        • Keys are tactile/ergonomic in terms of their shape and travel. I think they're perfect but it's a preference issue - stay away if you prefer the larger travel of a mechanical keyboard.

        FWIW I've recommended it along with the corresponding mouse to four people and they all love it. I feel it's the best non-gaming keyboard on the market.

        • Options doesn’t really offer much customisation value for the keyboards - you can change the F-key assignments but the app customisations don’t offer much value. The software is buggy and absolute trash if you’re using Parallels for Windows VMs on macOS, to the point where you have to uninstall it to get a consistent experience.

          Options is crucial for customising MX mouse button assignments though.

          The keyboard itself is great though - really nice to see premium keyboards that aren’t gamer oriented. I bought one for work (IT consulting) and home (WFH and study). Use it for my iPad, M1 MBA and Surface devices.

  • Would that eee PC Pentium n5000 be enough for a primary school kids?(YouTube chrome Google drive and office?)

    • They sent a space shuttle into space with 64kb of ram. But now we can't launch a browser tab without 2gb ram..

      • That's nice. Anyway, so would this lower spec Pentium "silver" be laggy and awful for a kids basic use, or would it cope with fairly low demand?

    • I think so. Like most parents used to get on the celeron 4gb 32gb stuff when I worked in retail. Pretty good value I think.

    • +2 votes

      I reckon try and find a budget laptop with an upgradable ram slot (as has been in past ozb deals). 8gb is quickly becoming the minimum.

  • Headset looks really good for the price.

  • Can anyone confirm/know how to check the MX Keys is AUS layout vs UK layout?

    • Judging by the eBay picture it looks like the standard US/AUS layout and it mentions under item specs: QWERTY (Standard).

      I did a search by the model number (920009418) and found it on JB Hi-Fi, but that has a different layout pictured … Sigh.

      Hopefully it's not the one with the weird shaped "Enter" key

      • Cheers. Yeah you're right. Picture is def Aus layout so will be within my rights to whinge if it comes through 'not as described' :)

      • 920009418 should be the standard AU/US layout. I've got the English layout bought on Amazon UK… Learnt it the hard way

  • The tuf very tempting….

    It's USB C spec says gen 2 with dp
    Means not thunderbolt?

  • I honestly froth for the MX Keys. I bought one mid last year and it's the best keyboard I've ever owned. I use it for both work and gaming and I really can't upvote deals for this keyboard enough. The only issue for some might be a lack of wrist rest, but a good felt desk mat or similar under the keyboard makes this not an issue at all

    I'm genuinely considering buying a backup as Logitech do enjoy cancelling some of their best products for no real reason (I will celebrate if they ever remaster the G600 with wireless and an updated sensor)

  • Absolutely love the MX Keys (using for work) - solid, probably the best feeling keys since I can’t bring a Mech. The Logitech Options software has been absolute rubbish for me though - often won’t launch unless I disconnect all Logi devices and it keeps pressing alt (unusable with Excel), so I have to leave it closed and can’t remap any keys/configure my M720.

  • cant go wrong with the keyboard,i have had one for 6 months THE BEST for me anyway

  • I called jb for a deal yesterday and was given $171 for the mx keys so a good option for those with Gc / the anti-eBay plus

  • Logitech MX keyboard - $167.78 on Amazon (Prime a free delivery) for those of us without a eBay plus membership!


  • Another upvote for the MX Keys - Bought it a week ago, would absolutely recommend.

    Got it by calling JB Hifi sales, together with the MX Master 3 mouse.
    Quoted Price - $300. ($171 - MX Keys, $129 - MX Master 3)
    Paid - $288 with GCs.

    MX Master 3 mouse works great as well. Using it on Mac, switched from the Magic Mouse. A few bugs with the Logitech Options software as everyone has mentioned. Nothing more than a mild annoyance though. Also, 3 way switching is such a boon.

    The Logitech Options bug for me - 1/5 times while waking the computer from sleep, it loses the custom settings on the mouse and keyboard. Easily fixed by putting the computer to sleep and waking it up again.

    • Have you configured logitech flow at all? I've had troubles getting that to work - thinking it might be a firewall issue on one of the computers.

    • have u got a receipt from JB HIFI ? perhaps if you can PM me with redacted details? thank you in advance

    • Thanks for the tips!

      My husband called JB Sales yesterday and got a quote for $289 (MX Keys Advance for $169 + MX Master 3 Advanced for $120)! Pay with JB Gift Card (5% off) for $274.55!

      We've been searching for a good deal for the MX set and finally he got it! He is a very happy boy now!

  • This looks like a great keyboard, except where the menu key is located…. anyone know of a good keyboard with a menu key down the bottom where it should be?

  • MX Keys keyboard looks to be out of stock

  • How does the Razer BlackShark V2 X perform? Anyone bought it and is it any good for the price?

  • Pulled the trigger on the keyboard. Thanks op.

  • What are the advantages of this keyboard over say, a mechanical keyboard, which I could also afford?

  • Had the MX Keys for about 18 months now, can highly recommend it. Ditch the logitech options software, introduces bugs and if you don't want to remap keys and such its only utility is to perhaps show battery level. I use this keyboard WFH almost full time and gaming here and there, no complaints and the battery life if you don't use the backlight for the keys is excellent. I wish they'd come out with a TKL version, but for a wireless multi device keyboard, its simply the best one out there.

  • Does anyone know if titan gear provide a tax invoice?

    • Yes. I got a tax invoice upon request from the AirPod promotions, just give them a couple of days to reply since they are shipping out a lot of products.

  • Got it at JBHIFI this morning for $171…had a feeling they were authorised to go lower if they wanted to.

    Been wanting to upgrade for a while now. I have to say it definitely feels better than a magic keyboard and I'm happy with the travel. Love being able to switch between devices so easily. Totally worth it.

  • Highly recommended the MX Keys. Best thing I bought last year for my WFH setup. The battery life is amazing (even with backlight on), easy to switch between multiple devices (e.g. MBP & PS5), quiet when typing, and excellent key travel. I haven't experience any problems with the Logitech Options Software on my MBP. Honestly such a good keyboard!

    • Went the Aldi $29 one and it is not too bad at all. Not MX Keys quality, but not too shabby.

  • Thanks! I managed to get the Samson Go mic with the code for $65.20!

  • Hi, is the 14 inch vivo book worth it at this price,or is there any alternatives say under $1000. looking lightish laptop to take on the go for light emailing and browsing ,netflix etc that's gonna last a few years . TIA