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[eBay Plus] 15% off Eligible Tech Items (Huawei P30 Pro - $800.57) @ eBay Australia


Hi all,

Just noticed this on the eBay banner.

Says 10% off eligible items for all eBay members and a further 5% for eBay Plus members.

Huawei P30 Pro - $800.57


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    Same nothing special.

    • Does this stack with the Dell 20% off?

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    Got sent an email from eBay, saying hey you got a second chance for this item with $80 off using code..blah blah blah. Put in cart, checkout with code.. doesn't work. Re read all the t&c's to make sure I've followed the rules. On eBay chat for 2.5hrs (as you can't call anymore). Getting nowhere, here nothing back for about 15mins, ask for a simple coupon code for the email discount value. They change over shifts… Get how can I help you. Think I'll just report this one to the ACCC for false advertising and wasting my time.

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      Your chat history will be recorded - I would tell them to reference that so you don't have to type through the story again.
      I had a very similar situation where I received an email with discount code but tried to complete the order as per the offer and found the code was not accepted. Also went round in circles with online chat being told the code could only be applied to the 'specific' item. I reinforced that I was trying to buy the 'specific' item I also forwarded a copy of the email), then simple got told to try buying something else!
      In my case, the discount was only 3%, but I was infuriated by the principal of receiving unsolicited email and then not honouring the offer. Over the principal, I kept pushing and demanded the issue be escalated. Eventual I was contacted with a different agent (when I asked for his position he replied "Manager in Charge", which sounded sus…anyway) who gave me a new code so I could complete the purchase as per the offer.
      If you have no luck, make sure you keep a copy of the chat and the original email to support your case in pursuing further.

      • Yeah, that's my plan. Except I can't be bothered following it up again with a pretend manger this time (I did ask for one in the chat and told them straight out I will be submitting the chat to the ACCC if not honoured). Time to submit.

  • Umm… Just paid on Sunday with 10% code, now it is 15% off…

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      wait next month maybe 20

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    OP please add [SCAM] tag to post

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    • Valid till?

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    Your thumbnail is Samsung

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    the amount of price jacking is TOO DAMN HIGH

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    So, I presume Huawei phones can't access the google play store any more & hence can't download apps from there?

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      The P30 model still has the google services.

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    • PLUSTC15 has a max discount per transaction of $300
    • PLUSPR10 has a max discount per transaction of $500.

    So for anything $2000-$3000, PLUSTC15 keeps your discount maxed out at $300.
    But once you get past $3000, switch to PLUSPR10 instead.

  • Does the $50 ebay plus sign up voucher stack with codes like these?

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      unfortunately not

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    not future proof as it is not 5G and with no support from google it's DOA for Huawei
    not to worry Huawei will force all their users to use the new HangMeng OS

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      5G is well and truly overrated for most use cases
      support from google for this model is still OK but yes … thats the biggest downside. biggest downside of the technology is the politics around it

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      its working, you may want double check and revise with your comments, suggestions:

      1. check your ebay plus member ship

      2. use PLUSTC15 https://prnt.sc/10b4zgp

      if you still have issues you can contact ebay or provide more details for assistant

      • Been there, done that. Got the chat transcript, sending to ACCC.

      • Why your normal price is higher than other vendors ?

      • Ditto with tunzafun001. Going to ACCC. Stop the BS!
        No more "selected" BS rep
        Cancelling my Ebay plus and keeping with Amazon Prime.
        (nice job on the bot accounts though)

  • 1) Is P30Pro eligible for Cashback?
    2) Can i use gift cards to pay?


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      1) I don't think you are eligible for cashback - Shopback is 1% CB on mobile phones but I can't see this as an approved code on their website.

      2) Yes you can use eBay gift cards to check out.

    • Buy choice gift cards from CR, swap it and use it on eBay

  • Anyone know of current cashback offers via ebay? Or sell ebay?

    • No CB via SB for sure.

  • iPhone deals?

  • Would the P30 Pro still be worth buying over OnePlus 8 or Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G? I know the lack of 5G, 90Hz display are downsides but I'm concerned about touchscreen issues in S20 FE 5G and lack of IP68 and local warranty of OnePlus.

  • Simply no Huawei / Chinese companies stuff if you were Oz.

    First, it is about our pride to not walking with Dictatorship.
    Second, do not pour the money to someone try bullying AUS, sth like threatening our winemakers / rejecting lobster even we delivered in front of their ports.
    Third, it is not sure if Google, or the US government, will cease supporting Chinese mobile makers with Android OS.

    Considered twice before making up your mind.

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