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[eBay Plus] Microsoft 365 Family - 15 months - $101 @ Bing Lee


I've been watching this for a while. Bing Lee currently have the 15-month version same price as the 12-month version. $111 without eBay Plus, $101 with.

Cheap way of getting 6TB of cloud storage (6 x 1TB accounts).

Electronic delivery of the code.

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    Nice price for a 15 month subscription and a good reminder to cancel my eBay plus.

    Thanks OP!

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    Also comes with 5 free email accounts on a custom domain, IF (BIG IF) you buy the domain from GoDaddy… Assuming you can stomach having a domain with them. 😜


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      Haven't dealt with godaddy for many years… Don't get why it'd matter to the average Joe if the domains with them.

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        Because the founder’s ability and willingness to create dead elephants. Literally.

        • You mean the crazy Marine? He sold the business a few years ago.

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            @SteveOh: He did, but Stampy never forgets

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    I already have a 365 family account. Can I stack this on top?

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      I've stacked a couple years' worth in the past.

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      My understanding is yes, I’ve ordered this to do exactly that.

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  • Anybody know if you can buy several copies and stack - e.g. 2 copies to give 30 months

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      From - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/what-happens-if-i...

      Looks like you can add up to 5 years.

      I want to extend my subscription
      When you add a Microsoft 365 subscription to an account that already has a Microsoft 365 subscription, any remaining time from your current subscription is added to the new one. For example, if you have 6 months left on your current Microsoft 365 Family subscription and you add a new yearly Microsoft 365 Family subscription to your account, we’ll extend it to 18 months.

      If you try to add too many subscriptions at once to the same account, you’ll get a Redemption Failed error because you can’t exceed the 5-year maximum.

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        I just bought two and they stacked and added 30 months. Mine was up for renewal in June so worked out great

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    free since last 4 years now because I've got a .edu.au email address and my employer allows personal computer installations… 😊

    • I have free 365 from my edumail account but not sure how you can get 365 family from it? Would rather not have an employer attached one where they can snoop on what you have stored in it.

      • Well there is nothing questionable saved but I do get your point. Everything confidential is on my personal drive and is not stored in the O365 tenancy. Primarily using it for Word and Excel. Not sure what's extra in the family sub but the licence attached to my user allows installing office on 5 machines.

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          There are 5 more user accounts allowed in the family sub - I share mine with my wife, kids, brother and sister and all of them get the 5 installs, and 1TB cloud storage each. I also hit up the family to help pay.

  • Whats the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2016?

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      Main difference is subsription (so always the latest version) and standalone (so you wouldn't get Office 2019, 2021 etc)

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      Microsoft being able to jack you with a subscription rather than a one time payment. Same thing with Adobe products.

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        Except the difference here is you spend $100 for 15 mths shared between up to six people with up to five devices each.

        Normal version gets you Office on one computer for far more.

        The $101 gets me Office for my laptop, desktop, iPhone and iPad, plus I have shared it with my wife, mother and aunt. Feels like a much better deal to me, even if it is a sub.

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          Plus 6tb of cloud storage… 1 per user

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          So the real deal here is finding a schmuck like you to pay for my office subscription.

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      Microsoft 365 includes more apps than Office 2016 Home or Office 2016 Business, it's basically ProPlus sub as it includes Access & Publisher (Not in Home Business) and Outlook (not in Home Student). Your yearly subscription for 365 Personal can be installed on 5 different devices and includes 1TB of OneDrive storage in the price.

      The deal in OP is 365 family which let's you invite 4 different email addresses into the plan and they all get the above and can do 5 different devices and have their own dedicated 1tb OneDrive storage. That means you get 25 device installs and 5tb onedrive storage in total over the 5 accounts.

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        You can now invite five people for a total of six members in the Family pack :)

    • Office 2016 is on one pc - the one you install it on. Office 365 can be on any computer once you log into the web interface - so pretty much anywhere on any pc + one drive etc..etc..etc

      • wow, you can use office on a web browser? Is it slow?

        • Nah works fine, entirely dependent on your internet connection but is seamless and easy

        • https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/free-office-on...

          It's not slow because your PCs/laptops/phones are getting faster and the backend are cloud based and they run on server infrastructure. Microsoft is more about cloud based technologies nowadays. That's why Microsoft want to lock people into subscription model.

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          Office in browser is actually free even without a 365 sub.

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      Office 365 - Subscription based, you get latest version of Office (for PC and/or Mac). You can download the offline version (currently Office 2019), but you have to be online at least every 30 days to let it check the license. Once your subscription ends, you won't be able to use it. The family edition allows 6 people. Also, you can create a shared family calendar. You also get OneDrive cloud storage space.

      Office 2016 - No longer the latest version Office. However, being a standalone version means you don't need to renew the license and officially, each license is for 1 PC.

      If you are happy with Office 2016, just keep using it.

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    My employer offers 30% off personal which I can get for 1 user for ~$70 per year. Never have paid for office in the past, well had a 4 year uni one but that expired and I’m no longer a uni student :(

    • This is the 5 user subscription.

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        Yeah agree, but just looking for a solution for 1 user.

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          Does your employer use Office 365? The cheapest option is just install it on your personal PC / laptop. While I do use work supplied PC for work mostly. There are times I just use my personal PC for light work (including checking work e-mails).

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    ali express $7.50 for Office 365 one off fee for life

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        Those articles discuss the negatives of purchasing but not so much the longevity of using office on the provided 'account'. Take a common sense approach when getting these licences.

        I save all my office documents locally to my PC, had one of these office accounts for over 2 years.
        Sure, may not last forever, but it unlocks most of the office features, and has been working fine.

        I have 5 devices running with no issues

      • Of course it is dodgy and no way it is lifetime. However, it looks like a lot of people are still going for those. It is basically a $3 gamble (given that it is so dodgy, might as well go for the cheapest if one really wants to go for one of those). It's pure luck, some people had it failing after 1 month, some managed to use it for 8 months, some people were lucky enough to have it still working after 2 years.

        The quality of these appears to be getting worse from what I read online (and the sellers normally disappear / close account within a month). Some people might think $3, even for a month or a few months is worth the gamble. However, if you must go down that dodgy path, avoid using the included One Drive / Cloud Save - because when it stopped working, that's the first part that gets locked / disabled by Microsoft. There is no way for you to get that re-activated (because even if you want to pay Microsoft for it, you don't have the org admin access to be able to do so and good luck finding the seller (even if you managed to find the seller, I doubt the seller has that access)).

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          It isn't the dodgy license that is the real trouble with these. it is the fact you have basically given unrestricted access to your email and one drive to a 3rd party who can browse and access it at will without you knowing.

    • You mean they retain access to you email and files for life. Surely no one is dumb enough to buy those?

  • eBay also has genuine office 2019 with life time subscription for $70 - Much better deal!

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      Most are interested in the included 6x 1TB cloud storage rather than office themselves

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        Interesting, but not sure why the average user would need 6TB of cloud storage…

        • I'm planning on using it for encrypted backups from my nas.

        • 1TB per person. Backing up your photos and videos from your mobile device is very good use case. Much cheaper than any other alternative other than Google Photos, until June this year when they will stop the free tier of unlimited backup.

          • @bchliu: Are you saying google photos are going to stop their free tier of unlimited backups? It wasn’t clear. I’m assuming that would be for new users only.

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              @bOngOCaT: They are for everyone this June. Photos already uploaded are grandfathered and doesn't count toward your quota but anything after that will be counted. If you want to stick with Google then you should make sure to import as much photo in there as possible

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              @bOngOCaT: Yes. That's why OneDrive is also offering Photo backup on their app too. Hence why it's probably the cheapest way of Cloud storage moving on from June. The current pricing for Google Photos for the non-free tier is $2.49 for 100GB per month or $125 per year for 2TB. Comparison iCloud charges $4.49 per month for 200GB or $15 for 2TB.

              For $101 you get a year of Office (whatever the latest version is, 2019, 2021 etc) and 1TB per user. It's almost a no brainer in this aspect.

              It'll be sad to see Google Photos go like this. I really enjoyed the app and hope Google changes their mind on it. But storage is storage and costs money so this is the best alternative.

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      Linky link?

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    Don't forget to buy Celebration $20 gift cards from Shopback at 8% discount and convert into ebay gift cards to give you another 8% off

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    Other than the storage, what benefits do home users see over Google Docs or LibreOffice?

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      You won't be called a tightarse at the pub when you mention you (legitimately) bought Microsoft Office.

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      Custom domain email address, more advanced features in word and excel (if you need it).

      If you’re an accountant, excel is much easier to use than sheets

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      If you use Outlook.com for email, you get the ads removed, 50GB storage and "advanced security features" and if you use Skype for actual phone calls, you get 60 minutes of included calls to phone numbers per month.

      They also had some discount offers for e.g. Adobe subscriptions going a while back too I think.

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    $101 looks like LOL

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      Litterly laughing in our faces.

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    Just bought it. How long before I get the code?

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      Until their admin woke up.

    • My eBay order confirmation email was at 8:18pm and I got the code from Bing Lee at 9:28pm.

  • is it posted or emailed?

  • Last deal I bought two, was when I got it for $153 in total with coupon.
    Needs to be about $95 to match that….waiting for those extra few dollars haha

  • Would this work if the family members live overseas in different countries?

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      Yes, you can. Technology wise, no issue as it is cloud based subscription. We will just pretend those family members "normally" live with you and happen to be "temporary" working / living in another country.

  • Cheap way of getting 6TB of cloud storage (6 x 1TB accounts).

    What happens to your storage space and files after those 15 months?

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      Your storage will be there but won't able to store more

  • Hmm, interesting how Bing Lee can claim it's a 15 months subscription, but the SKU points to the 12 months product when you google "9337694069473"

    EDIT: Okay, looking further, there are conditions for 15 months, which really is "12-month subscription. Enjoy 3 more months with purchase of qualifying product". Looking on Microsoft, here are the T&Cs:

    Qualifying Products

    Microsoft 365 Personal 12-Month subscription or Microsoft 365 Family 12-Month subscription (Qualifying Product).
    The Qualifying Product must be purchased with one of the following in the same transaction (Qualifying Device/Attach Product):

    Any Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, Chromebook, Android Tablet or Smartphone.
    Any Microsoft Product.
    Any PC Accessory (i.e. Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, Monitor, External Storage, Laptop Bags, Networking Equipment, Hard Drives, PC Components, Partner Services, and Memberships).
    Any Inking Pen for use with Windows 10.
    Windows 10 Software.
    Any Extended Warranty for Windows PCs, Apple Mac, iPad, Chromebook, Android Tablets, Smartphones.
    Any Mobile and Fixed Line Broadband Internet Subscription.
    Any Computer Technical Services and Support.
    Any Subscription Software with a minimum subscription term of 1 year.
    If the Qualifying Product is preinstalled on a Qualifying Device, it is not eligible for this Promotion.

    Purchases of a Qualifying Product with a Qualifying Device/Attach Product that have already received a 3 Month Microsoft 365 subscription from the Retailer, are not eligible for this Promotion.

    Purchases of a Microsoft 365 Personal or Microsoft 365 Family 15-Month subscription, with a Qualifying Device/Attach Product are not eligible for this Promotion.

    Promotion Description (Promotion)
    Individuals (Claimants) who purchase a new Qualifying Product in the same transaction as a Qualifying Device/Attach Product from an Eligible Retailer will be entitled to claim (Claim) a Reward (Reward) of a three months Microsoft 365 Personal subscription or a Microsoft 365 Family subscription subject to the Qualifying Product purchased and these Terms and Conditions.

    The promotion is valid for any Qualifying Product purchased Worldwide between 00:00 am local time on 1st February 2021 and 11:59 pm local time on 4th December 2023 inclusive (Promotion Period).
    Claims can be logged between 00:00 am local time on 1st February 2021 until 11:59 pm local time on 2nd January 2024 (Claim Period).

    See further details on eligibility in microsoft's link: https://m365promo.microsoft.com/

    In short, you can only get the promo bonus 3 months ONCE, so if you buy multiple, it's only 15 + 12 x (n-1) months and so on.

    • This is so confusing - it also sounds like we have to purchase another product to qualify for the first 3 months bonus too?

      “The Qualifying Product must be purchased with one of the following in the same transaction (Qualifying Device/Attach Product):”

      The 15 months advertising is rather misleading then. Bought two thinking I’m getting 30 months worth.

      • I can definitely confirm that I received 31 months total.

        The first code i put in, they offered an additional 1 month if i did an automatic renewal at the end. The second one just added the 15 months without asking.

        My original expiry was june and now it's jan 2 years later. Someone can recheck my math etc

        I didn't bother to try and cancel the recurring subscription before entering in second code so that would be interesting to see if they offer you another 1 month free :D

        • Good to see people are getting the advertised 15 months =)

        • Thanks! I just activated two and can confirm the same.

    • There's no list of eligible retailers for Australia. That's not helpful.

  • +2

    Do analyse if you actually need this. There are other 'free' or nearly-free options:

    1. Online and more feature limited versions of MS Office on Outlook.com/Live.com/Hotmail.com (MS accounts)
    2. Alternative Office suites: LibreOffice, OpenOffice
    3. Older standalone versions of Office for XP, Win7 which can be run inside Virtualbox , you'd probably get the keys free or nearly-free online
    4. Microsoft HUP (Home User Program). Ask your company IT if they're part of the program. If yes, you can get full versions (installed, not cloud) for $30 (no annual fee).
    5. Wordpad (don't laugh). It's been improved over the years. Honestly if you're just typing single page letters or simple docs it's feature rich enough.
    6. Google docs

    I've used Office versions since Office 97 (Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2019) and honestly the 'new' features don't mean much from a daily basis. The doc format has been around forever and so has the newer docx (and xls,xlsx equivalents). Most the alternative office suites can handle them but do fall over on fancy formatting or macro-heavy files. But if you're not doing much more than simple docs do look at these alternatives.

    • Microsoft HUP (Home User Program). Ask your company IT if they're part of the program. If yes, you can get full versions (installed, not cloud) for $30 (no annual fee).

      That's no longer the case. Microsoft no longer offers standalone versions for $30 (or $20) in home use. Microsoft now switched to Office 365 for Home Use and the deal offered for HUP is not good. Visio and Project, you can still get them via Home Use.

      While most people on HUP would have bought Office 2019 Pro Plus for PC (and perhaps Home and Business 2019 for Mac) back in 2018 and maybe 2019, that will not happen for Office 2020. Also, you get a difference perspective on Office if you are on HUP since they were dirt cheap.

    • I agree that the value proposition for office is a bit sketch. I have had it so long that I actually no longer know what happens if you only use the free online version of office. From my limited understanding though the benefits include editing documents from phone and tablet. I personally don't do this at all so its of no value. The other things are the ability to pull templates, not sure if many people use this. There could be other benefits other than the cloud storage but personally I basically value it as 50% cloud storage and 50% being able to login to any PC and not worry about needing that computer to have a copy of office activated to save documents.

      I think even if you have an office installation and you don't activate it, it still works but i don't know what the limitations are other than a popup at the top telling you as such

      The cloud storage is invaluable and the US i believe have unlimited storage vs APAC with 1TB limit. There should be a data centre coming up within the next 2 years so hopefully that comes with storage expansion for everyone in APAC region :D. paying essentially $20/yr/user for 1TB convenience is a big +, although in my "family" i believe i'm the only one that uses anywhere close to that and probably only have around X0's GB left

  • +3

    ebay listing has been pulled down

    "This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing."

    • Maybe that's why I haven't gotten my code since the purchase yesterday. Let's see how this will play out

      • Check your spam folder. Mine came in about an hour but it was sitting in my gmail spam.

        • Ordered yesterday, still haven't received mine.

          • @mommu: Same here

          • @mommu: What time? I ordered just before 7pm, and it arrived just after 8pm.

  • Thanks OP! My 365 sub was about to run out next month 😊

  • Anyone else got the code yet??

    • Yes, mine came in about an hour (see my comment below).

  • +1

    I received the code a few minutes ago. Haven't activate it yet.

    • -1

      Do they send it to your email or ebay inbox?

      • +1

        Code was sent to email and not ebay inbox.

  • Just checked my gmail spam folder and the digital code had arrived from Bing Lee about an hour after my purchase.

    Just added it to my 365 account and my renewal date has been extended by the expected 15 months.

  • -1

    Damn, expired already. I needed this, I really did.

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