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Microsoft Office 2019 - Home & Business Medialess Outright Licence $259 + Post @ Austin Computers (5% Price Beat at Officeworks)


Save on IT has it at $239 … but this is a digital licence

The essentials to get it all done. Office Home and Business 2019 is for families and small businesses who want classic Office apps and email. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, plus OneNote for Windows 10.

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  • I bought Office 2019 once, and the activation process is a total mess. I had it installed on a machine, and didn’t deactivate it before I reinstalled the OS. Now the key won’t activate telling me it already is so, and all my attempts to contact Microsoft to deactivate the old install have been unsuccessful. Total PITA.

    Switched to 365 to share with my wife and parents for way less.

      • Tried all that several times, totally unhelpful. Was on hold on the Microsoft “helpline” for over an hour without talking to a person before I hung up. Another time the call dropped out while on hold.

        Countless other subscriptions apps do this better, simply letting you to deactivate existing installs from your online account, can’t see anything reason Microsoft can’t do the same.

        • Did you purchase it from Microsoft or one of a bigger retailers? I found with a legit Microsoft license, Microsoft does tend to let you install on multiple machines for a single license (you are not suppose to, but they do understand people can change PCs). However, there is still a limit.

          On the other hand, a lot of cheap licenses from online sellers actually abuse that. They simply sell the same key to as many buyers as possible until that limit is reached. Then, they will start selling another key. Generally, if you actually own a proper license and you do upgrade PCs a lot, Microsoft support will permit you to install it on 1 more device when you call them.

          Office 2019 standalone is different to Office365. Office365 is subscription so you can activate / de-activate installed devices online.

          • @netsurfer: Direct from MS. I have tried several times and simply haven’t been able to get hold of anyone to deactivate it from my long-erased installation.

            • @Mitch889: I would definitely contact Microsoft support to get that paid license back. I just installed Office 2019 on another PC to test and I can confirm Microsoft does allow you to activate on another PC (generally because they don't want to deal with phone calls of changing PCs / transferring licenses). My license doesn't permit me to put Office 2019 on 2 PCs so I've deleted it on the second PC. However, for a brief moment, I had Office 2019 running on 2 PCs with the same license.

              • @netsurfer: Can confirm as a dealer what netsurfer is saying. I've have customers buy new computers from me all the time and in 100% of cases with legit keys it will activate on the new PC, or if not a quick call to Microsoft Activations they'll activate over the phone.

                They actually just reset the activations counter at their end.

                Choose phone activation - speak to someone - I've never had it NOT work out.

    • when you activate office 2019 it has to be linked to a microsoft account, the key is useless after you first use it

    • You need to use the /unpkey switch in an elevated command prompt session, and then you should be able to reactivate the standalone Office suite with the same product key.

      Follow the link below for instructions.


  • And with MS-Office 2021 to be released later this year:


  • Cheaper at Groupon. Both 2016 and 2019 versions available:

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      This is a misleading offer. You are not given a MS Office 2019 license. You are given a one off install code to be only used once. You are NOT purchasing a license key with Microsoft as it infers, which you can use to install as many times as you like (but it can only be active on one device at at time, thus the "single use"). This matter has been raised with the supplier and is being referred to Groupon. I have brought many deals over the last decade with Groupon, some great, some okay, some not so great. This is the first time I have come across a product that is misleading and does not meet its advertised promise. Please note this is a clear misrepresentation of what is being purchased, if you want an actual MS Office 2019 licence key, this is not it.

      The code they sent for my purchase was an invalid code so I could not install the Microsoft Office 2019 Home program. I have emailed them for another code and have not heard from them. NOT HAPPY!

      • That reviewer obviously didn't read the whole page use it states in the "Things to Know" section of description that:
        * One voucher entitles to one license key
        * Cannot be used on several devices

        Isn't that how many apps are sold or licensed these days - either for single device/user or multi device/users? If, later on you install to different PC you gotta just "unauthorize" existing install from account settings?

        I bought Office 2019 version in Dec (different seller then, Clix) it came with regular key and as a single user for single device scenario, it was cheap :)