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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE (Model 845F) $459.95 + $14.95 Delivery (Parallel Import) @ BuyMobile


Usually around $580 to $650. Think this is a good deal

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  • has anyone purchased from this site and received items?
    Australia Stock?

    bit strange that the Bluetooth only model is listed as RRP $789 selling for $449

    and LTE model is listed as RRP $589 selling for $459

    im also sure i saw it last week and both the LTE and bluetooth models were the same price which made me question the legitimacy of website

    would love to hear from others that have dealt with BuyMobile…

  • I just messaged them, they are grey imports.

  • yeh unsure if LTE 4G will work with grey imports due to Band used being different from region to region
    Probably not worth the hassle

    • Im not sure either way. The Watch3 on their site lists the bands it works on which nearly mirrors the 4G bands here in Australia.

      I think there are some issues with NFC for Samsung Pay / Google pay

  • I would think they legit as a company as they have zip pay and klarna.. as for if its AU stock or grey import not sure. I ordered one so if there is a way to tell i cab report back. Don't care much for LTE bit need nfc to work

  • yeh keen to hear back in regards to LTE and Samsung Pay

  • I can confirm samsung pay does not work i spoke to them and samsung.

  • Reply I got when asking about Samsung pay was:
    Unless otherwise stated within the product description, the majority of devices are sourced internationally as we get newer, better versions at more attractive prices for you. International stock is sourced from a variety of locations, dependent on availability, price and quality. As all stock ultimately comes from the same factories, in reality the only difference between devices sourced from Australia and overseas is in the charger, which may have a different plug.

    To combat this we include an adaptor and, wherever possible, a local charger, to ensure you will never go short with your battery. International stock handsets come with a local warranty serviced by our warranty partner.

    • Hey Renvilo, have you received the product? Is the GOOGLE PAY/SAMSUNG PAY working properly?

      • I asked them again and they confirmed SPay will work (do you get Google to pay on the watch?). But I had a bit of an argument with them due to what happens when it doesn't. So I requested a cancellation (I paid via zip) and they still shipped the product about 5h ago. They claim no one saw the cancellation but they did confirm via email haha. I bought this on 6 March and got an email only on 10 March saying its been shipped but the tracking didn't work. I submitted a dispute form with Zip about this yesterday. This morning I got a sms saying I have a delivery from Toll today so yea.. Seems its here today lol. So I'll open it today and set everything up and report back tomorrow sometime if it works. I just can't test the LTE due to not having esim enabled coz I'm on the work's contract so..

      • Just an update. Useless Toll said they couldn't find my address lol. I don't even know how they manage to do this. Maybe they have maps from 1990 hahaha. So they will rather deliver at a BP tomorrow then I can pick it up there.

  • Just an update.. got it today. Super nice watch. SPay works fine just tested it. Can't test LTE but looking at the bands AU uses and what is labeled for the watch i think it should be fine. All the sensors work, etc. All seems fine and for a very good price. Only thing i don't like is the strap but will replace it with one that clicks into place anyway.

  • Thanks for the update, bought one as well

  • I'm thinking of buying one after reading your comment. Let me know how the watch is going

  • Yea I'll be using it a few days and if I get any issues I'll report back but so far really happy. Everything looks legit

  • Hey All, I received my watch this week as well. I can confirm Samsung pay works for my bank issued credit cards however does not work for my Amex issued card. There is no problem with LTE on Optus.

    • Do you have the ECG functions on yours? I hate how aust doesn't allow it.

      • I installed this on mine. ECG and Blood pressure works 100% on it. Found a link on XDA where the guy stripped out the limit on the country in the .apk

  • Still haven't received it. I placed order on the 17th and the seller shipped it from Hong Kong 5 days after the order was placed. The tracking is still showing in Hong Kong since then. I think at least 5-7 more days for it to be delivered in Sydney.

    Whoever want to receive it quickly should consider the order handling and transit time.

    • Yea the tracking was useless for me but it was loaded onto the "Shop" app so install that and see if you get some more info.

  • I got a Taiwan version, LTE is not working on the Telstra