An Idiot Tried to Hog a Spot by Standing in Front of It. Should I Be Petty?

My friends and I were in Melbourne CBD this evening and were about to turn into a 90 deg parking spot.. to be met with an idiot standing right in front of the spot refusing to move. He claims that his friend is doing a turn and is just around the corner and that he is reserving the spot for his friend - called him an asshole and told him that he isn’t a car and should not be hogging a spot. His response? “How am I am asshole if I’m not being aggressive?”

Our confrontation lasted for 1.5 mins before we drove off to another spot that freed up, only because we were across 2 lanes and were holding up traffic behind us.

Obvs we have videos + dashcam footage and images of him and his friend + his friend’s car plate deets. Thinking if we should give karma a hand (+ just wanting to be extremely petty as he completely ruined our evening) by posting these vids/pics somewhere. Thoughts?

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    Totally get why you were mad but don't really see the point of posting/sending it anywhere besides DCOA!

  • You should just put your middle finger up in front of your camera and point at him and then post it on Facebook
    With a funny hashtag

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    Dashcam owners Australia all the way.

  • Just move on. Idiots everywhere. You can't shame all of them.

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    That’s the right way. Posting to OzBargain. 👍

  • It really isn't worth having an altercation as they might be arseholes who will damage your car. You should have just let them have it and not provoke them, move on with your day like an adult. Really isn't anything worth getting upset about at all. Although from your wording it sounds like they should be the ones backing off as you're the arsehole who would consider damaging someone else's property.

    • I’m sorry if my wording made it sound that way, but although we were pissed and astounded at the situation (because it’s something we see on viral videos on fb, not something we think we’d encounter irl), we did not consider damaging their car.

      In fact, the videos were to protect US in the event that he decides to damage our car during the altercation.. not for any other reason. Only thought to post it somewhere in the interwebz to shame the person, but even then I’m holding back cause I’m not sure if I’m taking things too far.

      • I don't think it is worth putting that much effort in. People do annoying stuff all the time, sometimes on purpose cause they're not thoughtful or not on purpose because they're idiots… Trying to shame them won't fix their behaviour, they'll never see it and if they do it would just make them more sure they're right and somehow it is your fault (it isn't but they'll think that). It won't stop other people from doing the same thing - the sort of people that would see the video and think that's wrong behaviour already know it is wrong and wouldn't do that anyway. Getting mad only hurts you, as you spend mental space thinking about it and being mad makes you unhappy. It is much more worthwhile to let stuff like that wash over you. If spending time on it can actually help you or others then sure go ahead but if there's nothing productive you can do…. Better to forget it.

      • I didn't get the impression you'd damage their property.

        +1 for moving on - if the cathartic relief of posting/shaming improves your life go for it, but more likely you can benefit more from letting it go and turning it into a positive by realising you're the bigger person.

      • If your friends didn't mind, should have got one or two of them to block off the other guy's friend as well. This is an imported habit and I'd sure as (profanity) would rather not see it as a norm here.

      • That's some restraint. I personally would've at least contemplated letting their tyres down. Can't stand these sorts of idiots.

        Feel absolutely free to post the video. After all, it's objective evidence so people can make their own judgement.

      • Ok its been 3 days, 435 votes to 189 votes.

        Wheres the link to the video?

    • you're the arsehole who would consider damaging someone else's property.

      Where was this suggested?

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    You call someone an (profanity) and have a 2 minute altercation while blocking traffic.

    Post the video here .

  • he completely ruined our evening

    If one douchebag is enough to ‘completely ruin’ your evening you aren’t going to enjoy life very much. You found a spot after 2 min and probably carried on for the rest of your evening slightly miffed.

    Get over yourself, there are bigger issues around.

    Post it if you must, but you’ll probably look like a douchebag too.

    • True.. not sure why it got me so worked up (probs bc I’ve only had a handful of encounters like these) but you’re right, need. to. move. on.

      • These people are a dime a dozen. Count yourself lucky you haven't interacted with more of them, and doubly lucky you're not one of them!

      • Good on you for realising and admitting. Don't let this waste any more of your emotional energy.

      • Good idea. There's a whole conga line of assholes waiting to interact with you in your future. It's good to learn how to deal with them with the least amount of energy possible. The alternative is just exhausting.

        I used to be a bouncer. Just… I shake my head at the stupid stuff I saw.

    • we all have out care-free days, and our frustrated days

      one day i might give a scoff and say idiot, other days i might linger how terrible some people's actions can be

      • This is true. Some days it’s much harder to be positive and those days the turkeys really do get you down.

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    Same thing happens in the US

    They have a name for it spot saver.

    TLTR version:

    The spot saver is technically wrong… But at the same time, they’re likely to say “What are you going to do about it?” After all, cops are more inclined to respond to a stabbing or a robbery than your parking spat.

    … we can at least all agree that the one person standing in an open space is in the wrong … and a jerk.