An Idiot Tried to Hog a Spot by Standing in Front of It. Should I Be Petty?

My friends and I were in Melbourne CBD this evening and were about to turn into a 90 deg parking spot.. to be met with an idiot standing right in front of the spot refusing to move. He claims that his friend is doing a turn and is just around the corner and that he is reserving the spot for his friend - called him an asshole and told him that he isn’t a car and should not be hogging a spot. His response? “How am I am asshole if I’m not being aggressive?”

Our confrontation lasted for 1.5 mins before we drove off to another spot that freed up, only because we were across 2 lanes and were holding up traffic behind us.

Obvs we have videos + dashcam footage and images of him and his friend + his friend’s car plate deets. Thinking if we should give karma a hand (+ just wanting to be extremely petty as he completely ruined our evening) by posting these vids/pics somewhere. Thoughts?

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    Taking a few extra minutes to find a park ruined your evening?

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    Haha 😂

    My friend told me in Singapore, they used a tissue pack to "book" a seat in the food court!

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      In Japan, people literally just leave their phone and other belonging on the table to hold their seats. It's crazy how trusting people are..

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        I once lost a semi-expensive camera on a train in Japan. When I realised I returned to the station and it had been handed in, not flogged for $20 at Cash Converters.

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          Japan don't have Cash Converters if anyone wondering
          (I checked out of curiosity and sake of accuracy)

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        Crazy to Australians, probably because of the lack of integrity shown across all levels of society in this country. I’m sure it’s just par for the course in Japan.

  • First car in shud get parking. Not people standing there to book spot, no such thing.

    • not even i stake the spot with a traffic cone??

  • While I agree they were wrong, you shouldn't waste your time and energy worrying about this, but that doesn't mean you can't mess with them. Just yell out "you do know we know where you're parked? ". They will worry about their car while they are gone and you just stated a fact not a threat.

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    I wouldn't even be annoyed by this, probably would have a chuckle. I don't understand why some people are so sensitive about such little things. I wouldn't even claim to know if it's right or not to reserve a spot like this. Just be chill ffs.

  • Where's the footage????!!! Show us!!

  • If you have dashcam, play it cool and just shame the (profanity).

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    There are so many cases like this and it's a crap move but grey in terms of legality. I remember checking up on the laws and the rights will move towards the driver as it becomes a safety issue caused by the pedestrian but there wasn't a specific law for this. I think by law they should just make it outright illegal as it is in other countries.

    Feel free to name and shame; these things usually go viral!

    Check this out for another case:

    • It's not a grey area, obstructing a parking bay is illegal unless you have a permit.

  • Something similar happened at the Maccas drive through near my house. It was a two lane drive through where the lady got out of the car she was in to stand in front of the car in the other lane so the guy wouldn't "push in."

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      Wth, whoever finishes ordering first just goes.. It's not rocket science.

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    That's nothing, the other week I saw a car trying to park in a space, but a woman in a pickup wanted to drive through from the space opposite instead of just stopping in the space she already had. She refused to let the other car into the space and ended up blocking the space she was in, the space next to her and the space the other car was trying to turn into. 30 minutes later, they are still there. Eventually the car turning into the space legitimately gave up and the woman in the pickup won her drive through space…. Except now she couldn't leave her truck for fear of repercussions, so her friend had to go into the shop whilst she guarded her truck… She must have been proud of herself that day for sure 😩

  • Did they clearly see you had a dashcam fitted?
    I'm just curious I guess with these types at if they react to social or shaming pressures instead of the usual swearing and what not. To be clear I'm talking about from their point of view where they see say your passenger holding their phone up as if obviously taking a photo/video, even if they are not.

    A few years ago I was giving a friend a lift who had their camera gear. We were stopped at an intersection where the driver next to us sped through trying to beat a red and he happened to be checking his kit at the time so he did a joke flash fire through the wind shield :P.

  • He would have to move if bikies wanted to park
    there, full house vs 2 aces. Unfortunately you had a lower hand then his

  • Walk out of the car without saying a word and grab a lug wrench from the boot.

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    Based on what i have encountered previously, it is very likely to be an Asian person standing in the parking spot illegally claiming it as there parking spot.

    I would just have slowly moved into the spot forcing the pedestrian out of my way and occasionally blasting the horn so that other people can see that the pedestrian is holding up the parking of my vehicle.

    Then again i dont take shit from people no matter what…..

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      I am Asian.

      And my first thought it was an Asian blocking the spot.

      Bring on the downvotes.

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        I am Caucasian.

        And my first thought it was an Asian blocking the spot.

        Bring on the downvotes.

    • lol I think we've seen this video already

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      “Illegally claiming” LMAO, good one. Do you think the OP should have sued them? Lmao.

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      I don't understand why this type of racism is allowed on ozbargain? What an absolutely stupid thing to say.

      • There are people who will be gladly racist to others (even Asians) whilst having an Asian wife, these people are usually white supremacists and part of far right and alt-right movements.

        • Feel sorry for their wives.

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    Just drive away because if you forced the issue they know where your car is and could key it
    Driving away lets you know where THEIR car is :)

  • Was it a car park that had the lights above each space indicating vacancy?

    • Those things are so shit, easily defeated by a small car.

  • Ha! this happened to me a while ago.

    Holding Parking Space by Standing in It
    Not worth it. Just move on and let it slide. No point escalating the issue on social media / DCOA

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      i just skimmed over the comments in that thread, and it's amazing how the general attitude of ozbargainers have changed in the space of just a few years.

      from a +128 'run him over' comment and many other supportive comments like it, to shaming this guy for getting a bit upset over the exact same issue.

      maybe ozbargain is getting all woke now on parking related issues.

      • Just cos I joke about water cannons or other devious things, doesn't mean I'd do it in real life.

  • Childish behaviour of blocking spot! Laugh it off and don’t burn your blood on such idiots. For your fun post it on dash-cam owners. I would also do the same publish online.

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    I don't get it.
    Standing in/reserving a car spot was totally acceptable standard practice a few decades ago.
    Did something change?

    • Yeah, population has increased so now there are more people competing for a spot. I didn't realise this idiotic behaviour went back that far…

    • Yes, I remember my grandmother regularly doing it the the grace bro car park in Chatswood.

      45 years ago.

      As did other people.

      Parking was very hard to get (before the large commuter car park was built).

  • I feel for you. Some people are just shallow arseholes. This person is one of them.

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    I find that reserving carparking spaces like that tends to be an Asian thing. In other words, it's probably standard behavior wherever they come from, and don't understand that we simply don't do it in Australia.

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    Just laugh and say you hope he'll be there for the next two hours protecting his car from being keyed. Forget about it and go do your thing. I guarantee he'll be sitting in his car for 15minutes and spending the whole time worrying :)

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    Send the video to the daily mail. They would love stories like this.

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    Not sure what's the difference between this and holding a spot in a line at a store.

    I would do it.

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      It's different, it's like restuurants were your entire group needs to be there to get a table for say 6.

    • You hold a spot in a line for human beings. If you want, you are mor than welcome to hold a parking spot using another car.

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    I don't see the big fuss with holding the spot.

    Maybe the guy needs to put a high vis jacket in his car. I used to get my co-worker to hold a parking spots in the CBD all the time when working throughout the city. We never had any trouble.

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      Well it's illegal for one but you do you

  • Shame them

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    A pedestrian must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver;

  • So many videos of this mainly at Springvale lol, if it were me I'd stand there and honk till they moved, inching towards them. Course we'd have all the cameras cause naturally if we win they slash at tyres or something like that .

  • A very similar thing happened to us once. We just kept driving slowly into the spot the moron was trying to physically block at about 2km/h until they feigned an injury, then hopped out the way to avoid an actual injury & screeched at us before just walking off. We sat in the car just smiling and waving at them the whole time. I don't think they really knew how to react to that.

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    Yep, let one tyre down. Let down two if you're feeling especially cruel.

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    Come on, where's the footage??

  • Come on bro, it was hectic on Saturday night especially with the free parking. Took us 20 mins, but we go one in the right angle on the middle, another car tried to get in while we were waiting to turn from the left lane (had to cause of the angle) but surprisingly he let give most likely because he would end up hitting the traffic/tree island given he tried to do it from the lane closer to the car spot which would have been impossible.

    Those middle parking spots are a problem though, always plenty of issues like this.

    However, yeah, definitely shouldn't be blocking car parking spot if his mate isn't there yet but given the circumstances they were probably pretty desperate.

    There is always paid parking at QV……

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    just wind down the window and tell him "would be a shame if all 4 of your tyres are slashed by the time you get back!" and drive off

    If they are going to make you feel shit, make sure you make them feel shit as well

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  • Post the video. This behaviour needs to be discouraged and not given a free pass.

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    oh oh oh, i just came up with a really good analogy for aboriginals and parking spots. it's like the settlement of australia. aboriginals held parking spots for thousands of years and white man came with their cars and just ran them over and took the spot.

    giving in and finding another spot will be like the aboriginals claiming the whole car park back space by space (with the support of some other white drivers holding other parking spots) but eventually all white people will lose their spots and have to build a new car park somewhere else to occupy.

    the process repeats itself until aboriginals have reclaimed all of the parking spots in australia.

    maybe that's really what the yellow circle on the aboriginal flag represents. a headlight of a car (the other was broken by the one spear, otherwise there would be two circles).

    really makes ya think.

    • +9

      really makes ya think.

      Makes me think that this is the dumbest shit I've ever read.

      • -2

        i think the meaning of life is that we are all just trying to find our parking spots within ourselves and only when one achieves the perfect park can one reach true enlightenment.

    • +1

      what the (profanity)??

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    If people want to compete for parks on foot i think it's fair game. I wouldn't do it personally but it doesn't offend me, however I don't live in the city.

    • +2

      Hmm new business idea, hogg parking spots on foot and "sell" them for cash.

      • Couldn't uber eats riders provide that service, then at least it would be a bike taking up the spot. When you come they leave freeing up spot

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    I think you should move on with your life.

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    Holding a spot by standing in it is a big bother for the person standing there. If they are going to stand there an hour then they probably deserve the spot.

  • Anything that might raise your blood pressure or might get you into trouble isn't worth it. Idiots and bad behaviour are common, and nothing you do will change that.

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    Daily Mail love these stories, try and sell the video to them and make some money.

  • +2

    Where is the dashcam video ….

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    Life is too short dude. just move on. there is always another spot.

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    First come first serve with these sorts of things.

    Similar to how someone will be in ALDI standing with their hand on a large item such as a fridge. “Nope this one’s ours, I’m waiting for my partner to get a trolley”. Doesn’t mean you can take the item just because you have a trolley.

    It sucks but that’s life, life sucks. Like how property prices are stupid in this country — you have to suck it up. Others’ selfishness and greed will cause your life to be miserable; the sooner you realise this the sooner you can work to overcome those challenges.

    Of all websites you would think that Ozbargain would put the “first come first serve” rule first and foremost in this situation, so the poll surprises me. Or should the rule be “first come first serve but only if it’s me”?

    • +5

      You're right about ALDI but you're wrong about the parking space because a car park is for cars. You can't "reserve" a parking spot unless you've paid for it or you've got your indicator on in a car.

      No one will say it sucks if someone is trying to move a fridge with 2 people because that's only natural. Don't pretend it's the same thing.

      You really can't be trying to normalize this stuff. Stop trying to push your cope on other people.

      • -4

        Yet you can sit down at a restaurant waiting for friends without having purchased food yet? Because a restaurant at a table is for people who are eating in the restaurant.

        You can stand in line without having all the items you actually want to purchase because your partner forgot to grab it and left the line to get it? Because the queue is for people who want to actually buy the items in their basket/trolley/hands and get out of the store at that very moment.

        You can call up a store and have them hold the last of an item for you, and conversely a store can receive a call from someone and will place the last of an item behind the register to be collected when the person isn't even anywhere near the store? Because the items in a store should only be bought by people physically inside the store.

        I would really love to know if you've ever done any of these things, and if you think any of these things are okay then it makes no sense to say that someone standing in a carpark can't actually reserve it because they aren't "in a car". I can lie down on a park bench and prevent others from sitting down on it, why? Because I got there first. I can also sit there and place my belongings on the bench preventing others from sitting down. Is it a douche move? Sure. Is pushing that person or their belongings off the bench a douche move that could be construed as utter entitlement? I would say yes (and that's not to say the other person isn't acting entitled either). If this happened, would I suck it up and go sit somewhere else? Yes. It's called "getting over it", something that many people should learn to do instead of having a cry.

        • +1

          I read through your analogies and I'm genuinely curious to see if anyone agrees with your mental gymnastics or think they serve any value in proving that people can reserve vehicle only parking by standing in it.

          Like listen to this:

          I can lie down on a park bench and prevent others from sitting down on it, why? Because I got there first.

          That's analogous to saying "I can park in a car park to prevent others from parking in it, why? Because I parked there first."

          You can call up a store and have them hold the last of an item for you, and conversely a store can receive a call from someone and will place the last of an item behind the register to be collected when the person isn't even anywhere near the store? Because the items in a store should only be bought by people physically inside the store.

          Congrats you just invented online booking for parking.

          Try again?

  • +1

    For both parties, it comes down to how much your vehicle is worth and what that means to you.

    I know someone who used to drive around, get into carpark and traffic altercations and then simply park the car and on more than a few occasions it received the standard damage of a keying and the occasional panel bootprint, amongst other happenings. A $45,000 car was reduced to around $6,000 within 3 years. Not saying that it's justified, but it is what can happen.

    Personally to me, shooting one's mouth off isn't worth the extra 20k (and hassle) he took off his cars value over 3 years, but each to their own.

  • +3

    "That guy is (profanity) for reserving a spot"


    "Keying a car or causing any other damage/middling is 100% a-okay behaviour"

    Y'all need help. If your response to a mild inconvenience is to be a colossal version of the a-hole you claim the original person to be, you're a terrible person.

    • -2

      Comments in this thread saying the person holding the spot is in the wrong are just plain silly. OzEntitled more like it.

      “First come first serve but only if it’s me” is the OzBargain mentality.

  • +4

    I really don't see the big deal…. I've done it before, once I was moving house and needed to stand in a spot so that the van could park there for example. Or sometimes someone really needs a spot close by if they are unwell or have someone in the car struggling to walk for example. It's like holding a spot in a queue for someone.

    People who get really angry in car parks or in traffic etc need to meditate more! ;)

    • It's like holding a spot in a queue for someone.

      not really, you can hold a spot for someone in a human queue but not in a vehicle traffic or in a space made for vehicles. A more suitable analogy would be flipping on your indicator to reserve a spot for your friend driving behind you to take it.

      You do make fair points but those are for special cases which can be handled verbally or via a disabled parking space.

    • +3

      Or sometimes someone really needs a spot close by if they are unwell

      Should stay home if you're unwell. Consider if you're even fit and safe enough to drive.

      or have someone in the car struggling to walk for example.

      Could be more considerate for the person struggling by dropping them off at the entrance rather than making them walk the extra meters. Can pick them up the same way.

    • +1

      its no big deal because you are doing the hoarding

  • OP your a ~#~~^ for accommodating the argument for 90 seconds .

  • +1

    Just put it on dash cams australia.

  • +2

    I feel like you need to bring traffic cones & set them up first to look more legit

    • +1

      And a high-vis vest. In fact maybe just walk around the car park in one…

  • Post videos, pics etc here please.

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