An Idiot Tried to Hog a Spot by Standing in Front of It. Should I Be Petty?

My friends and I were in Melbourne CBD this evening and were about to turn into a 90 deg parking spot.. to be met with an idiot standing right in front of the spot refusing to move. He claims that his friend is doing a turn and is just around the corner and that he is reserving the spot for his friend - called him an asshole and told him that he isn’t a car and should not be hogging a spot. His response? “How am I am asshole if I’m not being aggressive?”

Our confrontation lasted for 1.5 mins before we drove off to another spot that freed up, only because we were across 2 lanes and were holding up traffic behind us.

Obvs we have videos + dashcam footage and images of him and his friend + his friend’s car plate deets. Thinking if we should give karma a hand (+ just wanting to be extremely petty as he completely ruined our evening) by posting these vids/pics somewhere. Thoughts?

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  • Give them 30 seconds to show up otherwise it's mine.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t run him over

    Parking spots are for cars so anything other than cars will be parked over

    You were being nice

  • unfortunately there is nothing you can do. I know it sucks, but just move one and find another parking spot.

    The International Parking Institute says that while it is dangerous to stand in a spot to save it, no state has enacted a law ruling against it. Possession is 9/10 of the law, so if someone is standing in it, there is no law saying they have to give it up, and they probably won't because they basically 'possess it.

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    it's been years but I'm still hurting. Was waiting for a parking spot in Highpoint at peak xmas season when this elder lady was coming to get her car. The problem was she had signaled another car to follow her with the promise that the other driver would take her spot. Now she directed me to leave so she can pull her car out and that her spot is reserved for the other driver. Could have stayed and wasted all 3 parties time, but the missus said just leave the bitches be.

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    The evil answer is just to back right over the person and say you didn't see them, for it was clear when you last checked and it is to your utter surprise that someone suddenly decided to stand where you were parking.

    You'll get into all sorts of trouble of course, maybe receive a fine or at worst a jail sentence, but you'll sure show that parking hogger who the boss is /s

    As an aside, dcau just released a bunch of Good Samaritan dashcam vids. Watch that, calm down and pick another battle for another day.

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    Car vs person.

    I know which one would win.
    Not sure what the problem is.

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    "as he completely ruined our evening" - people are so fragile nowadays lol … just move on

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    Is he Chinese? I am Chinese It seems to be a common practice in China. There was a similar viral video in sydney before. Just another imported issues from China along with the immigration intake.

    • What is this self loathing you possess and why? Are you trying to please someone?

      Holding up spaces isn't only done by the Chinese. There's no reason for someone's ethnicity to be introduced to this discussion.

      • Not just me. I find most of the Australians have no idea what impact the newly migrated 1million + Chinese have brought to Australia. Are you suggesting I shouldn't say anything when I see fellow Chinese doing wrong things? E.g most of my Chinese friends love seafood. So often I saw them catching lobsters and abalones outside legal limit. Also during prawn season the illawarra bays are full of Chinese too. Releasing fish back to water is unthinkable. Most of them have no regards to environmental conservation. Not to mention how much they love properties and the what impact has been done to Sydney.

  • This isn't a great thing to do and I understand it slightly ticking someone off but the extreme negativity, and name calling, and "ruined evening" comments on here is too much.

    What else is slightly irritating (but certainly I wouldn't resort to name calling, posting dashcam etc) is:
    (a) when you are driving up and down or circling an area for a park for 10 minutes, then a car just arrives and snags the one that freed up on the opposite side of the road;
    (b) people who are 'stalking' someone to leave a park but then blocks the traffic for 5 minutes waiting for them to load the car, or enter directions into their GPS then leave etc, and waiting in the queue you miss other parks as a result of this person's persistence to wait as per (a) above; and/or
    (c) people doing ridiculous and illegal maneuvers to snag a park that frees up opposite them before the next car coming from that direction.

    People are being so negative about it but like Leanne59 said, presuming the "idiot" standing in the carpark was actually a passenger who saw a space free up and got out and crossed the road or walked back up the street to 'reserve it', then they were actually there first but made the call to do a circle around the block to approach it safely and legally, rather than what most of the even greater idiots out there do, illegal u-turns, reversing back up the street, cutting out in front of traffic in a physical outmaneuvering battle to get to the park a second before another car comes along. The 'idiots' actions are likely the result of looking for a park for some time and getting desperate. For all OP knows, said idiot's friend could have been looking up and down long before OP got there - I probably wouldn't advocate it, but it's not worth 'ruining' your own evening over and getting so negative.

    A fairer system would be some sort of app (when we all have Teslas perhaps?), whereby each car looking for a parking space in the area takes a number on the order of which they arrived in that street / carpark area. Each one gets the next park in order and can proceed to it an orderly fashion. Addresses all my concerns above and those of the OPs.

    And remember, you don't own public parking spots - that goes for both sides of this argument. No reason to get so upset either way. Be patient when going to an area with limited parking or catch public transport. We are all people just trying to go about our lives. Please, calm the f..k down, and be kind to each other.

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      Agree you shouldn't let it ruin your evening, but there is a video, nobody needs to assume what happened, you can see it in the video and you give her too much credit.

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      The 'idiots' actions are likely the result of looking for a park for some time and getting desperate.

      I know you're not necessarily trying to defend them but this doesn't justify them because anyone can be desperate, there's no way to govern this.
      "oh you're desperate? I'm more desperate than you!"

      I like your app idea. Makes it nice and fair.

      I disagree with reserving spots using passengers though. There's no way to justify passengers claiming spots and it will be chaotic if this was normalized and everyone did that.

      I don't think people arguing for passengers reserving spots have spent any time thinking about how advantageous it is to unleash all 6 of my minivan passengers upon the carpark to reserve a spot. Now imagine if everyone did that while you are looking for a spot as a single driver. Absolute nightmare

  • Better to let it go, you're wasting more of your time. Don't let encounters like this have so much power over you. People voting with encouragement to shame whatever the person did are not wasting their time.

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      You're an ass.

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        Typical drivers. I suggest you re-read the road rules, because you have to give way to pedestrians. You can't use your car as a weapon to intimmidate.

        "Vehicles have right of way on the road except in certain situations such as at a zebra crossing or at a pedestrian crossing light." You are 100% right. One of those is a Shared Zone, ie PARKING where people and cars mix. Where vehicles must give way to pedestrians.

        It's not cool to do it, but it's not illegal in any way.

        Meanwhile OP obstructing traffic and abusing the poor sod was. Grow up.

  • Move on as suggested. Worst thing you can do is park in that spot and come back to a damaged vehicle.

  • Post the video here for us!

  • What annoys me about this, is it is not like she was in the space when you arrived, you put your indicator on and then she ran to the space. In Australia, indicating for a space reserves it, not having a passenger run to it.

    What is frustrating about this for many of my Chinese friends is they all say this is common in cutthroat China, however it just adds to resentment of Chinese here as it is not considered acceptable and some people can't separate the actions of a few from the many.

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      In Australia, indicating for a space reserves it

      Nope, first car to arrive at the parking spot reserves it…

      Otherwise, I'd leave my indicator on from the moment I enter a car park…
      Maybe even both indicators in case a car leaves from the opposite side…

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        nah, if you are in the lane and a few cars back waiting with your indicator on, the spot is yours, not someone who rounds the corner to it after

        • nah, if you are in the lane and a few cars back waiting with your indicator on, the spot is yours

          not if someone else drives in first…

      • Nope, first car to arrive at the parking spot reserves it…

        I hope you don't drive a car because you're gonna get some…..unknown scratches/dents suddenly appear on your car…..unless of course u dont care about any incurred extra modifications to your paint job in which case I guess have fun in your parking spot…

        • I have dashcams and a good lawyer… All good…

          • @jv: ur car must be a huge camera on wheels….

    • I thought the most aggressive ^ wins the parking spot .

  • Reserving a spot for a friend by standing the spot is a normal thing in some countries. I've never seen it in Australia, but I can imagine why these people do it. Some people are a bit slow to learn the culture of where they move to.

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      Reserving a spot for a friend by standing the spot is a normal thing in some countries.


      but I can imagine why these people do it.

      Because they feel self-entitled?

      • To answer your first question, I don't really know. It's just part of their driving culture.

        It doesn't have anything to do with self-entitlement if you ask me. I think it has a lot to do with a lack of observation and the inability to notice and learn the differences in cultures.

        I am from one of these countries where this is normal behavior, but one of the first things that I noticed (about driving and related matters) in Australia was that you cannot reserve a car parking spot with your feet and I never did it. As time went by, I realised that not only this is not normal behavior here but also that it's wrong and you have to be a jerk to do it. But some people are less perceptive and don't notice these differences.

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          It doesn't have anything to do with self-entitlement if you ask me.

          If one driver thinks they have more rights to a parking spot than someone who arrives there before them, they think they are more important for some reason, that is self-entitlement

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            @jv: Sounds like you're describing the OP…lol

            • @Castcore:

              Sounds like you're describing the OP


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    Just make a vague loud threat after the car arrives “I know your car and where it is parked!”. Then drive off.

    Hopefully they will be worried all night about their car and spoil their evening.

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    obviously they got there first so the spot aint free… just keep looking.
    Having a battle of wills about such rubbish and posting videos will just make you as big a karen as they are.

    It might not seem right and I wouldn't do it but that doesnt mean it's wrong to 'reserve' a spot.. maybe they had to turn around to approach from a different angle as there car was large or something, why does that 'entitle' you to it?

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    I have been in this situation before but as the guy holding the space. The reason for me holding the space was that I got out of the car to help guide my friend into the space. My friend had recently only got his license and was very nervous about parking. My friend had a few attempts at the park but felt pressure from the other cars stuck behind him, so he circled around the carpark to let other cars get past, I had to tell one guy that my friend was coming back to take the park, he was completely understanding. However, in the meantime a new car arrived at the carpark in a hurry and tried to swing into the spot as my friend was slowly trying to line himself up. I just stood in front of the spot while this newcomer blasted me with a snooze you lose attitude, completely unaware that I have been in this carpark for a good 25mins at this point trying to help my nervous friend into a spot. For the new person it looks like I am some arsehole holding a spot, but given the context, I believe the new person is the arsehole. I can understand it being questionable holding a spot but often it only happens for pretty unusual circumstances ie helping a driver with low confidence, helping a driver in need of assistance or some other reason that would make you actually request a friend hold the spot. While some people may abuse this, try and act a little less selfish; you have no idea why that person is holding that space. They are certainly not an arsehole from what you have described. You sound like a (profanity) driver that gets heated at the drop of a hat. Your attitude is the same as people that cause accidents when they are not at fault but could clearly have avoided the incident all together.

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      That's interesting, I remember my mum would occasionally make me do this as a kid and I (profanity) hated it. There was always a goodish reason but typically I didn't have the balls.

      Sounds like OP was irrationally triggered by the experience, happens to the best of us.

      But I'd have to agree that it's all about perspective and people are too quick to assume the other person is the arsehole.

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    You need to have a buddy on the street for this to work. Swing into the car park quickly, almost hitting the spot saver. Your friend dives and pushes the spot saver just on time, saving his/her life. Get out of the car and say, are you OK, didn’t see you there.

    • Huh, that's actually a neat idea….I wonder how that would work out practically….? As a social experiment….have you done it?

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    It is an interesting situation, I would personally hate standing in a parking spot just as I'd hate to confront someone else standing in a parking spot. I don't think it's the shittiest thing imaginable to do though, if it was a car in the spot you wouldn't think about it, you'd move on, now just pretend there's a car in the spot where they're standing and boom, you're no worse off.

    What really ticks me off is when you're indicating to be let in and the other car just needs to be in front and does not let you in.

  • This is why we have car holograms, person holding the spot projects car hologram & get the parking, person looking for parking doesn't get upset, win win, but it won't work if too many people have the machine.

    • Or you could attach a water cannon to the car.

  • afaik its unlawful to hold a parking spot in OZ . first in best dressed i know many people from overseas dont understand that . IMO its not worth the stress and risk of them damaging your car ie letting air out of tyres etc just move on and find another parking spot.

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    You can't really win in these kinds of situations unfortunately. Someone who's willing to pull a move like that, is probably willing to intentionally damage your car after you've parked. Sometimes it's just a waste of time to engage with idiots and it's better to just move on.

  • Move on, value your time. There are (profanity), it’s life.

    Am shocked that you even post it as a question.

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    you should change your username to 'mydeniedcarpark' as it has also completely tripped you up

    'scuse me

  • You can block their car… With your car infront of the spot, they can not park either… simple as that

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    If you have a passenger should just let them out to stand there too 🤣

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