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300 Free Primogems & 10 Mystic Enhancement Ores & 5 Hero's Wit & 50,000 Mora @ Genshin Impact


Got these codes off the back of the Chinese livestream for the forthcoming patch 1.4 - lock these codes in for your account before they expire!

KTNSCQWW922M - 100 Primogems + 10 Mystic Ores
ET7ADQFF8KJR - 100 Primogems + 5 Hero's Wit
PSNTC8FEQK4D - 100 Primogems + 50,000 Mora

Some short non-spoiler updates from the livestream
* Livestream (CN) link here
* 1.4 Update Trailer, thanks thekingofcheese link here
* Childe + Venti banners!
* Otome (dating) mechanics for Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, Bennet and more to come link here
* Condensed resin cap increased from 3 to 5
* KFC Wings (Gliders) to come to non-CN servers in due course, a future announcement to be made by July 2021

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  • Confirmed working

  • do these codes expire? The past codes I couldn't use because I didn't have enough adventure level, and then I couldn't be bothered raising the level because I was playing other things.

    • You should generally have around 24 hours to redeem them.

      • I guess that's not happening then.

        Do you like this game?

        • Maybe a bit too much… I started off the back of this post in January and haven't stopped playing a day since.

          • @bossmode: what is end game like? How does it sustain itself when you have done all the available content? MMOs just make you redo the same stuff over and over, and Diablo style games put you in an endless treadmill for better loot.

            How do you still manage to keep playing? What's left to do at the end? Are you just repeating the same daily content looking for better gear? Those kind of games, while fun, for me are aimless and I don't feel I'm accomplishing anything once I've seen all it has to offer.

            How does multiplayer work in this game? I know in SP you can switch between 4 characters. Do the other players just take one of your characters, or are they all multi switching characters of their own?

            I would be much more into this game if it was MMO. Not that I love MMOs anymore, but a world like that would be better enjoyed with a lot of people around.

            • @lostn: They do have events on every once in a while which is some new content but for the most part yes. Mostly just log in once a day now to do my dailys and use my resin to try and get better gear.

              • @3speon: i want to play it because the game just looks so gorgeous (much prettier than BotW imo, which I don't even like the look of), but the gameplay sounds repetitive.

            • @lostn: Genshin's closer to the approach Diablo's taken for their end-game, in that you grind for the 'perfect' loot via domains. Other than that, you can challenge yourself using your roster of characters in the Spiral Abyss (using Diablo terminology, basically Greater Rifts).

              I think I've hit end-game now, being AR45, that's my current gameplay loop, and my days are more or less spent incrementally increasing the power of my characters via one of the following:

              • Upgrading their talents (which requires a significant amount of materials)
              • Upgrading their weapons (which, again, requires alot of materials)
              • Doing my daily commissions (which at my current lifecycle, nets me the most amount of XP to advance my AR (Adventure Rank)
              • Doing my daily farming routes

              Generally speaking the events are quite consistent, and in my two months of playing so far, have only felt 'downtime' despite playing every day for around a week or so while the events transition from one to another.

              You like SunBro-ing? You can invade other people's worlds lower than your current one and absolutely destroy their bosses for them. There's some satisfaction in that, too.

              • @bossmode: How long do you spend a day just maintaining the available daily content? And have you spent any money on the game, or felt the temptation/need to?

                • @lostn: If we're purely speaking maintaining the available daily content, only 15 minutes, on my phone, bare minimum. That's:

                  • Daily commissions (netting me 60 primogems, 1,500 AR XP, a bunch of Mora and a few materials)
                  • Converting my resin over to condensed for later

                  Have I spent any money? Yes, I've spent two x $7.99AUD on the Welkin Passes, though I farmed up Google Rewards surveys to get to that amount. It's given me more than enough primogems for how I approach the game, but YMMV depending on how you play.

                  For example, I only liked the playstyle of Diluc, and I lucked out and got him early. The remaining wishes were spent on getting his current best weapon.

                  • @bossmode: I should have probably asked sooner, but what do primogems do? And for that matter the other free stuff with the codes.

                    • @lostn: Primogems are essentially the currency you use to make wishes, a core mechanic in the game that lets you have the chance at acquiring a rare weapon or character

                      • Hero's Wit is used to level your characters up
                      • Mystic Ores are used to level your weapons up
                      • Mora is the in-game currency used to buy food, ingredients and is also used when levelling weapons and characters up
                      • @bossmode: sounds so convoluted. So when you get enough XP on the field, you don't automatically level up but need to spend some currency to do so?

                        Is a wish basically opening a loot box?

                        • @lostn: You can level your characters up via killing mobs on the field, sure. It just takes incredibly long to do so, and is more efficient to use Hero's Wit + Mora

                          Yes, wishes are essentially loot boxes. You can accumulate a healthy amount of wishes by naturally playing the game, though as there's tonnes of content plus regular events that give you loads of Primogems.

  • Just a correction, the youtube trailer you linked to is Japanese not Chinese.

  • thank you for the code, been playing daily since November…

  • English trailer here

  • AR55 here - love this game! Thanks for the codes!

  • Me: I know some of these words.

  • Wait did you say primogems and mystic enchantment ores ?. God has truly blessed me today.

  • after an 18gb update i played the game for half an hour, so much to do

  • I have no idea what Primogems, Mystic Enhancement Ores, Hero's Wits and Moras are,
    but something tells me I'm not missing out.

  • Also here to say, genshin is probably one of the best games I've played recently, and it's free.

    AR53, and still happy to jump on every day to play.

    it's definitely not pay to win, but there's a good chance after 2 months like me you'll happily pay $15 or so, the beauty of the game and effort they put in is wildly worth it

    • Yep, for a free game it's so full of content!

      I haven't played in a while but itching to get back into it, hu tao too cute.

    • Yeah it's really odd how people don't want to spend money on such a huge RPG game.

      I paid full retail for breath of the wild and have gotten nowhere near the amount of hours out of it as I have with genshin at 1/3 the money spent. AR 43 so far after a month. I'm happy to put in the value of a full game purchase over the next few months!

      • Yeah it's really odd how people don't want to spend money on such a huge RPG game.

        I think it's because it's not that it isn't worth the money because it's a well crafted game, but because the value proposition for small time spenders is just not there.

        Like if you wanna drop 20$ on the game you really don't get much, you get almost no pulls for that price, or you can buy almost 3x moon pass thingy which will net you almost 60 pulls total over 3 months… if you spend like 35? - was it? - for the monthly thing you just get a few weapons and like 3x extra of your monthly resources from the battlepass.

        I.e. I think it's a value thing, you get pretty minimal gains if you aren't spending the big bucks, so why bother really?

        • I have the monthly pass, its more than worth it, esp can get it 15% cheaper with gift cards

        • Exactly, why bother with pulls at all. The game is fantastic if you just use the characters you are given at the start, you'll need a couple of extra 4 stars to make it through abyss, but you're given well over a hundred wishes just by playing regularly (chests, quests, dailies, events etc).

          Battlepass was excellent for me as I keep pulling 1h sword users and two of them had 3 stars haha, gave the black sword to Kequing. Cost 8 USD (Still using 20% off US iTunes credit from Black Friday 2019 haha) for me and capped it to level 50 over a week early.

          For me the Welkin is just supplemental, I plan to raise the majority of the wishes I'll need for next ganyu banner through dailies, events and abyss. Chests and quests have pretty much dried up for me now

      • I think it has a lot to do with the fact the monetization is so aggressive and specifically designed to psychologically manipulate you into spending loads of money

        • Yeah the monetisation is so aggresive that it's just not worth spending in most cases though, the 300 primogems they gave for free is usually $8 or so? What for haha, the game can be finished %100 with just the free characters and weapons

          • @Lukas: I'm sure you could, but i'd bet all the money in my wallet that the game is designed to be extremely grindy if you're not spending. You can like a game and dislike the monetization, idk why you're defending it when it's clearly predatory.

            • @Davo723: It’s really not much less grindy for the whales though, it’s extremely grindy regardless of how much you’re spending due to the randomness of artefact gear.
              Check out this reddit post, they usually give out about 10k free gems per 6 week patch, for the next one it’s 12,460 gems over the patch. If I were to buy those gems it would cost me $320 - which is absolutely nuts when I can just play the game and not miss out on anything except 5 star weapons and constellations.


              I have a high tolerance for grindy games (played many seasonals on Diablo 3 and Wow with thousands of hours on it back in the day) and I’ve spent nothing on Genshin compared to Wow (several years of subscription) and Diablo (3 different platform purchases)

        • You're not wrong and I totally agree with you in principle however Genshin doesn't push the money side of the system except in on area, the Gothic Hymn. Add to that I've spent months playing for free and, for the most part, really enjoying the game.

          All that said, the once you've played through the stories and cleared the good loot points the game becomes a real grind. Gear starts with out stats which are randomly added at certain upgrade levels, this means a legendary piece of equipment you spent hours farming will likely end up with stats you dont want once fully levelled. This end game area is where it can be tempting to spend money. I'm finding myself drifting away from the game these days.

          As a PC player would I recommend it as a fun game, definately.

    • there is nothing to win

  • First thing in the morning at glance the title reads, 300 free pidgeons.

  • Been waiting forever for the venti banner!

  • how many waifus can i buy with this much currency

  • Nope code is expired now sadly :(

  • What a way to make you watch the stream. Can't believe they expired the codes so fast.

  • The code come and go so fast, but gems are easy to earn. Think I have about 6k waiting for the next month to kick over.