Ovlaim 52" DC Motor Ceiling Fan Light (Real Wood Blades) $223.95 Delivered @ Ovlaim Amazon AU


Ovlaim super quiet DC motor ceiling fan can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and cutting down on energy costs.
The wood blades are reversible, enabling to not only cool during the summer but help keep your rooms warm during the winter.
1. comes with Remote Control (Battery included)
2. comes with 2 down-rods: 5 inch and 10 inch
3. for room 12ft x 12ft to 18ft x 18ft
4. timer function & memory function
5. Color temperature adjustable: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K

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  • Dc is more efficient; but does it remain so after the losses from AC to DC conversion are added on?

    • Unless the fan is going to be on for more than 10 hours there is no justification for the added cost of DC .. mind you the motors are a little less noisy than A/C…but price difference is just nuts..now if they came up with brushless fans that would be worth a premium

  • I would buy reiga/mountain air. But unfortunately, same as this, it has not been on a good discount lately, maybe 10-15% at the most.
    I have bought my mountain air at half price, it is a great unit for around $100-120. For $200 or 200+ I would look elsewhere.

  • How much is it worth to pay extra for DC fan compared to AC? Is it noticeable quite?

    • We got this unit and another dc unit and on low to medium you wouldn't notice it on, you feel it though. Only downside in this unit is the light switches between the 3 options when you turn it on and off which is annoying +not having wall control bar for on and off and if you had the light off on your remote it will be off when you next switch the wall switch on off on. Our other dc fan you need to select the colour temp and then it remembers your choice but being abs plastic it's not as good looking a unit.

  • Do you guys/girls install this by yourself or get someone to do it? Seems too expensive for a call out.

    • Legally, and safety, it's a mains attached item, it needs to be fitted by an electrician.

      If your house is audited by insurance after a fire, it could void that also.

      However, what you do is your call. Just know its dangerous and silly.

      You can setup all the mounting and such, and leave the wiring ready to go for the pro.

      Only additional comment ill say, is if you're educated with AC circuits, well, only you know if the 3 wires are too tricky.

      I for example, wire lots of houses, but then it has to be independently inspected before the walls go on.

    • Someone quoted $60 for replacement and $90 for new installation. Why take risk for this much.