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[Back Order] Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Truly Wireless in-Ear Headphones Delivered $109 @ Amazon AU


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 at a very low price, but reviews on this have been fairly mixed

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  • Bought a set of B&O’s off Amazon once and got sent a rubbish knock-off set that were absolutely garbage :(

    • Hmm I just bought a set. Was your purchase sold by amazon?

      Edit: canceled. Reviews do make this seems shit and that's disappointing for a B&O

  • Good price but lots of reviews complaining about connectivity issues and dropouts

    • Maybe that’s why these are so cheap, clearing out?

      I’d expect only top quality from B&O. Top price too. This seems unusual.

      • It's wild how many companies are trying to sell their reputation down the river on cheap wireless earbuds and bluetooth speakers. I can't even imagine they'd make a lot of money from it considering most people buy AirPods anyway.

        • Correction "Most Apple owners buy AirPods anyway."

          Android actually holds the most market share in the world in some countries over 96% penetration.

          As a LOT of functionality is lost using AirPods on Android as Apple doesn't play nice with others, most reports seem to say that AirPods in a lot of countries have as much as 47% market penetration which is absolutely amazing, but MOST people buy other earbuds.

          I've listened to a LOT of earbuds. I do like the AirPods (and PROs), especially their symbiotic relationship with Apple, BUT in my opinion there are at least 2-3 brands that sound and perform better than them.

          But on your other point I wholeheartedly agree - seems like a lot of brands who were late onto the TWS bandwagon simply bought OEM devices and rebranded as their own - KILLING their reputation.

          JBL comes to mind. Love a lot of their stuff, but their TWS earbuds are pretty woeful, at least the ones I've tried.

          • @Ramrunner: From what I've seen Apple holds about 50% of the bluetooth headphone market share, though numbers differ depending on sources. AirPods are undeniably a sales phenomenon, although I certainly wouldn't disagree that there are better ones out there even if AirPods are my favourite. My point with the comment above was that I don't know why companies bother putting out low quality headphones with a high end brand name since they'll get eaten alive by Apple, Samsung (JBL) and Xiaomi plus all the brands like Bose and Sennheiser who have brand name and decent products.

  • Had one and will never use again. Left uncharged for a month and battery went dead. This is a very common issue for this product. Google and you will see it.

  • Owned this one for 2 years, I'll never buy a product from B&O ever again. Bought this for 500 dollars back in the day, this isn't even worth 50 dollars. DON'T BUY IT

  • Get the Jabra. Better in every way.
    B&O is just milking their brand.

  • I will save some money and get Samsung, Jabra or Apple to avoid this one.

  • Cant believe I paid over $400 for this previously

  • Yep, I also bought these back in the day for the bargain price of $220, the sound was good but they keep stuttering every 5 minutes or so for half a second, that was enough for me to ask Amazon for a replacement, the replacement did the same, bought AirPods and never looked back.

  • This thing is dog shit. Microstutter and drops out central.

    Returned it for a refund a year or two ago.

  • I didn't have all those problems reported above with mine. It sounded great for its time.

    • Must’ve been the one lucky pair that they produced with proper QC

      • +2 votes

        Could also be that people who didn't have problems with theirs didn't bother looking for an online forum just to write a post saying "Mine works fine". :)

        That's the problem with relying on online comments about any product - you'll hear mostly complaints beccause the people who didn't have problems are just using it rather than writing comments online.

  • yep, +1 for the Jabras…. grab a pair of them over these anyday

  • seems like Amazon is price matching Kogan/DickSmith


  • I sell Bang & Olufsen. Don’t buy these E8 First Gen… the price is low for a reason

  • I had this for a year or so. Wore them to work out and commute, the paint on the buds will come off. The case is very nice, too bad it also chipped if you just tossed it in your bag or in the pocket. Sound quality is pretty good, but you will have to turn them on every time you put them on your ears. Also if you want to connect to your other device you will need to disconnect current device first which is a pain in the ass.