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Up to $18 off Market Lane, Padre and AXIL Coffee w/ Bundle Shipped (eg. AXIL Seasonal 4x250g $39.96 Shipped) @ Direct Coffee


Hey Folks,

We've got some tasty new single options from AXIL!

Mix and Match

How to Order:  Click here to create your bundle and choose 4 coffees.

Coffees included in this bundle deal are:


  • Axil Coffee - Seasonal Espresso Blend - 250g
  • Axil Coffee - Vader Espresso Blend - 250g
  • Axil Coffee - Swiss Water Decaf 250g $13.00
  • Axil Coffee - Gicherori Espresso- 250g $14.95
  • Axil Coffee - LA FANY Espresso- 250g $14.95
  • Axil Coffee - HALO BERITI NATURAL Espresso- 250g $14.95
  • Axil Coffee - GRANITOS Filter- 250g $14.95
  • Axil Coffee - EGU ABAYE Filter- 250g $14.95


  • Padre - DG Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Seasonal Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Lucky Boy Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Wild Child Organic Espresso Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Ethiopia Chelchele Natural - Espresso 250g $16.00
  • Padre - Ethiopia Chelchele Washed - Espresso 250g $16.00
  • Padre - Colombia Auricel Conde Washed - Espresso 250g $17.00
  • Padre - Colombia Auricel Conde Honey - Espresso 250g $17.00
  • Padre - Indonesia Aceh Ribang Gayo - Espresso 250g $16.00
  • Padre - Hey Buddy Filter Blend 250g $13.50
  • Padre - Colombia Auricel Conde Washed - Filter 250g $17.00
  • Padre - Colombia Auricel Conde Honey - Filter 250g $17.00

Market Lane

  • Market Lane - Marimbus Espresso 250g $9.99
  • Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso 250g $13.00
  • Market Lane - La Esperanza Espresso 250g $14.70
  • Market Lane - Nkara Filter 250g $15.90
  • Market Lane - São Benedito Filter - 250g $16.40

Here are some examples of bundles and prices:

  • Market Lane Marimbus + Market Lane Marimbus + Market Lane Marimbus 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g $39.96 (Shipped)
  • AXIL Seasonal 250g + AXIL Vader 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g + Market Lane Marimbus 250g $39.96 (Shipped)

Shipping Details:

Shipping for this bundle. Order before Wednesday at 11:59pm AEST: Coffee is then dispatched by Friday.

  • Parcel Post is now included in the cost of the bundle
  • Express Post is an extra $1.99


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  • Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I chose Padre Ethiopia x2, padre Colombia and code black Rwanda and price is $68.50 (discount from $79.80). Are there certain rules for bundles ?

    • Hey there, you aren't doing anything wrong. You've just chosen some of our more expensive coffees! That's the correct price.

  • Got the AXIL last time and was a little disappointed by it to be honest. Still have another bag of it in the cupboard and actually been drinking less coffee lately because I'm not into the bean……this may be an excuse to get something else.

    • Oh bugger, sorry to hear that - which AXIL blend was it?

      • I think it was the seasonal - I mean it is an espresso blend and I've been using it with a V60 so its probably 98% my fault rather than the coffee haha.

        • Ahhh gotcha - some people do like that flavour. But I think most people would probably have the same taste reaction as you - I know I would!

  • Good stuff, ordered some more.

    Would be great if there were a wider range of roasters to select from like Fivesenses, ONA, Double Roasters, Artificer, etc…

  • Cheers. Enjoyed Vader last time. Going for a mixed bundle this time. Looking forward to it!