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Beach Chair $5 (Was $22) + Delivery (Free C&C over $20 Spend) @ Kmart


Relax comfortly by the pool or at the beach on this foldable beach chair.

Product Details
Dimensions/Size: 88cm (H) x 53cm (W) x 82cm (D)
Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
Material: Steel frame, polyester fabric and polypropylene (PP)
Product weight: 3.9kg
Colour: Blue
Steel frame
Folds for easy storage
3 reclining positions
Head / neck cushion
Suitable for single person only (not for us married folk apparently 🙃)

I’m not really a beach chair kinda person so didn’t grab any but there seems to be stock on the Gold Coast at least. Looked like okay quality when I saw it in store today. Saw about 10 in Robina.

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  • Cheers got 4 , needed some beach chairs

  • +2

    Cheers grabbed 4 also, been on the hunt for decent cheap beach chairs let's hope these do the job

  • +6

    Will need to put a hole through a stubbie holder and attached with a cable tie.

  • $3 C&C fee 😬 it's not free.

    I was going to grab 2, only need 1 tho 😂

    I will pop in tomorrow and hope there's stock lol

    • Have I been living under a rock?
      Who the [email protected]#k charges for C&C???
      Should be a free service

      • +4

        They have to go to the aisle and pick it up for you to pickup so waste of resources time for them . They could use that resource to pack the shelves etc. I'm teaching
        operational theory from thu. Join me

        • +1

          Plus at Kmart they often say they have stock on the website then when they or you go to pick it up it’s actually not there. Not sure if they have issues with tracking stock or shoplifting but it’s a mess. I’ll pay $3 to let them go through that.

      • +1

        Free C&C if spending over $20. I didn’t put all this in original post as I figured it was common knowledge how Kmart works. They have to draw a line somewhere otherwise people would do it for $.50 items. I think over $10 would be more reasonable.

    • +4

      next time buy 4 online for C&C and then return 3 on the spot as change of mind….

      • Sounds quite logical

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    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Grabbed 4 chairs. Thanks OP.

  • Don't be a beach and get more than you need

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks op! ordered 4.

  • +1

    Maybe try instore first. We paid $4 for ours. Bargain! Surprisingly comfortable too.

    • Yeah, I have to head into Coles nextdoor and my local has stock.

  • Can this fit in a sedan car boot

    • folded yes, perhaps can fit up to 10, however unfolded you may be lucky to fit 1.

      • What about on the roof?

        • Just replace the car seats with these chairs and you can maybe fit 5

  • +2

    These are so uncomfortable for me. No support at all.

    • +7

      what support were you looking for? physical or emotional….. I can provide you with 1 only….

  • Was going to Broden this deal by ordering 4.

    But the last few comments have made me hold back.

  • Maximum weight capacity: 100kg

    Would 108kg be ok? Oh and I gotta add the weight of my humongous food bowl and food in the bowl while I stuff my fat mouth.

    • Looks at username

      Must be that big head of yours

  • Steel frame

    I think it might rust badly over time?

    • Yes it will. Though all the beach and camp chair in the lower price range $20-60 are steel as far as I know. There may be differences in the quality of the powder coating. An alloy chair will be more expensive.

    • +2

      Based on their home brand products quality I think it will end up as hard rubbish fast .

      • Yes, it’s a bit sad that things are not made to be functional and last. On the positive side the frame can be recycled by people that take scrap metal.

  • +1

    3.9 kg is pretty heavy, but to be expected for a steel frame. Do you really want to be hauling that around? I'd look for an aluminium chair which would be half the weight (though possibly double the cost).

    • +1

      Absolutely, not to mention that aluminium corrosion isn’t has unsightly as steel. I think the price is fairly unbeatable on these though. A similar product in aluminium at Kmart is $32, elsewhere over $50. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/aluminum-hard-arm-chair/308...

    • hauling that around

      That’s what carts are for! 😏

  • There are about 6 in Camberwell store. But I find them hard to set up though

    • Try setting up before you hit the plonk

  • got 2. it does look like $5.

  • Sold out at my local, god damm! However I wouldn't expect much for $5

  • Picked 2 up today… pretty good chairs IMO.

  • These things are huge… picked up 4 today. Quite good for $5 each. Great for backyard too especially with a cold one in your hand!

  • Can I use backyard sitting ?

    • Of course. But I’d recommend taking them inside in between to avoid mould and rust.

      • I know because they cost too much :) !

      • Thanks

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