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Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven $728.20 Delivered (RRP: $948.95) @ Kegland


The deal was for adding the cover, caputo nuvola 25kg sack of flour and the san marzano tomatoes into your cart to get those items free. But it looks like it works with just adding the Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven and get free postage Australia Wide. $220.75 off retail!!!

Enter OONI16 as the discount code. You're welcome.

Theres another code for the OONI12, would guess it works for the smaller one too. Best to grab before they fix it.

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  • "You're welcome"…lol

  • Wow! Anyone used one of these before… I've heard good things, but for RRP $950 that's a lot of Pizza I'll need to make to justify it ;-)

    • +3 votes

      Have one, paid full price , excellent piece of pizza cooking machinery :)

      Bargain at this price as it's never been discounted prior

    • Check out the MasterPro electric pizza oven. At $130, it's hard to justify buying anything else IMHO.

      • Get out of here with your blasphemy.

      • does it get to 400 degrees celcius?

        • It advertises that it does and the cook time backs up the claim.
          Pizzas cook in 3 minutes or so.

          I don't think the neggers have any idea, it's bloody good value and the output would easily be 90% what something like this can do.
          Yes this type of oven will do a better job, but the difference will be like that between a $70 and $1000 bottle of wine.

      • I actually have the MasterPro and it's a great machine for the money. Seriously.

    • …and all this time I have been making pizza in a conventional oven using TipTop pizza base. Silly me.

      • Some people drink wine from a box and are happy with that too.

      • Don't worry i've been using the Lodge cast iron frypans with amazing results - heat them up on the gas stove top, dust with a little flour, chuck in the home made base and toppings and put in to hot oven. I would love to have this product but also cannot justify the lifestyle purchase.

  • That is a crazy good price. I thought I did well paying $880 a few weeks ago. I have half a mind to buy another and sell it for $880 next week.

  • Have the Uuni 3, and Koda 16. Brilliant ovens.

  • Really want one, but doesn't it come down to the pizza dough mainly?

    I've never been able to make a nice circle of pizza dough, it's all over the place.

    • Yeah good dough is important, as for the other, it's just technique and practice, like anything. Check out Vito Iacopelli on youtube and if you can look past the incesant plea's for likes and shares etc, he's very good, and passionate about pizza. (Napolitan style mainly)

    • No,
      These cook a pizza in minutes, like 2-3 minutes tops, cause they run at 400-500 degrees.
      As a result, your dough doesn't dry out like it would in a regular oven, which max out at 250 degrees and take 15-120 minutes to cook..

      • In the ooni, 2-3minutes = a burnt as heck pizza.

        It's 60 to 90 seconds at most. (Mine are around the 60 second mark.)

  • anyone with breville pizzaiolo ?

    • I have this. Its legit. ~20-25 minutes to warm up. Neopolitan pie's in 3 minutes. Genuine leopard spotting. It is a unitasker - you aren't making much other than pizza's in it.

      Made probably 90 pizza's or so - Cost is a few $ per pizza (2-3?) using good olive oil, mozzerella and DOP tomatoes + whatever Power you use.

      Convenience of being indoors is awesome, but if you have the right outdoor setting the Koda 16 will do bigger pie's and just as easy to use.

      • As above, skip the Breville and go for the MasterPro at a tenth of the price!

        • its not even close. Its half the power.

          • @nsanity: I'd describe my results the same as you have, and cook in the same time range so, yeah, super close actually.

            • @ESEMCE: except they've both been reviewed, and the master pro doesn't cut it - whereas the Breville's only negatives are capital cost, size and cook volume. They are also the only indoors oven that the pizzamaking forums don't tear apart for flaws - with home contemporaries being the Blackstone, Roccbox and Ooni - all of which are outside ovens.

              Its not close - but it doesn't matter for most forms of pizza (a sheet pan can easily make world class pan-style pizza for less than $20 in any Oven), but if you want to make Neapolitan pies - its up to the buyer to work out if the premium is worth it.

              • @nsanity: Show me this comparison review.
                I'd genuinely love to see how much better the output of one of these ~$1000 ovens is compared to what I'm already making.

                The only reviews for the MasterPro that I can find are user reviews on Amazon, Productreview and Whirlpool. Nothing "professional".
                There's a few (likely user error) bad reviews in there, but otherwise they're glowing, just like my experience.
                Looking at the Breville, this review has good photos of the output and my output is easily comparable to that photographed, mine are more evenly spotted and I don't get the charred corners, perhaps cause I tend to it better than the reviewer did, base looks identical.

  • I have the uuni 2. Have since went to a maximus wood fired oven. Haven't looked back. This is tempting for the convenience of gas.

  • FYI Koda12 @ $468 is still in stock. I have this oven and it's fantastic, very portable too at half the weight of the Koda16.

    To be honest, 16 inch pizza is a novelty - 11 or 12 inch is perfectly fine and easier to handle. I'm not saying that because of my purchase choice - I also own the Pro which can do 16 inch pizza.

    • I’ve got the ooni 3, so same size at the koda12. I think the 16 is better due to the flame along two sides, rather than just the rear. Also having a 16inch stone is handy for turning inside the oven, not just making a bigger pizza. on my ooni I have to take the pizza out to turn it then chuck it back in.

      • Yes agreed it makes for easier turning.

        My friend has the Koda16 and I have used it many times as well. The L shape is convenient for heating both sides, for sure. I find that the disparity between the hot corner and the cold corner is quite high in the Koda16 and requires more skill and attention to churn out pizza. Of course it's totally doable, but not every positive is without a negative and that is a small negative of the Koda16. If you're talking nitty gritty for pizza management, there is only one spot to hide in the Koda16 for a crust that is on the edge of black, whereas the Koda12/Pro you can manage hotspots with some more freedom.

        At the end of the day I love all three and can churn out ace pizzas on all. I would rate Koda16 as the hardest to master for the above reason. Even Vito himself mentions this issue.

        • cool thats good to know! I had assumed it was easier, so thats a surprise. I find that with the ooni 3 on gas its really hot at the back but not all round, so i get a good puffy crust for the side thats first facing the flame when I launch, but after that the crust has already set a little but and doesnt rise as much.

      • PS: grab a $33 turning peel and you can turn without ejecting. I launch with perforated peel and turn + extract to table with turning peel.