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Kleenex Toilet Tissue 12 Pack $5 (50% off) & 20% off All iTunes Cards at Coles 04/01/2012


Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Tissue 12 Pack $5 (50% off) and 20% off all iTunes cards at Coles from 04.01.2012.

other 50% off items

raid automatic advanced insect control system 185g $15 ( save $15)

maggi noodle cups 58g-68g 89cents each (save 89cents)

heinz baked beans or spaghetti 420g 87cents (save 87cents)

nescafe blend 43 coffee 500g $12.15 (save 12.15 )

Have a good day all

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  • i prefer quilton tissue…

    get them from big w for cheapest price..

  • Mate heinz baked beans is the lead in this - half price baked beans - not selected varieties either unless they change it - which Coles/wesfarmers do regularly cause trading laws don't apply to them or Woolys.

    • Buddy. Heinz baked beans are made in China. Personally I prefer to eat Australian grown.

      Not because I want to back Australian jobs (racist.) If you want to back Aussie workers refuse to self check your groceries in Colesworths :P

  • time to get me a new itunes card

  • Dunny paper and iTunes - a match made in heaven!

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