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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $254.50 Delivered @ gg.tech365 eBay


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Quite a good price for anyone looking.
Stack with gift cards for more discount as always. Enough said.

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  • stack with gift cards? Is there something I am not aware of?

    • Suncorp Benefits and cashrewards cashback are the ones I know of and use. Suncorp is 3% off and I've seen Cashrewards get up to 5% cashback.

    • Buy gift cards from Cashrewards/Shopback to get cashback on the gift cards (4-5%) and use those on eBay to purchase the item.

      Choice Gift Card on Cashrewards looks like to be a community favourite from what I've seen which has 5% cashback.

  • Nice price, back to early 2020 levels.

  • Good to see this price. I have a 1700x. Is it worth the upgrade or should I stick with the 1700x? I do stream on Twitch

    • https://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/2281?vs=2594

      3600 beats the 1700X across most things and does so with two less cores. But it's not a big step up in performance in multi core work loads. It destroys the 1700X in single core though. Gaming performance is better on the 3600 too. If you're not using Nvidia codec for streaming then I'd probably stick with the 1700X for steaming as those two extra cores will help. I'd consider maybe a 5800X or 5900X if you wanted a significant upgrade but they are heaps more expensive.

      • 1080p: yes. 1440p: maybe. UHD: negative.

        • Yeah, but then most modern CPUs won't make a difference at 4K or even 1440p. I've always said that Intel's claim to be the best at gaming was a load of crap (because it only matters if you play at 720-1080p, low settings, 300+ fps), but if we're gonna be using that metric then the 3600 is an improvement.

    • https://youtu.be/unNXYuy7qto?t=59

      Looks like it'd be 10-30fps better if you have a good video card like the rtx2080ti or the rtx 3060ti/rtx 3070 or better but if you have a midrange card like the 2060 super you will only see about 10fps difference and won't be worth the upgrade.

      If you play at 1440p rather than 1080p not worth at all, will only be like 3-5fps difference.

    • Your game 1 percentile and average framerates will improve. 1700x being 2 generations older tech (lower IPC) but having 2 more cores and 4 extra threads your multitasking would be nearly identical on 8 core performance vs the 6 core 12 thread (give or take) but minimally worse (unoticible) on the 5600x if you count all threads (16 vs 12). Your electrical consumption however would be reduced and less heat is also generated. I'm not sure what else, someone could put in a bit extra insight.. hope it helps bro.

      Ps. TBH if the budget allows, id go for 5800x from the 1700x.
      (Also maybe need new mobo of you go this route i think?)
      Edit: what he said ^^

    • I can't comment on the 6 core, but 1700x > 3700x on a x370 Motherboard made quite a big difference, particularly to VR, as there is just something about the 1700x that has random latency issues

      that and the 3000 series work great as they are, not much gained in overclocking anything but the ram

  • I have a Ryzen 5 1600, I will upgrade eventually. But would this be worth it ? Or should I wait ?

    • Same position as you. I don't need to upgrade right this moment so I'm hoping this price is a sign for better things to come.

      • same. i was waiting for a return to ~USD$150/AUD$200 in early 2020, then suddenly COVID.

        looks like supply/prices for everything except GPUs are returning to normal, i reckon we'll see that price again within a month or so.

  • Purchased thanks.

  • It’s about time I told myself I can’t afford a 5600x and waiting isn’t going to give me more utilitarian joy than a deal like this.

    Thanks for bringing this to attention OP