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RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Remote, $155.09 Delivered @ AC Green AU via Amazon AU


Been keeping my eye on this and noticed that it is currently 15% off, but there is also a $20 off coupon that you can apply bringing the total down to $155.09.

This version has the remote.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP. Bought one - also had my eye on this thing for a while.

    • had my eye on this thing

      Sorry bro, foot only, no exception!!

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    RENPHO foot massager can accommodate most foot sizes, up to men size 12.

    another reason against being size uk 13 -__-

    • ha ha, was just checking the same. My big feet (US 15-16) don't normally fit these things

      • I saw in a review that someone fit their size 12s in no problem with socks and room to spare, so I have hope that the size 12 is an under estimation.

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    how does it compare to HoMedics Supreme Foot and Calf Massager besides the heat function. worth upgrading?

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    Any reviews on noise levels?

  • I purchased the non remote version of this for $159 earlier this week and have been using it for couple of days. Cant fault it. Good value for money and it is not really loud.

  • yeah i got the non remote :( $ 149.79
    anything else different or just remote vs no remote?

    i wish a bit hotter
    i wish a bit stronger

  • We have had several massage devices, but this is the one the mrs keeps using continuously. Tried it myself, and am impressed. We have the one without remote. Didn't know remote existed. Can recommend.

  • Thanks, OP, just ordered one. I have been keeping an eye out for this one to go on sale.

  • Thanks OP got one. Have been eyeing on one since last special. Pulled the trigger as it has remote

  • I returned mine the same day. Has no grunt.

    • That isn't good to hear, how is the heat function. Does it get hot like a heatpad?

      • IMO it's not bad at giving massages (turn both pressure and air settings to high - any lower and it isn't strong enough), but the heat is very very weak. It's great value for money though.

        • Hi thanks for the reply and info mate. yeah I wasn't expecting much from the heat tbh. As long as it does a good job with massage though should be good. Cheers for your first hand experience.

          • @XxAiDsTaRxX: Give it a go. If you dont like it return it. It was 2/10 for me. I am US 10

            • @VTS160: Hi are you referring to the massage function or heat for the 2/10? Yeah I guess was going to buy one for my mum also.

  • Is it safe to assume there is no cashback?

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      you can get shopback 7%

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    Dennis from LTT would approve.

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      whats LTT

      • +1

        Louise Tech Tips.. 😁

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          Lionel Tech Tips

  • I have an osim foot massager, which is on its last leg. Anyone know how does this Renpho massager compare with osim? I know it's not fair to compare the two as its a $150 vs $1000 product, but I am genuinely keen to know as I would jump on the Renpho massager immediately if it is close enough to the Osim's performance.

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      I had an osim foot and calf massager which I think was ~$600 from Singapore - and about 13 years old. FWIW - I think this is better (I just got it today). I don't know how it compares to their more recent stuff.

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    Seems odd having a remote to something that is just at your feet

    • Probably to prevent falls for the elderly. Easy to lose balance reaching down while your feet are inside the machine.

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      I thought this too, which is why I got the non-remote version - maybe my unit was buggy, but the buttons on mine don't register properly, so a remote would be handy - also, if you have this under a table, it's a little inconvenient to reach down and press a couple of buttons.
      It sounds silly, but if it's not that much extra for the remote version, I think it's worth it.

      • Thanks Edgecate - you talked me into getting the remote version, and I'm glad I did now!

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    I bought the non-remote version at Xmas for $200.

    Overall, it's not bad but not great either.

    For the non-remote version, the buttons on the massager are buggy - you have to cover your entire finger over it otherwise it doesn't register.

    The heat setting is nice - it keeps your feet warm. It's not hot or toasty, just a comfortable warm.

    Noise level - it makes a BRRRRR noise - it's not too loud that it'll distract you. Like, you can clearly hear and speak to someone in the same room. But if you had it on during a Zoom call, everyone would definitely hear it if you're not on mute.

    Massage - it's not bad. You can set it to last 15 or 30 minutes and it cycles through 3 or so massage patterns - 1 of which is like the equivalent of someone pressing their thumbs really hard on my feet which feels good. But it only lasts for like, 10 seconds and then it goes to the 2 other massage patterns: feet compression, and a "light thumb" press. I wish the "hard thumb" press went for a bit longer. I understand why some people returned it.

    It doesn't compare to someone using their thumbs and pressing hard on your feet, but it's not bad for a foot rub.

  • Grabbed one, no cashback credited via ShopBack but used a 3% discounted gift card to bring it down a further 5 duckets

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