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Joseph Joseph Flex Smart Toilet Brush, Grey/White - $14.38 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


RRP seems to be $30+ elsewhere. Mixed reviews, lot of them being positive but looks to be a innovative design.
Usually dispatched within 1 or 2 months.

Features & Benefits:
Conventional toilet brushes hold dirt and liquid, making them messy and unhygienic to use and clean. Also their bristles can distort and wear, meaning they need to be replaced regularly. Flex is a revolutionary toilet brush designed to solve all these problems. It features a flexible, D-shaped head that reaches all areas, even under the rim. It has widely spaced bristles that prevent dirt clogging, allow liquid to drain quickly and are more durable than conventional-style bristles.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    ZigBee or wifi?

  • Thanks op

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    "Usually dispatched within 1 or 2 months"


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      Gonna be one filthy dunny by the time it arrives!

  • Wanted one of these for awhile thanks op

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      You might still be waiting a while. 1-2 months for delivery

      • I usually find they’re quicker than they say when it’s a long timeframe quoted. Says eta 6th April to 2nd may at this stage.

      • Arrived today

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    • Anyone tried this? Only $14

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        I have these -https://www.amazon.com.au/BOOMJOY-Silicone-Antibacterial-Bristles-Kit-White/dp/B07MW4W18M

        Very happy with them.
        The Joseph ones apparently don't have enough stiffness and bristles are too short to clean properly. The one above could be good, just don't like the open front. There are quite a few options on amazon.

  • The handle seems to rust quite easily based on quote a lot of reviews with photos which is a concern. There are also no bristles on the sides (only on the two flat sides) which will make cleaning a major pain.

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      Sounds like someone doesn't know how to use the three seashells.

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        What seems to be your Boggle?

  • Shieutttttt!

  • Not adding to cart for some reason. Oh well.

  • shitza

  • Seems to be out of stock now

  • I have one of these and they work really well, much better than the regular ones with bristles.

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    Does this remain clean when I use it to chop a log in half before flushing?

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      Someone needs to make a part toilet brush part poop knife. Missed opportunity.

  • The cheapest is still over $40….oos?

  • I don't like these cylinder type toilet brush holders, always ends up with a small bit of dirty water in the bottom of it, and who really wants to clean that right?

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      I’ve always had it half full of pinoclean so can just tip out to clean.

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        Didn't even think of this… Great idea..

  • Does Rick have this in his private toilet?

  • If you clean the toilet - get it.
    if you are the one that doesn’t clean the toilet - get it for your household

    It is a Massive upgrade to the round bristles as it can reach more places when cleaning and doesn’t leave much water when putting back in the holder.

  • OOS from linked seller, now only available from third party sellers $37+

  • I find that some of these silicon style brushes are too soft and the bristles are not stiff enough to create the required friction to remove unwanted debris.

  • How do i get that price? Im getting $35.77 when i click on the link

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    Does this have Band 28?

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    “D shaped head”


  • Valid link please or out of stock ?

  • OOS it would appear …

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      It’s a shit toilet brush anyway.

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    Generally I steer clear of Joseph Joseph.
    Have yet to come across a well designed product from these guys and RRP usually a joke.

  • I bought the Lite from Aldi last year. I think it’s quite a poorly designed product. Does not work nearly as well as a regular brush as it can’t get into corners. Even though it looks nice and doesn’t drip, the actual functionality isn’t great. I’m keeping it now because I have it, but I wouldn’t recommend buying

    • My experience has been quite the opposite, it has been better at getting into corners than a regular brush as the head is able to bend and brush up against the underside of the bowl which was problematic with a standard brush.

      • I bought the one from Aldi too. It was $20 if I remember correctly.
        I have had no rust problems, but then I have actually found a much more useful application, than brushing the loo clean.
        My Siamese cat gets deeply stimulating grooms of his head and body and can not get enough.
        I am aware of the silicon hand mits for grooming pets, but these bristles are just right for my shorthair cat.

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    I wanted to get these brushes when they were close to this price (or lower) last year but gave up after doing a tonne of research. Tried these and have been very happy with them. https://www.amazon.com.au/BOOMJOY-Silicone-Antibacterial-Bri...

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    Read the reviews - it gets rusty pretty quickly, save your 15 bucks.

  • How is this any better in cleaning ability to a normal brush?

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    Available for backorder for those that still wanted to grab one

  • Mine has been shipped today after being on backorder

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