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Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Mouse (Graphite) $89 + Delivery/Pickup @ The Good Guys ($84.55 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Received by email. OW price is $99 at time of posting, so PM for $84.55?

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    $86.33 when you apply the promo code PMAR3 through TGG ebay store.

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    Is it just me or is this way too much for a small standard looking mouse

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      My partner like the overall build quality for a small mouse and there's some nifty features in the software like adjustable scrollwheel pressure.

    • I have the 2S. It fits nicely between my thumb and ring finger. I'm 5'10". They actually have more weight than you would expect, but in a good way.

    • Logitech Flow is a useful feature to switch between laptop and desktop when working by dragging to a hotspot on screen. This mouse supports it.

  • I have the macos white version. It's pretty good.

    • Let us know in 6 months if it is still white… MX Anywhere 2 would develop yellow stains like those cheap plastic phone cases do.

      • Message me in 4 months

  • Got it for $84 on TGG Ebay with ebayplus code with free delivery

    • Did the same, also applied for the $5 off on shopback challenge on right now .
      Of course Shopback works maybe half the time so not holding my breath.

  • Is this worth the upgrade for someone with a MX Anywhere 2S?

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      I bought this mouse as a replacement for the Anywhere 2. It feels more comfortable in the hand, but largely I was buying for USB-C rechargability and a better middle mouse button (they've put it under the scroll wheel again).

      The only issue I'm having now is the back/forward buttons don't seem to recognise a "hold" just a "press". This is making them unusable to be hotkeyed to say voice chat or aim down sights, I'm looking for a fix at the moment.

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      if you use the left and right scroll as a button then you will find 3 removed that, that is how I user to copy and paste text.

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    Also available on their eBay store via the eBay app for $84 using "PAPP5".

    • Master version for Desktop computer

    • I use both - master for my desktop workstation and the anywhere for traveling

    • Get the master 3 and price match it to Umart for $125!

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        Cheaper on Shopping Express delivered or OW Price Beat.

  • $80 plus for a mouse, how much better are these than you $28 Microsoft Bluetooth?

  • Literally ordered yesterday same time from Officework by price matching HaveyNorman
    Do anyone know if I can call officework to pricematch again for difference back?

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      No (I asked previously), but their refund policy is decent so you could return it. Buying another cheaper again at the same store isn't likely something a manager would do. A good manager would process a refund, then sell it to you again at the better matched price but its a gamble who you speak to in store

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        I did it last time for the samsung T5 ssd, refund first, then new invoice.

      • again it depends - once I wanted a price match for a chromebook they dropped the price themselves, one would think they just need a receipt - but oh no they want you to bring the whole laptop back with the box so they can scan and then they do a refund and then re purchase - so for something like a $1000 item you had better have enough available funds or credit to tide you over before the refund kicks in - within 7 working days.

        This is where JB excels - if JB themselves dropped the price a receipt is sufficient no need to bring the laptop back with box and all.

        In the end I ended returning it altogether because they made it so difficult to price match themselves.

        good to know Microsoft store has a 60 days no questions ask policy for refund - Apple is only 14 days

    • Thanks guys! I just went to officework store and got it done:) Although as good guys are out of stock in store so they include delivery cost. End up I got 3.8 back but a nice lesson for this issue

  • Whether you get this mouse or the Mx Master depends mainly on one factor..

    -What style of mouse gripping you do
    The Master is great for palm grip - full contact, hugging the mouse. If you use the claw grip, you might find yourself not being able to click properly due to how close you are to the lever. By contrast, the Anywhere is excellent for claw grip because the M1/M2 buttons are integrated into the entire top of the mouse so the fulcrum/lever is further back.

  • OW is an online only no immediate gratification

  • Just got it, but found it makes a tiny clicking noise when switching between the scrolling modes. Is it normal?