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MSI GF65 Thin Gaming Laptop 15.6" 144hz/ i7-10750H/ GTX1660Ti/ 8GB/ 512GB $1299 Delivered @ Microsoft Store


Same price on their eBay store

Great price for a gaming laptop with i7-10750H and GTX 1660 Ti combination.

Comes with 8GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD and a 144hz screen.

Add an 8GB RAM for $40~$50 for a better gaming experience without stuttering.

Great for most AAA games without raytracing. Very close to 2060 Max-Q performance in most games.

Note no USB-PD charging, and no display output through USB-C ports (has an HDMI port), but the docking station through USB 3.0 port works fine.

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    For those eligible, don’t forget the AMEX spend $500 get $100 cashback at MS Store (expires 31/3/21).

    0.7% Shopback/Cashrewards cashback.

    Also note: No Thunderbolt (per the MS Store specs); the biggest reason to go Intel is for the Thunderbolt IMHO.

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      Yup, this laptop is not great for expandability etc, but literally an entry-level, budget laptop for those who want to play AAA games on the laptop without fuss.

      There are also other ways to get this cheaper from their store. Buy discounted Microsoft/Xbox vouchers, use JB vouchers to buy MS/Xbox vouchers, etc.

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    great price

    And with seven hours of battery life,* you can go all night without stopping to refuel.

    I guess they're not real gamers :D

  • Pretty sweet for the price. Thunderbolt would have been nice though.

    • I always look for thunderbolt in laptop but I'll be honest, I don't end up using it much. I'm curious what most people need thunderbolt for? Extra IO? GPU dock?

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        Fewer wires for me - i have a dock set up where i plug my laptop in and that hooks it up to all my peripherals. I unplug just the thunderbolt and i can take my laptop away etc. It just looks and feels cleaner I suppose

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          I reckon you don't need TB3, but normal usb C will do this?

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        95% I use TB3 as usb C port for docking, only ever used it for egpu when I had it, but not anymore. Have no use for TB3 at the moment.

        This laptop doesnt have USB C display out, and can't be connected to dock either.

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          To clarify the docking station topic, USB 3.0 type docking station still works, just no USB PD or via USB-C cable.

  • narrow gamut display screes it up a bit

    otherwise sounds solid

    • It’s for gaming so doesn’t need it

    • I bought this laptop myself, as I needed something to play games on while I am away from home.

      I was a bit sceptical about reviews saying the screen is only so so.

      I was pleasantly surprised that I can't find much difference from my other laptop (XPS 15).

      The screen is really smooth due to 144hz, and colours seem to be just fine, but I wouldn't call myself too sensitive about these things.

      If anything, the screen is not super bright, but fine for indoor use. I guess also not as "vibrant" as some other high-end laptops, but like I said, I honestly can't fault it very much.

      Definitely not suitable for Photoshop or video editing, but for gaming and normal use like watching movies and web browsing, 100% fine.

  • How's the battery life on this?

    • Many reviews seem to quote about 4hrs.

      • What about from your personal experience as I believe u own one of this? Do you think it lasts 4 hours with gaming usage or just normal usage?

        • I don't game while on battery, so can't really test it.

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    How would rate against Acer Nitro 5, Intel Core i5-10300H, 144Hz, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Nvidia RTX 2060 - Refurbished for $1099?

    • Gaming wise 2060 and 1660Ti would be similar, except 2060 has raytracing.

      If you are using the laptop for more than just gaming, i5 vs i7 and how you value having a better processor will be the differentiator.

      You also mentioned refurbished. Does it come with at least 1 year of warranty? With Microsoft, their support is pretty good if things go wrong.

  • Filthy casual PC gamer here.
    Game almost entirely on console but need a RTS (non-competitive) fix every few weeks to play Company of heroes 2, Age of empires 2 / 3 and SC2 etc.

    I currently have a desktop with adequate hardware but wanna sell and put towards a laptop. (against all advice given to me) as I don't a dedicated space for a desktop and need to setup each time I wanna game. (which is such a 5 minute drag)

    Is this Laptop overkill for RTS gaming?

    • Overkill yes, but there isn't really any option below something like this. Even if you go with something with GTX 1650 Ti for example, it will be hard to find anything with a better price than this.

      • Anything cheaper will probably not have 1650ti, maybe can find a laptop with 1650maxq, 60hz display and 256gb instead of 512gb for $50 cheaper but you would be crazy to not get this laptop. Great deal.

        • just picked this up for $1048 . YEAH!

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    Can you request the extra 8gb ram on purchase

    • Nope. It's not too hard to add extra ram.

  • Will it void warranty if we upgrade the RAM ourselves?

    • Apparently not. Factory seal doesn't say "warranty void".

      • Nice. Really considering to get one.

        • +1

          If you buy it and upgrade, I recommend you watch a few youtube clips to understand how to open the bottom case.

          You need to follow the instructions otherwise the audio jack and USB ports might get damaged.

  • This is available on the Microsoft store with $100 off through Amex card offer. Not as good as the ebay discount though

  • This or the Lenovo Y540 for $100 more (but Lenovo has16GB RAM so price is around the same if MSI's RAM is upgraded, however processor on MSI is newer)


    • 9th gen i7 vs 10th gen i7.

      60hz vs 144hz.

      2666mhz ddr4 vs 3200mhz ddr4.

      8gb ram can be had for less than $50.

      Spec wise, MSI is the clear winner.

      • Nice. To make things easier, the Y540 is OOS as of yesterday.

  • Is it better to buy direct from Microsoft? Or from eBay?

    In terms of delivery would one be faster than the other considering they are both from Microsoft .??

    I guess the cashback are the same

    • If you have the Amex offer, then Microsoft.

      The laptop was also 20% off using eBay Afterpay sale.

      The cheapest way I figured to buy from Microsoft is to buy the MS/Xbox voucher through the discounted gift card portal (9% off for Suncorp member, for example).

      They are both managed by Microsoft Store, so the support will be really good. I've had issues with item I bought from their eBay store (both Razer products, a mouse and a headset), and they offered free return without a question.

      • Yeh….unfortunately I wasn't after a computer when the 20% sale from eBay.

        I guess I will try to pay with gift cards for further discounts