[Unobtainable] Global Kabuto Shiro White Knife Block Set 7 Piece Japanese Knives - $159.50 Delivered @ Knives Online via MyDeal

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Mod Note: All order were cancelled and refunded. Deal moved to the forums.

Looks like a good price. I’ve been looking for a while.
Free delivery as well.

Favoured by high ranking chefs in some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants, Global knives are internationally renowned. Feel the difference with the Global Kabuto 7 Piece Knife Set, and experience what knives should really feel like.

Set Contains:

Paring Knife 8cm
Utility Knife 11cm
Cook's Knife 13cm
Vegetable Knife 14cm
Cook's Knife 20cm
Bread Knife 22cm
Knife Block (25cm x 25cm x 10cm)

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    Store in title please.

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    Seems like a cracking deal.

    Usually $250~ is a good price for the 7 piece ( Not that the block should count) sets, think this is new low

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      WAS $410.50
      RRP $174.95

      If the RRP is $174.95, how the heck was it $410.50?

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        If you want a real laugh the RRP according to global is actually $999

      • Cookware/kitchenware always has inflated RRP.

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          I understand the inflated RRP. They should list the RRP $410.50, was $174.95, now $150.50, not the other way around

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    Sign up to newletter and get another $10 off

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      Yep $10 off with the newsletter signup

      • how do you do that? just received a email but no mention of $10 off

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          Check your spam once signing up to the newsletter. To sign up, make an account and log in and change settings to daily deals.

        • Maybe the email you used was already registered? Try another email, the discount code was in bold of the email so you can't miss it.

        • It pops up on your screen if you idle a bit

  • Edit: beaten

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    Thanks OP, excellent price just bought one for backup. I work as a chef and highly recommend Global Knives.

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    Looks to be an error in the listing? They replaced this listing with the Leatherman Skeletool on eBay and on their website.. The link still has Global Kabuto in the URL but the skeletool as the actual product, weird.

    • I don't think so….ordered a set and received my confirmation email. Also clicked through the deal link on my phone and laptop and it goes to the knife set.

      Edit: Oh I understand what you mean now….well…time will tell.

    • Proceeds to "hide" your comment 😂

  • What a amazing deal. I've been looking for such a deal for years too. ordered.

  • Did not need but couldn’t say no to such a great deal so picked one up, thanks OP.

  • Think this is a price error as it seems to be half the price of everyone else. Suppose we find out tomorrow. If goes through thanks OP.

  • Couldn't be bothered trying to get the $10 off incase I miss this.

    Fingers crossed. Thanks OP

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      Couldn't be bothered trying to get the $10 off

      Cease your membership with us immediately lol

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        The ultimate sacrifice! I missed the previous good knife deals waiting too long!

        It effing came up as a pop up immediately after purchase!

    • Signed in with Google.
      Told me I had used one before. Ah well. Didn't want to miss it either haha

    • Same here!

  • Good thing I haven't opened the set from this deal yet,
    I hope these come through :D

    • Ok so turns out good thing I still have this set lol

  • Awesome. Fingers crossed gets shipped. Thanks op

  • Churr Bro.

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      For this price, I couldn't give a shit how uncomfortable they are :D

  • Great deal, thanks.

    How long do these guys normally take to deliver?

  • Thanks OP. Purchased, let's hope it works out!

  • Great deal! Thanks OP, bought one hopefully it goes through

  • Got the $10 off with the email

    $149.50 is a bargain

  • +1

    Thanks op
    Have been looking for a knife block for a while so took a punt knowing not a lot about the set

  • Thanks OP! Bought my first set of proper knife!

    Any advise as to how to take care/sharpen them when the time comes?

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      Don't put in dishwasher

  • Out of stock. Missed it. Damn.

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    I literally just had one in my cart and it said there were 16 left then next second out of stock ffs. missed out again.

    • Literally same man, so upset

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      Same here. My own fault. Was fussing about trying to get the $10 off.

      • I was doing the exact same, Damn this ozbargain brain trying to save every dollar.

  • Was a very good price.

  • These are decent. Good knives make all the diff, efficiency and nice to use.
    Used at old apartment, finally got my own
    Def no dishwasher for these.

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    Are Global knives made differently in a kabuto to the ikasu or is the pricing difference dependent on the block set?

    • Same knives, different block

  • out of stock, saw this when it has 3 upvotes lol

    • Yep same, didn't need a new knife block but when a sweet deal like this comes around you just buy it and throw out what you have in your kitchen bench… :)

  • I already had the 20cm cook's knife but I ordered this anyway, thanks.

  • I bought this a few years ago for around $250, the knives are still going strong

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    Get yourself one of those sharpening tools, these knives are great but need a regular sharpen to stay that way.

  • Lot of mum's prefer the Chinese $2 knives. Because of price. And they wouldn't be wrong.
    Use one for 6 months and replace if you have to. That's $4 a year. Compared to a Santoku knife for $200. My mum also used the $2 knife for AGES. Let's not forget, no matter how much you pay for a knife, it will be shit in months if you don't maintain.
    Maintain = sharpen, AND knowing how to treat it. It's like buying a brand new $100k Merc versus a $10k Honda Accord. Why wouldn't I ever get the Merc? Because I don't want to live every hour of my life dreading some dumbarse idiot dinging the door and costing me $1k. Same thing. If you see the way our mum's use knives, Jap ones really aren't suitable. Will rust in days. Two things with Japanese knives:

    1. Never use the sharp end to scrape, eg scraping garlic off a grater or chopped herbs off a chopping board. Always use the back of the knife

    2. Never ever leave the knife wet. Ever. It will rust and blacken within days. Wash and immediately wipe down and put straight into the block. Don't wash and leave on a rack to dry.

    But yeah, you pay $200 for a Jap knife that you don't sharpen, and it'll be worse than a $2 sharpened Chinese knife.

    The difference, if you take proper maintenance out of the equation, is then in the comfort of the knife. The balance. The grip. Etc.

    But to be honest, if you use it once in a while, it's not worth it other than style and bragging rights.
    I got my mum a $400 Santoku because it was top shit. Had the D shaped handle. Comfortable as heck. Looked the part. Had Japanese crafting forged into the metal. Very, very, very sharp, and made not just from stainless steel, but hagare, which is the same steel used for samurai swords. That knife will last her a lifetime and more. Even at her level of use. She hasn't stopped talking about how good it is.

    • I'm confused, you would rather have a 10k accord where some dumbarse dings the door and the accord becomes a scrunched up tin foil and potentially ending all the lives in the car.

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    Buyer beware with knives online, see their Google reviews
    as they're known to pull off the fake tracking number scam.

    Has happened to me and another ozbargain member where they explain how the scam works

    • Wow those are some shocking reviews! Hopefully everyone here gets what they ordered otherwise the power of ozb will riot.

    • +1

      If Paypal doesn't honor their guarantee, then you could always do a credit card chargeback, where they will definitely look at all the evidence.
      Hopefully it turns up.

      I often take bad feedback with a grain of salt though, because people are more inclined to "spend their time" complaining and writing a bad review as it gives them a sense of "revenge" than to provide a good review (which doesn't really benefit them psychologically).

      • Paypal sometimes is sh8t. I purchased an android TV box from Geekbuying a few years ago and paid with Paypal. The box turned out to be faulty (wifi issue) so I immediately returned it as per the seller's instruction. Geekbuying confirmed via email that they received the returned item but refused to refund. I contacted Paypal and provided all evidence incl the seller's email but Paypal still sided with the seller. Reason? the seller didn't confirm to Paypal that they received the returned item. That's how bad Paypal is. After a long tussle I decided to do a chargeback, and never wanted to touch Geekbuying again.

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          PayPal doesn’t help If the seller send an empty box to a business address in your area. The tracking number only show the item is delivered to your suburb. This is a common same post code scam. And PayPal will always side with the seller and they can’t be bother even calling the Australia post to confirm. It happens to me recently that I bought a mobile phone on eBay. I was able to get my money back after 3 weeks because the item is over $750 and require signature on delivery, and the scammer cannot provide it. But anything below $750, the only way is to do a chargeback I guess

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    I really hope these:
    a. turn up
    b. are not fakes

  • I have been refunded as apparently these were on clearance and should not have been made available.

    Its a downvote from me.

    • What time did you order?

    • "We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. The product has been previously discounted and should not have been available. We hope that you will explore our range as we have many other products to offer"

    • me too… :(

  • I've also been refunded…

    Note from Seller: We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. The product has previously been discontinued and should not have been available. We hope that you will explore our range as we have many other products to offer. Thank you Eric M Support Business

  • Refunded! :(

  • Boo - they should be honouring the advertised price

  • +2

    Took a chance on what looked like probably a price error. As long as I get my refund, you win some you lose some.

  • Order just got cancelled

    Note from Seller: We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. The product has previously been discontinued and should not have been available. We hope that you will explore our range as we have many other products to offer. Thank you Eric M Support Business Hours: 9AM-5.00PM Mon-Friday AEST (excludes public holidays)

    • What the…that's a lie. It is not discontinued.

  • Cancelled 😞

  • Also got refund. Not gonna neg since they were up front about the issue and have processed the refund promptly.

  • Same - refunded.

  • Refunded. Feels a bit bait and switchy or now we're prepped up for mydeal spam.

    Oh well.

  • Refunded…ah well

  • Oh well… gotta be in it to win it.

  • Got a mydeal marketing email before the cancellations.
    Don't recall an option I clicked to say yes to getting marketing when signing up though.

  • Refunded as well

  • +1

    Feels like a blessing in disguise. I ordered these and I have been notified of a refund but based on @ssjwill comments above I'm happy this ends in a refund. Lord those reviews are cancer - they really do sound as dodgy as &$#@.

  • order was cancelled :( how do i turn my vote to negative?