This was posted 10 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles


Buy with Coles Gift Mastercard for further savings. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. Critical Information Summary here.

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  • Better than recharge of last time

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    Sounds very interesting. Is this the cheapest 12 months / long term plan for someone who doesn't need more than 1Gb data a month?

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      Click on the “PrePaid Mobile Deals” tag to see more deals. This one is good if you need international calls. A slightly cheaper one is probably the catch connect one - I think I paid about $89 after various discounts.

      Another to consider is the Woolworths mobile as they give you 10% off groceries once a month (which could potentially pay for your bill in like 2-3 months). Plus, they use the Telstra network.

      • thanks! I frequent it often but didnt make the connection with 10% groceries

      • agree with @cuteseal. If you don't need the international, then WW plans are much better (Telstra and cheaper after shopping discount)

        • Does the 10% off only apply online or can buy instore? Thanks

        • I believe the discount is tied with Everyday Rewards card. Will this apply to linked card as well?

      • But WW comparable plan is $150, although with 100GB data.

        So unless you needed more than 60GB, this is 1/3 cheaper no?

        I suppose you can get the difference back from the monthly one time 10% discount.

        • It's been cheaper in the past.
          But shop around - there are specials all the time.

      • +1

        woolworths mobile also have data gifting

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        The WW mobile is excellent value. I got it on special at $120 - so $10/month. I save at least $20-$30 a month on a main shop so I make a profit.

        But be warned - if you put two mobile services on a single rewards account, you only get ONE discount. That's what I did for me and my partner. Big mistake.

        • That’s good to know thanks!

          I heard you may be able to use online and in-person in the same month, is that the case?

          • @cuteseal: Not in the same month, no.

            Is tied to the rewards card. Once you've used it, it's gone.

            In store, when you scan your rewards card, it will ask you if you want to apply your 10% off.

            Online, you have to enter the promotional code. They email it to you each month, but it's always the same.

            You used to have to use it at a particular time period each month, but with Covid it's now any time.

    • Dodo (monthly) or catch mobile (annually) might be cheapest

  • The problem with the activation of Coles sim card is that it asks for bank card details. Anyone with an idea how to avoid that especially it is a prepaid one and no need for those details, thanks.

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      use disposable card may be Coles Gift Mastercard mentioned by OP or get free Revolut account which provides disposable card no.

      • Can you do ELI5 for Revolut? Eg. any catches to be aware

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          If you want physical card than you have to pay shipping cost which is around $10.
          I have used disposable card feature couple of time and as soon as card gets used Revolut automatically destroys the card.

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        Zip also provides disposable credit card details.

        I believe they require credit card details for id verification.

        • How is that? I cant seem to find this option

      • Thanks mate!

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    Hows the connection via optus in this coles sim card compared to that of telstra network in boost mobile? Wondering since i live in geelong area.

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      Hard to tell as mobile coverage varies wildly for each location.
      Get a $2 sim starter pack from coles, put it in your phone and then test it out - best way to be sure if you don't want to spend 12 months with dodgy reception.

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      True it varies by areas. I have used boost and now this. I find this one to be unreliable in more areas and i think this doesn't have full access to the Optus network unlike boost which has full access to Telstra's (sans 5G which you don't get on both)

      I regret signing up to this especially if you rely on data for work purposes.

      It's OK if you don't mind frequent data loss.

      Like you could be on 4G then it switches to H+ and then 3G and one i see 3G then forget it.

      Good if you are on a cheap budget or for kids phones

      • Thank you! I will stick with 150 dollars boost network then :)

  • how long is expiry for such sim pack from coles?

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      8760 hours

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      From the terms section:

      To use this service,you need to purchase and activate a Coles Mobile Prepaid SIM. You need to activate your SIM within 30 days of purchaseor by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier)in order to take advantage of the inclusions in any advertised plan

    • My current plan has 3 months left. Does this deal show up often?

      • I signed up to the deal in early January this year.

      • -3

        You just buy it now and then wait until your current one expires to activate, I'm pretty sure you get at least 1-2 years expiry before you need to activate.

        • You need to activate your SIM within 30 days of purchase

  • I wish they supported eSim

  • How does postpaid pland stay competitive when Prepaid plan are this cheap?

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      They don't :)

    • Market segmentation.

    • Lots of post paid is tied to paying off a handset and also higher data quota. Two different products. Plus for a lot of people with bad credit history just having a post paid plan and showing regular payments help.

  • Is it good for tablets (data only, no voice)?

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      I can't see why not.

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      Kogan 90 days 60GB $14.90 would be a cheaper with more data over 12 months.

      Turn off auto recharge then toss the sim after 90 days and buy another one. I alternate between family member names (email) as well.

      • Coles offer has international calling included.

        • +2

          I was replying to SickDmith who wants a sim for data only.

      • only works for new customers. would need to port out for a month to you can use it again

        • Not sure if that matters when you don't need to keep the same number as in this situation.
          Anyway that's why I said to alternate between family member names (email) just to be safe.

      • Rotate…. They don't have a record what's already been used? You would have bunch of Kogan mobile accounts to do that.

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    I can walk in Coles and buy one and not just online?

    • I bought three of these (wife and 2 kids) back in December at the local Coles supermarket…was in the same place as all the gift cards.

      We've been using them for 3 months, have been fine…the app on the phone is OK for seeing remaining data etc…no complaints from us. It's the same Optus network so if that works for you then great…

  • Optus is useless where I live, Telstra rocks .. :-) .. !!

  • Coles does not accept returns of any telco cards, even if you it's unopened and you have a receipt. This bit of information is not shown on your website, or at their sim card stand.

  • Its always good to have some extra data at hand, you will never know when you might need the data over the year long period. The boost plan with 120GB (including bonus data) was very nice. - I am on that right now and get 10X faster internet speeds than optus in my area.

  • i need 1 account for phones only and limited of data…4Gb sound good enough

  • Good deal @tightarse

  • Is it International calls to landline only or mobile no too?

  • Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, but does Coles Mobile also NOT allow Call-Conferencing like Amaysim? Asking as both as Optus MVNOs.

  • Thanks.

  • i am having so much issues with my mums phone, about 6-10 important numbers to her, can't call her, but she can call.

    I can call her fine, but her sisters, and friends cant.

    • Maybe BaeSuzy check her blocked numbers - depending on the phone it's very easy to accidentally block an incoming call (and add to blocked list). Probably an easier explanation than her being out of service range "every time" one of those persons you listed tries to call?

      • nope, coles still working on it.

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    Can we port number to this sim?

    • +1


  • Im with Amaysim which uses the Optus network. Can I port straight to this without having to port to another network first?

    • I ported from Vodafone to Lebara which also uses Vodafone network. I had to chase the customer care for 2 days to get it sorted. They gave me a 1 month SIM free of cost meanwhile.

  • Awesome, thanks OP! Anyone know when this deal will run to? I still have 1 more month of Boost recharge yet to activate….

    • +1

      It's a deal in the catalogue, so it likely finishes 23rd March.

      • Perfect, thanks!

  • Nice one TA. Do you know if this is a recharge or a starter kit?

    • Starter kit only. Recharges are original price.

  • I got the last deal at 120 for 120 gb ! One thing to keep in mind is that although coles mobile is on the Optus network, it’s much lower in speed and network quality compared to an Optus or amaysim connection ! I have tried it and can confirm the same . So it’s cheap but not really Optus .. feels like Vodafone when you use it 😅

  • Possible to bring my current phone number to this card?

    • Yes

      • Great, any guide of how to do that?

        • +1

          During the activation process, it'll ask if you want to use a new phone number, or transfer an existing one. Choose the latter.

  • How about the activation date? Within one month?

    • I have activated mine past one month.

      I chatted with them online to confirm before I purchased

  • They seem to have this or their $150 plan for $120 on special often.

    I got the the $150 (120GB) for $120 before Christmas

  • +2

    New coles SIM card need to activate within one month from purchased ($99 normal promotion price)

    Recharge voucher expire in 10 months from purchased ( $96 from previous deal was 20% off )

    This information would be helpful for someone who need new sim or existing recharge.

    • So if we are porting (from Telstra) but current plan expires in 2 months can it still be done

  • I had this for a year and it had zero calls dropping out unlike Telstra prepaid hit and miss. Voice quality was slightly less HiFi but absolutely consistent.
    I used it in a burner phone to drive uber and it sucked out probably double the data out of Optus. After 10 months there were the first signs of slower data but no drama, never ever lost an uber transaction. Just showed as slower navigation. Never ever missed a call! 100 thumbs up for this deal!

  • Anyone exp issues qith VOLTE not working or data goes off while on call on coles. I am having isues with internet while on call. VOLTE button is always greyed out.

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      Optus MVNOs don't use volte afaik and Coles mobile uses Optus

  • Where do I buy this? still says 120$

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      This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

    • It is showing correctly as $99 now

  • Just went in to a Coles store to pick one up and it scanned at $180. I don't know if I picked up the wrong pack, but it said starter pack, 365 days, 60Gb.

    Anyway, they were insistent it was not on sale. Very annoying.

    • Just show them the current catalogue. They don't know what's going on & make stuff up to get rid of you.
      Had it happen to me many times.

  • Just purchased one online, $99 for 365 days, 60G, free delivery 2-3 business days

    • Looks like I will have to take that route. No stock at either Chatswood store in Sydney and sales assistant at the Westfield store said they hadn't had stock for at least a week.

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